BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
keyringAdd fredmanglis' key to the keyringFrederick Muriuki Muriithi4 months
load-raw-data-no-parsingFix bug: fetch from cursor, not return from cursor.execute(…)Frederick Muriuki Muriithi3 months
mainFix indentation.Frederick Muriuki Muriithi13 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 daysFix indentation.HEADmainFrederick Muriuki Muriithi
13 daysProvide default for InbredSetIdFrederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-17Use `cursor.lastrowid` to get row identifierFrederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-16Set InbredSet.InbredSetId value in a more robust way.Frederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-16bug: Set ProbeFreezeId for only new row!Frederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-15Include images: Useful for favicon image.Frederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-12Provide more relevant error message.Frederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-12Provide defaults for required field.Frederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-12Move entry-point module to scripts package.Frederick Muriuki Muriithi
2024-04-12Add missing return.Frederick Muriuki Muriithi