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masterHeader and footer in GN color schemePjotr Prins4 weeks
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2024-06-24Header and footer in GN color schemeHEADmasterPjotr Prins
2024-06-23Disable footer for long pagesPjotr Prins
2024-06-23Simplify main pagePjotr Prins
2024-06-23Footer worksPjotr Prins
2024-06-23Working footer - but still overlapping bodyPjotr Prins
2024-06-23README: more infoPjotr Prins
2024-06-23README: add infoPjotr Prins
2024-06-23Readme.md: rename to README.mdPjotr Prins
2024-06-22Disable footer for nowPjotr Prins
2024-06-22Use bootstrap footer CSSPjotr Prins