Notes on the variation graph (VG)
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Pjotr Prins a71fc351d7 Aims 2 years ago Aims 2 years ago

Notes on the variant/variation graph


In this repository I am recording an exploratory path through the variation graph (VG) also known as variant graph and pangenome. The goal is to come up with a new reference implementation that is (kinda) language agnostic, i.e., more of a documentation effort with implementation(s). The reference implementation aims to support:

  1. Multiple in-memory graph storage solutions

  2. Bindings for languages such as Python, Julia and Racket

  3. Mix data from many sources (short reads, long reads, RNA-seq etc)

  4. Support metadata and annotation

Based on this reference implementation we should be able to build out functionality as modular extension.


Checked out some sources in opensource/vg


ODGI has a python module. Odgi node.cpp and node.hpp contain packing hacked_vector bit packed (hacked pack vector)

libbdsg has a slightly more obvious implementation of the packed graph


GFA2 is overly complicated. Question is how far we need to support it.