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Guix Channels

Guix channels allow for out-of-tree (that is the Guix repo) packages, including distribution of non-free software (which we recommend against installing, but then reality sometimes is not nice). Note that this page is not related to the GNU project (see below).

Check out:

  • NonGuix is a software repository for the GNU Guix package manager, which packages some software which cannot be included in the official distribution for ethical or policy-related reasons.

For Bioinformatics and HPC

These packages can be installed using GNU Guix by adding Guix channels.

If you use non-free software PLEASE do NOT promote these repositories on any official GNU Guix communication channels, such as their mailing lists or IRC channel, even in response to support requests! This is to show respect for the Guix project’s strict policy against recommending nonfree software, and to avoid any unnecessary hostility.

Before using these channel, you should understand the implications of using nonfree software. Read What is free software? for more information. Do note that we also have free software on these channels which may not have gone upstream for other reasons.