983 Commits (9e1e668e4f9f9e2b595620fda831da0525db4095)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  pjotrp 9e1e668e4f Added python testing framework packages 10 months ago
  Efraim Flashner c8a5ec975f gn: Add python2-mysqlclient. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 9544a7478a
upstream some packages 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 79fafeea96 genenetwork1: Update package and service 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 25197c3bbe ratspub: Update to 0.4.3. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 48ffb5f29d ratspub: Add support for building docker container 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner cd3531f615 gn: adjust to package movements 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner f80b8ce5f3 r-qtl moved to (gnu packages cran) 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner f32421a129 ratspub: create container 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 36241fc864 ratspub: Update to 0.4.2 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner d59a0232db ratpub: Use js-filesaver-1.3.2. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner b4743a5b48 vg: Update to 1.26.1. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner bb600f212c jupyterhub: python-docker-py renamed to python-docker 11 months ago
  Bonface Munyoki a293559ea7
gn: js-md5: Use correct md5 javascript library 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 75a26aae1f gn: Provide genotypes folder in container. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 1775e961db python24-qtlreaper: Update to 1.11-gn1.442c217. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 82bbe69c54 move python24-mysqlclient to 1.2.3. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 87515bb2a3 ratspub: Update to 0.4.1. 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner f8e77f59b8 update vg 11 months ago
  Bonface Munyoki 71406066d1
gn: python3-genenetwork2: Propagate python-mypy 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 9b0e7d51ec
rust-gfa-0.6 upstreamed 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner a31e552f53 gn: remove upstreamed crate 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 7fba604162 gn: Remove duplicate rust-gfa 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner d22669b950 Add vg 11 months ago
  pjotrp 99088fb056 New package python-pandas-plink 11 months ago
  pjotrp 9bbb9065b0 Updating gemma-gn2 11 months ago
  pjotrp 8ccc1947a3 Starting at gn-proxy 12 months ago
  pjotrp 9786582f7e Add racket to genenetwork2 12 months ago
  pjotrp 807492f126 Remove unused packages 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner e74299d2b1 updates 11 months ago
  Efraim Flashner e830efcac7 add mysql-5.0, mysql-5.5 11 months ago
  Bonface Munyoki fd141c1768
gn: python3-genenetwork2: Propagate python-rpy2 12 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 5f93809c64 gn: Add gfautil. 12 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 1e0957387e genenetwork1: patch more files 12 months ago
  Efraim Flashner c29ac2a112 gn: Use local links for genenetwork1. 12 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 926ff576bf gn: Add python24-rpy2 12 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 3305d6668c gn: Add r-minimal-2 and some R packages 12 months ago
  Efraim Flashner f3e338e1ed
genenetwork1: Extend, don't replace PythonPath in service. 12 months ago
  Efraim Flashner 9b240e29cd gn: ratspub: Update to 0.4.0. 12 months ago
  Bonface Munyoki b0c38d1513
gn: genenetwork2: Add pillow as one of the propagated-inputs 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 02dafea108
Remove upstreamed python packages. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 0531a0106f gn: python-schema-salad: Use same version of python-ruaml.yaml as 1 year ago
  Bonface Munyoki 9fe2c27a1e
gn: python3-genenetwork2: Update package definition 1 year ago
  Bonface Munyoki db6f419d41
gn: python-htmlgen: Update to 2.0.0 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner cca974c4db gn: Update gitea to 1.12.3. 1 year ago
  Bonface Munyoki f2fd606206
gn: python3-genenetwork2: Remove hard coded variables 1 year ago
  Bonface Munyoki 5d1eddec69
gn: genenetwork2: Remove duplicate python2-scipy input 1 year ago
  Bonface Munyoki b5139cb20e
gn: python3-genenetwork2: Inherit from genenetwork2 1 year ago
  Bonface Munyoki 9e188aba41
Merge branch 'build/python3-migration' 1 year ago
  Bonface Munyoki 4e318da746
gn: python3-genenetwork: Rename unittest2 input 1 year ago