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/* Run this example from this directory by typing this from the command line:
// run with rdmd
rdmd -I.. iterate_tags.d
// A debug compile with dmd
dmd -i -I.. iterate_tags.d
// optimised compile
dmd -i -O -release -inline -boundscheck=off -I.. iterate_tags.d
import bio.std.hts.bam.reader;
import bio.std.hts.bam.tagvalue;
import std.stdio;
import std.datetime.stopwatch : benchmark,StopWatch;
import std.conv : to;
void main() {
// add a file handling exception in the example
auto bam = new BamReader("../test/data/b7_295_chunk.bam");
// auto bam = new BamReader("/Users/george/HH_bam_files/");
auto read = bam.reads.front; // take first read
// iterating all tags
foreach (tag, value; read)
writeln(tag, ": ", value);
// taking value of tag
Value v = read["XS"];
// Usually, it will be converted to some type right away.
auto v2 = to!int(v);
// It is not necessary to know exact value type as in BAM.
// If it can be converted to specified type, that's fine.
// Otherwise, an exception will be thrown.
auto v3 = to!long(v);
auto v4 = to!string(v);
auto v5 = to!float(v);
// With strings and arrays there is an unsafe but faster way...
v = read["FZ"];
StopWatch sw;
// even with -O -release -inline this is slow
auto fz1 = to!(ushort[])(v);
writeln(" safe conversion: ",!"usecs", "μs");
// this works because v starts in memory with a union
auto fz2 = *(cast(ushort[]*)(&v));
writeln("unsafe conversion: ",!"usecs", "μs");
assert(fz1 == fz2);