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To run this example from this directory:
rdmd -I.. calculate_gc_content_from_reference.d
// compile this example with
// debug version
dmd -i -I.. calculate_gc_content_from_reference.d
// optimised version
dmd -i -O -release -inline -boundscheck=off -I.. calculate_gc_content_from_reference.d
import bio.std.hts.bam.reader;
import : dna;
import std.stdio;
import std.datetime.stopwatch: benchmark, StopWatch;
import std.range;
import std.array;
void main() {
auto bam = new BamReader("../test/data/b7_295_chunk.bam");
// the sequence starts at first mapped base of first read
auto reference = dna(bam.reads);
int n_bases = 0, gc = 0;
foreach (base; reference) {
if (base == 'N') continue; // happens if coverage is zero
if (base == 'G' || base == 'C') gc += 1;
n_bases += 1;
writeln("total bases: ", n_bases);
writeln(" GC%: ", cast(float)gc / n_bases);
writeln(" sequence: ", reference);
writeln(" #reads: ", walkLength(bam.reads));
auto reads = array(bam.reads); // no I/O during measurements
StopWatch sw; // for a range of reads, minimum number of MD tags is parsed
writeln("extracting reference from range of reads: ",!"usecs", "μs");
foreach (read; reads) walkLength(dna(read));
writeln("extracting reference from each read: ",!"usecs", "μs");