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// BioD depends on stream.d which is no longer included with phobos.
// To run this example from this directory,
// Clone the undead repository with
// git clone at the appropriate location and ensure
// it is available on your path
// Run example: rdmd -I.. -I../location_of_undead/src print_base_info.d
import bio.bam.reader;
import bio.bam.baseinfo;
import std.stdio;
import std.range : take, drop;
import std.algorithm : find;
void main() {
auto bam = new BamReader("../test/data/b7_295_chunk.bam");
// get read group information by name
auto rg = bam.header.read_groups["9IKNG"];
auto read = find!(r => == "9IKNG:00592:01791")(bam.reads).front;
// fetch information about flow calls from FZ & ZF tags
// and also reference base from MD tag
auto bases = basesWith!("FZ", "MD")(read, arg!"flowOrder"(rg.flow_order),
// end of read contains a few indel errors
foreach (baseinfo; bases.drop(350).take(32)) {
writefln("%s\t%s\tflow: %3d\tintensity: %.2f\t\tref. pos.: %6d\tCIGAR op.: %s",
baseinfo.reference_base, // from MD tag
baseinfo.flow_call.flow_index, // from FZ tag
baseinfo.flow_call.intensity, // also from FZ tag
// notice that because the read is on reverse strand,
// reference position decreases during the iteration