10 Commits (d7b79b1fbccd6cbc911df574096c25fd2efca37c)

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  George Githinji d7b79b1fbc fixed with proper undead import path 2 years ago
  George Githinji 0d7f5b11e9 fix the examples to use the new namespaces 2 years ago
  George Githinji 7deab8abd4 backup the old directory and module structure 2 years ago
  George Githinji dd48716948 make use of explit module import for learning purposes 3 years ago
  George Githinji b069b71663 update the instructions for running the example code using stream.d from undead 3 years ago
  George Githinji 91cbb7a49e correct url for undead 3 years ago
  George Githinji 7d93484c4f add bio.bam.cigar module import 3 years ago
  George Githinji a6032f02e2 provide instructions on how to run the example 3 years ago
  John Colvin c37b0e7e03 switch to undead.stream; 4 years ago
  biorelated 9cd1d2974e fix typo in comment 6 years ago
  georgeG d56497f883 move intuative example names 6 years ago
  lomereiter 9143bf6978 updated example 6 8 years ago
  lomereiter 3232ed82ac fix comment 8 years ago
  lomereiter a636e10641 . 8 years ago
  lomereiter d6fd351a65 example of creating BAM from scratch 8 years ago