23 Commits (57c81f275faab5cdec4746bfc7af81e31bac0f69)

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  lomereiter 57c81f275f changed license to MIT 8 years ago
  lomereiter 37ed738d79 fixes for 2.063; also fixed tag value typeids 8 years ago
  lomereiter 73da46c93e new awesome serialization to sam/json 8 years ago
  lomereiter d973b805c0 throw exceptions in case of file reading problems 8 years ago
  lomereiter 35e48e197f EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK handling 8 years ago
  lomereiter 02ad9dff11 faster BamRead.toString 8 years ago
  lomereiter 5aba31cb42 2.061 is NOT yet supported due to regressions in compiler 8 years ago
  lomereiter 534c2f349b fix compilation errors with 2.061 8 years ago
  lomereiter 19d8d6c5cf added alias NucleotideSequence 9 years ago
  lomereiter 2933818678 fixes 9 years ago
  lomereiter 6dda861117 optional cigar_before/cigar_after in basesWith 9 years ago
  lomereiter ec2c9aeb0c basesWith: MD tag 9 years ago
  lomereiter 2fadd7f1ff new BamWriter class; bio.bam.output is deprecated 9 years ago
  lomereiter d38d2b17da bgzf input/output streams 9 years ago
  lomereiter c83673f747 renamed IChunkInputStream to BgzfInputStream 9 years ago
  lomereiter 5f3ba8fd97 . 9 years ago
  lomereiter 9fdba56fd1 fixes 9 years ago
  lomereiter 0f348e8bb7 made KMer char2code and code2base public static 9 years ago
  lomereiter 9c78ed3aa0 added constructor from id to kmer 9 years ago
  lomereiter c53374e07b kmer struct 9 years ago
  lomereiter 6a18d0885b sff 9 years ago
  lomereiter da9824be96 make unittests compile with -property 9 years ago
  lomereiter a1dcb7075e initial commit 9 years ago