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  lomereiter 57c81f275f changed license to MIT 8 years ago
  lomereiter 703c0847c6 fixed index creation behaviour 8 years ago
  lomereiter 6b128a7998 DMD optimizer seems to incorrectly handle properties 8 years ago
  lomereiter dd1f38682e [pileup] optionally skip sites with zero coverage 8 years ago
  lomereiter 37ed738d79 fixes for 2.063; also fixed tag value typeids 8 years ago
  lomereiter 32fb5a45a4 new BamRead method: extended_cigar 8 years ago
  lomereiter 73de9f25d9 check CIGAR length to fit in ushort type 8 years ago
  Artem Tarasov 29f2d91ad7 make lib compilable with LDC trunk 9 years ago
  lomereiter d109ffc384 fixed a bug in bio.bam.writer 9 years ago
  lomereiter 6d5899ebde simple MAF parser 9 years ago
  Artem Tarasov ac1eb8510e a few improvements 9 years ago
  lomereiter 7a41ba7b00 refactored random access a bit 9 years ago
  lomereiter 9d4ef7ca9d multiple BAM reader (2.061+) 9 years ago
  lomereiter 6485fe1deb msgpack output for header 9 years ago
  lomereiter 0d7250b897 SAM header JSON formatting 9 years ago
  lomereiter 9143bf6978 updated example 6 9 years ago
  lomereiter 73da46c93e new awesome serialization to sam/json 9 years ago
  lomereiter d973b805c0 throw exceptions in case of file reading problems 9 years ago
  lomereiter 996e4b1a3b fix const in json serialization 9 years ago
  lomereiter 35e48e197f EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK handling 9 years ago
  lomereiter 02ad9dff11 faster BamRead.toString 9 years ago
  lomereiter 2ecabe69c5 fixes in Value.toString 9 years ago
  lomereiter bf12b493f4 implemented idiomatic toString for BamRead 9 years ago
  lomereiter 515f9718ea bio.bam.reader docs: intro with examples 9 years ago
  lomereiter ee7fbab192 further documentation improvements 9 years ago
  lomereiter 24474ac73b improving docs... 9 years ago
  lomereiter ef648ee005 improved bio.bam.writer and bio.bam.pileup docs 9 years ago
  lomereiter c04c314104 improved bio.bam.reader docs 9 years ago
  lomereiter ae35f201c1 2.062 regression workaround =\ 9 years ago
  lomereiter 8b633de229 more const 9 years ago
  lomereiter bb870b760a readme 9 years ago
  lomereiter 81909e480c unittests pass on 2.061 9 years ago
  lomereiter 48675619e2 report range violations in flowcall.d 9 years ago
  lomereiter 9a79ba6eee support for ZM tag 9 years ago
  lomereiter 5aba31cb42 2.061 is NOT yet supported due to regressions in compiler 9 years ago
  lomereiter 534c2f349b fix compilation errors with 2.061 9 years ago
  lomereiter 5f591d8786 fix 9 years ago
  lomereiter 4758c0595c allow underscore; fix distance calculation 9 years ago
  lomereiter 0483604596 store node dictionary; tree distance 9 years ago
  lomereiter 0ab08e6dfd store parent node 9 years ago
  lomereiter 6fdfe7c049 newick tree parser 9 years ago
  lomereiter ab97d012d8 more caching in baseinfo.d 9 years ago
  lomereiter 9d7351ea96 revert last commit 9 years ago
  lomereiter c4eaadd3d3 simplified code in SequenceResult.opIndex 9 years ago
  lomereiter 6262a37581 micro optimizations 9 years ago
  lomereiter 7bd9a276a0 added PerBaseInfo.constructFront method 9 years ago
  Artem Tarasov 0c32cde7b9 Create README.md 9 years ago
  lomereiter 6bbc6f3a04 renamings: next_ref_id -> mate_ref_id, next_pos -> mate_position 9 years ago
  lomereiter 61e9ae13c1 split mdExtra into mdCurrentOp, mdNextOp, mdPreviousOp 9 years ago
  lomereiter 19d8d6c5cf added alias NucleotideSequence 9 years ago