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# BioD [![Build Status](]( [![DUB Package](](
8 years ago
[BioD]( is a fast and memory efficient bioinformatics library written in the [D programming language](
whose aim is to:
5 years ago
4 years ago
* Provide a platform for developing high-performance computational biology applications using the [D programming language]( through
- Automatic parallelization of tasks where possible
- Avoiding unnecessary memory allocations
5 years ago
## Why BioD?
4 years ago
BioD leverages on [D programming language](
features to develop high performance bioinformatics tools
(e.g. [sambamba]( The D programming
language is both a low and high-level hybrid object orientated and
functional (OOP/FP) programming language with templating/generic
features are far easier than that of C++.
4 years ago
4 years ago
## D programming language resources
* [Programming in D]( is online by Ali Çehreli.
* [The D Programming Language]( by Andrei Alexandrecu (great book, slightly out of date)
4 years ago
* [The D Cookbook]( by Adam D. Ruppe
4 years ago
## Current development
Our aim is to provide a set of D modules to manipulate and work with
biological datasets. BioD provides modules for manipulating high
throughput data formats by provifing fast and easy to use native BAM
file reader and writer with ability to iterate a BAM file a read at a
time,a nucleotide at a time (pileup) or via a sliding window.
4 years ago
## Install
The current default is to provide the path to the checked out repo to
the D-compiler. For example,
5 years ago
DFLAGS = -wi -I. -IBioD -g
4 years ago
## Build environment
After installing ldc and dub
4 years ago
dub test
4 years ago
It is possible to create a recent build container with the
[GNU guix]( transactional package
4 years ago
guix environment -C guix --ad-hoc ldc dub zlib gdb binutils-gold vim --network
after getting dropped in the container simply run dub.
If you want to use the make file instead (not requiring the network) use
guix environment -C guix --ad-hoc ldc zlib gdb make binutils-gold vim --no-grafts
make -j 4
make check
4 years ago
4 years ago
## Debugging
When using gdb, switch off these handlers
4 years ago
handle SIGUSR1 SIGUSR2 nostop noprint
4 years ago
It can be passed in from the command line
gdb -ex 'handle SIGUSR1 SIGUSR2 nostop noprint' --args ./biod-test-library
4 years ago
## Usage
5 years ago
4 years ago
See the [examples directory](examples)
5 years ago
for examples and usage.
4 years ago
## Mailing list
[The BioD mailing list](!forum/dlang_biod)
8 years ago
## Contributing
Simply clone the repository on github and put in a pull request.
## BioD contributors and support
[contributors]( For
support use the [issue tracker]( or contact
* [Pjotr Prins](
* [George Githinji](
* [Prasun Anand](
## License
BioD is free software and licensed under the MIT (expat) [license](./LICENSE).
BioD includes some files from the
[undeaD project]( in ./contrib which
are published under a Boost license. This code should be phased out in time.