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version 2.0.0 - 2019/10/21

Please see the release notes for a full list of features and changes associated with auspice's v2 release. Associated with the v2 release are much improved documentation at

Here is a summary of the main changes:

  • Pie charts to represent discrete variables on a map
  • New dataset JSON format:
    • Strings parsed unchanged
    • Both metadata and tree data in a single JSON
    • Gene / Genome definitions are now in GFF format
    • Changes to how node data is stored
    • Multiple maintainers
    • Continous, Categorical, Ordinal, and Boolean Color Scales
  • More information in tree info boxes
  • Display of second trees
  • Display better dates on the tree axis
  • Map "reset zoom" button zooms to include all demes
  • Consistent colouring of missing data in the tree
  • Removal of Twitter & Google Analytics
  • Improvements in the entropy panel
  • Auspice responds to server redirects for datasets
  • Importing (server) code from Auspice
  • New Auspice subcommand: auspice convert
  • Ability to show a "build" source URL in the sidebar
  • auspice view uses a custom Auspice client if present

version 1.39.1 - 2019/10/21

This release marks the final v1 release before auspice v2 is released. Auspice v1 may still receive bug-fixes, and will be npm-tagged with "version1" so that it may be installed via npm install --global auspice@version1.

  • Minor dependency version upgrades.

version 1.39.0 - 2019/09/12

  • Slight changes to the auspice splash page wording to remove the word "Locally".
  • getDataset API calls may now return code 204 ("no content") resulting in the auspice splash page displayed without an error message.
  • Default styling of narrative text much improved.

version 1.38.2 - 2019/09/06

  • Fix footer for INRB Ebola builds.

version 1.38.1 - 2019/09/06

  • Update footer for INRB Ebola builds. cd

version 1.38.0 - 2019/08/29

  • Add support for frequency projections. See PR 777
  • Local Auspice servers listen on only localhost by default instead of all interfaces. See PR 781
  • update dependencies

version 1.37.5 - 2019/08/09

version 1.37.4 - 2019/08/04

  • Improved layout of unrooted trees when zoomed into a clade. See PR 754
  • Remove link to "deprecated" site from flu page footer.

version 1.37.3 - 2019/07/29

  • Reinstate github dataset link in sidebar for community builds

version 1.37.2 - 2019/07/20

  • Fix two bugs related to (a) "root" appearing as the selected clade in the URL and (b) applying filtering would remove the selected clade from the URL. See issue #744 and PR 746.
  • Fix bug where auspice would crash if the JSON contained an "annotation" property but not a "annotation.nuc" key. See issue #732
  • The Map panel title is now "Grography" when transmissions are not inferred. See issue #743

version 1.37.1 - 2019/07/13

  • Fig a bug where "unknown" values of a discrete scales (e.g. "?") could be given a colour. They are now grey.

version 1.37.0 - 2019/07/09

  • Fix two bugs relating to narratives and the Map component. See PR 736
  • Improve logic behind when to display tip labels on the tree

version 1.36.6 - 2019/05/18

  • Improve minor axis tick spacing on tree. See PR 725
  • Entropy calculations ignore ambiguous bases See PR 723

version 1.36.5 - 2019/04/17

  • Fix a bug in the initial rendering of the date slider. See PR 713

version 1.36.4 - 2019/03/16

  • Fix map deme border coloring.

version 1.36.3 - 2019/03/11

version 1.36.2 - 2019/03/04

  • Update footer information. Don't display "live" footers for "community" URLs.

version 1.36.1 - 2019/02/27

  • Update npm packages identified as security vulnerabilities
  • Fixes a bug (only in v1.36.0) where, for some datasets, interacting with the tree would cause the app to crash. Issue 708
  • auspice build now exits (with non-zero exit code) if there are errors during webpack bundling

version 1.36.0 - 2019/02/25

  • Improve app load times using code splitting. See PR 701

version 1.35.5 - 2019/02/08

  • Add acknowledgements to mumps page.
  • Preserve URL during 404. Issue #700

version 1.35.4 - 2019/01/28

  • Restore download modal functionality. Issue 699

version 1.35.3 - 2019/01/25

  • Show useful help message if port is in use. See PR 694
  • Fixed a bug where URL query strings may become corrupted in certain cases. See PR 695
  • Restore (deprecated) "npm run {server,dev}" commands. See PR 692
  • Fix broken links in documentation. See PR 690
  • Update WNV footer text

version 1.35.2 - 2019/01/16

version 1.34.4 - 2019/01/15

  • Update mumps footer

version 1.34.3 - 2018/12/18

  • Don't display deme circle if lat/long is absent

version 1.34.2 - 2018/12/05

  • Update mumps footer
  • Modify the casing of how labels are displayed See PR 685

version 1.34.1 - 2018/11/29

  • Small change to make the 'Second Tree' option appear when virus segments are named according to "segment1", "segment2" etcetera. See PR 684

version 1.34.0 - 2018/11/19

  • Community builds are now sourced from githubusercontent, which is the official source for "raw" files from GitHub. PR 682

version 1.33.0 - 2018/11/18

  • Gene names can now include - and _, as well as code improvements to genotype encoding/decoding -- PR 681

version 1.32.0 - 2018/11/02

  • Allow hidden property on tree nodes -- PR 676
  • Update packages & package.json metadata -- PR 677 PR 678 PR 679
  • Restore hot-reloading ability for development (above PRs)

version 1.31.0 - 2018/10/29

  • Allow time-only trees or div-only trees -- PR 670
  • Minor fixes to handle trees with missing data -- PR 673

version 1.30.3 - 2018/09/19

  • Colours were sometimes inconsistent when two trees were displayed -- PR 665
  • Clicking on a tip while two trees were displayed no longer causes a crash -- PR 666

version 1.30.2 - 2018/09/07

  • Publish the package to the npm registry from the release branch automatically. [#660, #662]
  • Fix inability to run npm locally introduced by repo's .npmrc file. [#661]

version 1.30.1 - 2018/09/05

version 1.30.0 - 2018/09/05

  • Auspice is now globally installable and published as a npm package
  • AA entropy calculation bug fixed - PR 657
  • Narrative scroll bars are fixed for Linux & Windows browsers - PR 653
  • Tree legend placement improved - PR 650
  • npm run start is no longer deprecated

version 1.29.0 - 2018/08/31

  • The visibility of nodes on the tree now more accurately reflects the selected date range - PR 644
  • Info text is easier to read & the date range reflects the genomes in view - PR 639

Narrative improvements

  • Toggle between narrative & interactive mode is much clearer - PR 648
  • URL queries with no clade set zoom to the entire tree - PR 644

version 1.28.0 - 2018/08/25

version 1.27.1 - 2018/08/24

  • Fixed broken navigation links
  • Entropy zooming bug fixed - PR 637

version 1.27.0 - 2018/08/20

  • Saved SVGs now include two trees (if displayed) - PR 630

version 1.26.0 - 2018/08/20

  • Entropy panel zoom changes are now reflected in URL state - PR 626

version 1.25.2 - 2018/08/17

  • Negative dates (BCE) are now handled correctly - PR 627
  • Small entropy zooming fixes - PR 624
  • Bugfix to prevent the grid being drawn over the branches / tips in some situations - PR 629
  • Transmissions which involve demes without lat/longs now show an error notification - PR 608

version 1.25.1 - 2018/08/10

  • Small fixes to entropy zooming behaviour
  • Gaps are not counted in the entropy calculations & are not displayed in the info panel pop up

version 1.25.0 - 2018/08/09

  • New Entropy panel zooming functionality - PR 609

version 1.24.1 - 2018/08/08

  • Upgrade dependencies
  • Bugfix when changing between staging datasets - issue 618

version 1.24.0 - 2018/08/05

  • Tree grid improvements - PR 610
    • Allow negative (i.e. BCE) dates
    • Display y-dates and horizontal lines in the clock layout view
    • Improved spacing between grid points
  • SVG elements in the DOM are now in named groups which improves debugging and prevents incorrect-layering bugs. PR 612
  • Fixed a bug where the available datasets (dropdowns in sidebar) contained invalid values PR 614
  • Community sourced datasets ( display a link to the github repo in the sidebar PR 615
  • Since v1.22.3 changing datasets preserved the URL queries (e.g. ?l=radial). A number of bugs relating to this have been fixed, where these queries were no longer valid for the new dataset. This also fixed potential issues related to loading datasets where the URL queries were invalid. PR 613

version 1.23.2 - 2018/07/30

  • Increase the padding when displaying two panels side by side to avoid bugs on different browsers / OSs. issue 574

version 1.23.1 - 2018/07/30

  • Improved the alignment of branch labels for the second tree

version 1.23.0 - 2018/07/28

  • The server no longer needs to be transpiled
  • The interaction between data sources (local / staging / live) has been changed.
    • The first part of the URL now defines the source, e.g. /flu is live, /local/flu is local, /staging/flu...
    • Accordingly, npm run server.js localData no longer has the effect it used to!
    • Github committed JSONs are now accessible via /community/orgName/repoName (slightly experimental and subject to change)
  • JSONs are now delivered to the client using compression (when available)
  • Frequency JSONs are only fetched when the frequency panel is specified (in the meta JSON)
  • The server combines the tree & meta JSONs into a single "unified" JSON, in preparation for a move to v2.0 JSONs.
  • Manifest files / parsing have been moved from the server
  • Various improvements to the narratives (still experimental and the API is subject to change)
  • Second trees are specified by /na:ha/ rather than /na/...?tt=ha. The old syntax is still supported for backwards compatibility.

version 1.22.3 - 2018/07/19

  • Trigger Docker Hub automated build to rebuild via Travis CI when master branch is pushed and tests are successful
  • Simplify counting of traits across tree
  • Improve README
  • Remove Electron
  • Restored the ability to run the non-dev server with local data PR 589

version 1.22.2 - 2018/07/10

  • Bugfix in tip attribute counting algorithm

version 1.22.1 - 2018/07/09

  • Legend items no longer include duplicates, and include month for dates within the past 10 years - thanks @emmahodcroftPR 592
  • Bugfix related to colorBy values only specified on internal nodes issue 593

version 1.22.0 - 2018/07/03

  • Auspice can now run with an incomplete metadata file, or even without a metadata file at all! PR 586
  • Download modal reinstated PR 587
    • Improved styling
    • All panes now saved to a single SVG
    • Map panning SVG-save bugs (mostly) fixed
    • TSV used instead of CSV
  • Fix WNV colorBy link in footer -- issue 590

version 1.21.3 - 2018/06/27

  • Show tree titles (e.g. NA) when two trees are displayed
  • Multi-part datasets (e.g. flu/seasonal/h3n2...) which are not in the manifest file can now be loaded; various bugs fixed for running locally without a manifest file.
  • Other minor bugfixes & package upgrades

version 1.21.2 - 2018/06/07

  • Disable Untangling

version 1.21.1 - 2018/06/04

version 1.21.0 - 2018/06/01

  • Untangling via a simple algorithm upon 2nd tree load
  • Segment names displayed above trees (if 2 trees)
  • Fix hover-info-box date bug -- issue 572

version 1.20.3 - 2018/05/30

  • Narratives now accessed via /narratives/... URLs
  • App now works without needing a manifest file (but the datasets dropdown needs it)
  • Initial load simplified
  • Sidebar doesn't appear until the data is ready to be displayed

version 1.20.2 - 2018/05/21

  • Changes to the frequencies threshold

version 1.20.1 - 2018/05/21

  • Changes to the frequencies threshold
  • Narratives restored

version 1.20.0 - 2018/05/15

Auspice is now served via the server together with the static (gatsbyjs) site

  • Changes to the server code organisation
  • Static content removed
  • New splash page listing the (should only be accessed from local instances or 404s, live site splash is via the static site)
  • Improved page navigation API
  • Travis CI 🎉
  • Auspice version is displayed in the footer
  • Release script modified (Travis CI listens to release and pushes a successful build to S3 which is fetched by the live server)

version 1.19.1 - 2018/05/09

  • Fixed a bug where proteins starting with a number (e.g. 2K) were assumed to be nucleotide genotypes.

version 1.19.0 - 2018/05/09

  • Improved sidebar styling on both mobile & desktop
  • Reset layout button doesn't re-instantiate the PhyloTree object, rather it resets the branch thicknesses & sets the whole tree to be in view
  • Padding improvements - tip labels are now visible, and small clades render better.
  • Tip names now shown for up to 100 taxa
  • Branch thickness restored -- issue 544
  • Tree panning has been removed (we no longer use react-svg-pan-zoom)

version 1.18.10 - 2018/05/07

  • Separate Nucleotide mutations from gaps / Ns in info-box - thanks @emmahodcroft PR 552
  • Frequencies y-axis is no longer rounded to the nearest 0.05

version 1.18.9 - 2018/05/03

  • update flu footer
  • start using travis CI

version 1.18.8 - 2018/05/02

  • temporary fix for map transmissionIndices errors (bug still exists, issue 547)

version 1.18.7 - 2018/05/02

  • Fix frequencies panel x-axis bug
  • Linting
  • Minor style changes

version 1.18.6 - 2018/04/30

  • update WNV footer

version 1.18.5 - 2018/04/27

  • update WNV footer

version 1.18.4 - 2018/04/26

  • Use exponential notation for the clock rate

version 1.18.3 - 2018/04/23

  • Updated the footer for LASV & WNV

version 1.18.2 - 2018/04/16

  • LBI color scale domain is [0, 0.7] Issue 541
  • Fix bug with antigenic advance & frequencies Issue 540
  • Hovering over a tree legend value of zero now correctly highlights matching tips
  • Undefined color traits are now grey on a discrete scale
  • Removed all references to node.attr.strain (tree JSON) and seq_author_map (meta JSON)

version 1.18.1 - 2018/04/15

  • Make date slider spacing consistent between animation and drag

version 1.18.0 - 2018/04/14

  • Tanglegrams enabled! (bugfixes & reinstate controls dropdown)
  • Status pages: &
  • Narrative files are sourced from repository

version 1.17.4 - 2018/04/10

  • Updated LASV footer

version 1.17.3 - 2018/04/04

  • Allowed arbitrary user manifests to be served
  • Changed how the tanglegram updates, so that it is now triggered straight after the trees update.
  • Updated the files downloaded from
  • Add lassa (LASV) footer acknowledgments.

version 1.17.2 - 2018/04/02

  • Job ad on splash page.

version 1.17.1 - 2018/03/28

version 1.17.0 - 2018/03/26


  • Now exposed via a "hidden" URL query. E.g. flu/h3n2/3y?n=1
  • Frequencies added to narrative
  • block in focus is part of the URL query, and can be reloaded via the URL

Second Tree / Tanglegram

  • Second tree can be loaded via a URL (e.g. ?tt=na). Sidebar dropdown currently disabled.
  • In this mode, trees are forced to be rectangular, and the map & frequencies are not displayed.
  • Tanglegram exists, but no untangling (yet)
  • Bugs still exist (which is why the sidebar has been disabled)


  • All JSONs (incl. frequencies, narrative) are loaded within a single Promise & dispatch
  • phylotree.change() only ever called once, and always in componentDidUpdate (fixes bugs where it fired in both CWRP and CDU)
  • old & deprecated code removed

version 1.16.5 - 2018/03/26

  • Authors filter is now an explicit setting in the JSONs PR 532

version 1.16.4 - 2018/03/22

  • Flu footer updated
  • Fix bug in genotype colouring PR 531
  • Adjust vaccine cross styling & remove dashed line PR 529

version 1.16.3 - 2018/03/21

  • Flu footer updated

version 1.16.2 - 2018/03/21

  • Add redirect of to via express middleware PR 528

version 1.16.1 - 2018/03/16

  • Fix bug in the color scales where clades were coloured white after switching trees.

version 1.16.0 - 2018/03/16

Browser support

  • Now works on Internet Explorer 11 (tested on windows 7)
  • Grid layout issue fixed for Firefox on linux/windows
  • Embedding Nextstrain in an iFrame works - see /scripts/gisaid_iframe.html

version 1.15.1 - 2018/03/14

  • Fix Firefox branch / tip hover bug Issue 525

version 1.15.0 - 2018/03/12

  • Multiple genotypes (for the same amino acid) by typing in multiple comma separated AA/nuc positions. PR 523.

version 1.14.4 - 2018/03/05

version 1.14.3 - 2018/03/01

  • Bug fix where tip colours reverted to their initial colours after a layout change. issue 519

version 1.14.2 - 2018/02/28

  • PR 518
    • Frequency y-axis is now dynamic
    • Frequency text box is more readable
    • Frequency normalisation has been removed

version 1.14.1 - 2018/02/27

  • Style tip stroke separately from branch stroke (node.stroke replaced with node.branchStroke & node.tipStroke)

version 1.14.0 - 2018/02/27


  • Strain search (using awesomplete). This highlights the path to a single tip and increases the tip radius. Strain is stored in the URL query (s=...) and can be restored via URL. Selected strain also appears in the info panel (top of screen).
  • Amino acid branch labels (for every tree) as well as clade labels if specified by the clade_annotation attribute. AA labels are shown where the descendent visible tips account for more than 5% of the total visible tips (same as nextflu). Clade labels are always displayed.
  • Default geneotype gene is now HA1 if available (previously nucleotide).
  • ColorBy ordering (sidebar dropdown) is now ordered (via an array in globals.js)


  • The JSON processing on initial load has been shifted from the reducers to a single action - fewer dispatches, fewer potential bugs, faster code.
  • Frequencies are initialised in a single action (previously 2).
  • tip-frequencies are now downloaded via
  • Frequency actions are not dispatched unless the frequency panel is loaded.

version 1.13.2 - 2018/02/26

  • Improve consistency of panel controls
  • Show unassigned in tree legend (if applicable)

version 1.13.1 - 2018/02/26

  • Tree button "reset layout" now at top right

version 1.13.0 - 2018/02/26


  • Frequencies are now displayed via a stream graph panel - see PR 497. These require the fetching of a separate tip-frequencies JSON, and must be specified in the panels array of the meta.JSON.
  • "Panels To Display" toggles in the sidebar allow customisation of the display, and this is reflected in the URL.
  • The + - buttons in the tree have been replaced by a "reset tree" button. This resets the bounds to the entire tree & completely re-renders the tree (filters are maintained). Pan behaviour is unchanged.


  • React-PhyloTree interface is completely rewritten to use phylotree.change() - see PR 501 for the API. The new interface is both easier to understand and quicker.
  • changePageQuery (used for changing narrative blocks) is now a single action
  • Ongoing narrative work (still disabled).
  • React sidebar has been removed (no UI changes).

version 1.12.0 - 2018/02/14


  • Vaccine strains are shown at their use date (in temporal trees), with dotted lines connecting them to their tips (representing collection date) (PR 498)


  • updateGeometryFade uses counters to know when transitions are finished rather than setTimeout

version 1.11.0 - 2018/02/05


  • Vaccine strains are now displayed if they are specified in metaJSON.vaccine_choices (PR 490)


  • Tree components and PhyloTree have been reorganized (in src/components/tree) and the syntax improved (PR 493)
  • Upgraded to React 16, as well as upgrading redux & react-svg-pan-zoom (PR 494)

version 1.10.0 - 2018/02/05


  • Local Branching Index (LBI) coloring can be calculated in Auspice (code identical to nextflu) if specified in color_options (meta JSON) (PR 491)


  • script updated to no longer download sequences & entropy JSONs
  • action logging middleware available for debugging / development

version 1.9.0 - 2018/01/30


  • Animations can now loop! This is selected via a toggle in the sidebar.
  • While animating, the URL displays information which defines the animation (bounds, looping, cumulative, speed). This allows the animation to start automatically by linking to this URL.
  • The code for the animation (i.e. the setInterval code) has been moved out of Map and into a separate AnimationController component.
  • Animation is stopped & started by examining redux state, rather than with imperative controls.


  • The narrative machinery has been moved forward, but this functionality is still disabled and not present in production code.
  • The (rather expensive) calendarToNumeric calculations have become part of state.controls so that components no longer have to calculate them from the string form.

version 1.8.0 - 2018/01/18

entropy calculated via tree

  • The entropy panel data is now computed within Auspice by examining mutations throughout the tree, and is throttled to improve speed under load.
  • Both entropy and number of mutations are available via a toggle similar to AA/NT
  • This results in entropy.JSON no longer being fetched.
  • The entropy data is stored in redux state rather than the react component
  • The D3 code has been reorganised
  • Note that the entropy values are slightly different to those exported by Augur in some situations - see

genotype calculated via tree

  • This results in sequences.JSON no longer being fetched.
  • Augur was updated to export annotations which are needed for entropy gene display.

middleware / react router

  • All changes to the URL are now performed via middleware rather than side-effects within the action definition.
  • React router has been removed
  • Browser back/forward is detected via window.addEventListener('popstate', this.onURLChanged) which also fires on initial page load.
  • Pages are selected via the <PageSelect> component.


  • The number of proteins displayed while hovering over a branch has been limited to 7 (issue #484)
  • The presence of author data is checked before display (issue #488)
  • This changelog has been created and a step in the releaseNewVersion script added to prepend the version number upon release.

version 1.7.2 - 2018/1/4

Narrative / situational report

  • Functionality has been added, but is currently disabled via a flag in globals.js.
  • This is currently rendered in a right-hand sidebar. This feature is not yet complete.

URL queries

  • The following state has been added to the URL query:
    • filters, e.g. f_authors=Tong_et_al,Capobianchi_et_al&f_division=kerouane
    • genotype URLs (these were previously set as the URL but not parsed)
    • panel layout (grid/full)
  • A number of bugs regarding URL query state parsing (esp with genotype colorBys) have been fixed.

version 1.7.1 - 2017/10/31

  • Added mumps acknowledgment

version 1.7.0 - 2017/10/17

version - 2018/01/18