launching notebooks in guix containers
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Development with GNU Guix

guix shell

Uploading a notebook

curl -d "url=" -X POST

Uploading notebooks with nb-upload

$ nb-upload test.ipynb

Viewing available notebooks


Viewing uploaded notebooks with nb-upload

$ nb-upload
    "description": "Quantitative Genetics Tools for Mapping Trait Variation to Mechanisms, Therapeutics, and Interventions - Webinar Series",
    "home_page": ""
    "description": "This shows how to model BXD mouse weight data using an AR(1) process",
    "home_page": ""
    "description": "Querying the GeneNetwork API declaratively with python. ",
    "home_page": ""
    "description": "R notebook showing how to query the GeneNetwork API.",
    "home_page": ""

Creating an executable

Alternatively, after running guix shell to set up nb-hub's dependencies run the following to create an executable binary:

sbcl --load nb.asd --eval '(require :nb)' --eval '(in-package :nb)' --eval "(sb-ext:save-lisp-and-die #p\"nb\" :toplevel #'main :executable t)"

Copy the binary to the server and run it:

chmod +x nb


Copyright (c) 2022 jgart

Licensed under the LLGPL License.