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An upload form template for Common Lisp

Start building an upload form with lisp quickly.

  • Hunchentoot, Easy-routes
  • Djula templates
  • a welcome screen
  • run as a script or build a binary.

Uses Bulma CSS and used Bulma templates examples.

How to run the app

Two possibilities to run it from the command line:

rlwrap sbcl --load run.lisp

In that case, we are dropped into the Lisp REPL, so we can interact with the running application.

Or build the binary and run it:

make build

Set the port:

PORT=9999 rlwrap sbcl --load run.lisp


Load gnqc.asd (C-c C-k in Slime), (ql:quickload :gnqc) and then (start).