Mirror of GNU Guix
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#pragma once
#include "config.h"
#include "types.hh"
#include <map>
#include <sys/types.h>
namespace nix {
enum CompressionType
struct Settings {
typedef std::map<string, string> SettingsMap;
void processEnvironment();
void set(const string & name, const string & value);
string get(const string & name, const string & def);
Strings get(const string & name, const Strings & def);
bool get(const string & name, bool def);
int get(const string & name, int def);
void update();
string pack();
SettingsMap getOverrides();
/* The directory where we store sources and derived files. */
Path nixStore;
Path nixDataDir; /* !!! fix */
/* The directory where we log various operations. */
Path nixLogDir;
/* The directory where state is stored. */
Path nixStateDir;
/* The directory where we keep the SQLite database. */
Path nixDBPath;
/* The directory where configuration files are stored. */
Path nixConfDir;
/* The directory where internal helper programs are stored. */
Path nixLibexecDir;
/* The directory where the main programs are stored. */
Path nixBinDir;
/* File name of the socket the daemon listens to. */
Path nixDaemonSocketFile;
/* Whether to keep temporary directories of failed builds. */
bool keepFailed;
/* Whether to keep building subgoals when a sibling (another
subgoal of the same goal) fails. */
bool keepGoing;
/* User and groud id of the client issuing the build request. Used to set
the owner and group of the kept temporary directories of failed
builds. */
uid_t clientUid;
gid_t clientGid;
/* Whether, if we cannot realise the known closure corresponding
to a derivation, we should try to normalise the derivation
instead. */
bool tryFallback;
/* Verbosity level for build output. */
Verbosity buildVerbosity;
/* Maximum number of parallel build jobs. 0 means unlimited. */
unsigned int maxBuildJobs;
/* Number of CPU cores to utilize in parallel within a build,
i.e. by passing this number to Make via '-j'. 0 means that the
number of actual CPU cores on the local host ought to be
auto-detected. */
unsigned int buildCores;
/* Read-only mode. Don't copy stuff to the store, don't change
the database. */
bool readOnlyMode;
/* The canonical system name, as returned by config.guess. */
string thisSystem;
/* The maximum time in seconds that a builer can go without
producing any output on stdout/stderr before it is killed. 0
means infinity. */
time_t maxSilentTime;
/* The maximum duration in seconds that a builder can run. 0
means infinity. */
time_t buildTimeout;
/* The substituters. There are programs that can somehow realise
a store path without building, e.g., by downloading it or
copying it from a CD. */
Paths substituters;
/* Whether to use build hooks (for distributed builds). Sometimes
users want to disable this from the command-line. */
bool useBuildHook;
/* Whether buildDerivations() should print out lines on stderr in
a fixed format to allow its progress to be monitored. Each
line starts with a "@". The following are defined:
@ build-started <drvpath> <outpath> <system> <logfile>
@ build-failed <drvpath> <outpath> <exitcode> <error text>
@ build-succeeded <drvpath> <outpath>
@ substituter-started <outpath> <substituter>
@ substituter-failed <outpath> <exitcode> <error text>
@ substituter-succeeded <outpath>
Best combined with --no-build-output, otherwise stderr might
conceivably contain lines in this format printed by the
builders. */
bool printBuildTrace;
/* Amount of reserved space for the garbage collector
(/nix/var/nix/db/reserved). */
off_t reservedSize;
/* Whether SQLite should use fsync. */
bool fsyncMetadata;
/* Whether SQLite should use WAL mode. */
bool useSQLiteWAL;
/* Whether to call sync() before registering a path as valid. */
bool syncBeforeRegistering;
/* Whether to use substitutes. */
bool useSubstitutes;
/* The Unix group that contains the build users. */
string buildUsersGroup;
/* Whether to build in chroot. */
bool useChroot;
/* Set of ssh connection strings for the ssh substituter */
Strings sshSubstituterHosts;
/* Whether to use the ssh substituter at all */
bool useSshSubstituter;
/* Whether to impersonate a Linux 2.6 machine on newer kernels. */
bool impersonateLinux26;
/* Whether to store build logs. */
bool keepLog;
/* Whether to compress logs. */
enum CompressionType logCompression;
/* Maximum number of bytes a builder can write to stdout/stderr
before being killed (0 means no limit). */
unsigned long maxLogSize;
/* Whether to cache build failures. */
bool cacheFailure;
/* How often (in seconds) to poll for locks. */
unsigned int pollInterval;
/* Whether to check if new GC roots can in fact be found by the
garbage collector. */
bool checkRootReachability;
/* Whether the garbage collector should keep outputs of live
derivations. */
bool gcKeepOutputs;
/* Whether the garbage collector should keep derivers of live
paths. */
bool gcKeepDerivations;
/* Whether to automatically replace files with identical contents
with hard links. */
bool autoOptimiseStore;
/* Whether to add derivations as a dependency of user environments
(to prevent them from being GCed). */
bool envKeepDerivations;
/* Whether to lock the Nix client and worker to the same CPU. */
bool lockCPU;
/* Whether to show a stack trace if Nix evaluation fails. */
bool showTrace;
/* A list of URL prefixes that can return Nix build logs. */
Strings logServers;
/* Whether the importNative primop should be enabled */
bool enableImportNative;
SettingsMap settings, overrides;
void _get(string & res, const string & name);
void _get(bool & res, const string & name);
void _get(StringSet & res, const string & name);
void _get(Strings & res, const string & name);
template<class N> void _get(N & res, const string & name);
// FIXME: don't use a global variable.
extern Settings settings;
extern const string nixVersion;