Mirror of GNU Guix
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David Thompson d9d9d4861c gnu: ruby: Update to 2.2.1. 8 years ago
build system: Add /etc/ssl symlink; set needed variables in /etc/profile. 8 years ago
packages gnu: ruby: Update to 2.2.1. 8 years ago
services services: xorg: Fix file descriptor leak from SLiM/xinitrc. 8 years ago
system artwork: Update snapshot to GuixSD branding. 8 years ago
artwork.scm artwork: Update to latest GRUB image. 8 years ago
packages.scm gnu: Raise an error when a bootstrap binary is not found. 8 years ago
services.scm services: Add 'auto-start?' field to <service>. 8 years ago
system.scm gnu: Move 'which' to (gnu packages base). 8 years ago