Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès 858e92823f derivations: Rename #:dependency-graphs to #:references-graphs. 9 years ago
base32.scm Move `sha256' to (guix hash). 9 years ago
build-utils.scm Augment `.dir-locals.el'. 9 years ago
builders.scm tests: Adjust `gnu-build' test to search path mechanism. 9 years ago
derivations.scm derivations: Rename #:dependency-graphs to #:references-graphs. 9 years ago
guix-build.sh build: Add `--target' option. 9 years ago
guix-daemon.sh Replace individual scripts with master 'guix' script. 9 years ago
guix-download.sh Replace individual scripts with master 'guix' script. 9 years ago
guix-gc.sh guix gc: Add `--references' and `--referrers'. 9 years ago
guix-hash.sh tests: Add `guix hash' test. 9 years ago
guix-package.sh tests: Fix guix-package.sh in the presence of multiple-output `make'. 9 years ago
hash.scm hash: Add `open-sha256-port'. 9 years ago
nar.scm tests: Fix out-of-source builds. 9 years ago
packages.scm packages: Allow file names as package sources. 9 years ago
records.scm records: `recutils->alist' recognizes lines starting with a `+'. 9 years ago
snix.scm Augment `.dir-locals.el'. 9 years ago
store.scm derivations: Move 3 positional parameters into keyword parameters. 9 years ago
test.drv Add unit test for derivation parsing and output. 10 years ago
ui.scm guix-package: Report `--search' matches in recutils format. 9 years ago
union.scm union: Delete duplicates when passed the same input several times. 9 years ago
utils.scm utils: Add `guile-version>?', and use it. 9 years ago