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Ricardo Wurmus cd005bfea5
gnu: java-cisd-jhdf5: Update location of commons-io jar.
1 year ago
boost nix: Tweak .gitignore files. 1 year ago
libstore daemon: Correctly handle EMLINK corner case when deduplicating. 1 year ago
libutil daemon: Recognize SHA3 and BLAKE2s. 1 year ago
nix-daemon guix build, daemon: Rename "--no-build-hook" to "--no-offload". 2 years ago
.gitignore build: Include a copy of Nix's libstore and daemon; build it. 9 years ago
AUTHORS Merge branch 'nix' into 'master'. 7 years ago
COPYING Merge branch 'nix' into 'master'. 7 years ago daemon: Remove OpenSSL hash compatibility wrappers. 1 year ago