Mirror of GNU Guix
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#pragma once
#include "types.hh"
#include "hash.hh"
#include <map>
namespace nix {
/* Extension of derivations in the Nix store. */
const string drvExtension = ".drv";
/* Abstract syntax of derivations. */
struct DerivationOutput
Path path;
string hashAlgo; /* hash used for expected hash computation */
string hash; /* expected hash, may be null */
DerivationOutput(Path path, string hashAlgo, string hash)
this->path = path;
this->hashAlgo = hashAlgo;
this->hash = hash;
void parseHashInfo(bool & recursive, HashType & hashType, Hash & hash) const;
typedef std::map<string, DerivationOutput> DerivationOutputs;
/* For inputs that are sub-derivations, we specify exactly which
output IDs we are interested in. */
typedef std::map<Path, StringSet> DerivationInputs;
typedef std::map<string, string> StringPairs;
struct Derivation
DerivationOutputs outputs; /* keyed on symbolic IDs */
DerivationInputs inputDrvs; /* inputs that are sub-derivations */
PathSet inputSrcs; /* inputs that are sources */
string platform;
Path builder;
Strings args;
StringPairs env;
class StoreAPI;
/* Write a derivation to the Nix store, and return its path. */
Path writeDerivation(StoreAPI & store,
const Derivation & drv, const string & name, bool repair = false);
/* Read a derivation from a file. */
Derivation readDerivation(const Path & drvPath);
/* Print a derivation. */
string unparseDerivation(const Derivation & drv);
/* Check whether a file name ends with the extensions for
derivations. */
bool isDerivation(const string & fileName);
/* Return true iff this is a fixed-output derivation. */
bool isFixedOutputDrv(const Derivation & drv);
Hash hashDerivationModulo(StoreAPI & store, Derivation drv);
/* Memoisation of hashDerivationModulo(). */
typedef std::map<Path, Hash> DrvHashes;
extern DrvHashes drvHashes;
/* Split a string specifying a derivation and a set of outputs
(/nix/store/hash-foo!out1,out2,...) into the derivation path and
the outputs. */
typedef std::pair<string, std::set<string> > DrvPathWithOutputs;
DrvPathWithOutputs parseDrvPathWithOutputs(const string & s);
Path makeDrvPathWithOutputs(const Path & drvPath, const std::set<string> & outputs);
bool wantOutput(const string & output, const std::set<string> & wanted);
PathSet outputPaths(const Derivation & drv);