Mirror of GNU Guix
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Oleg Pykhalov 64c6282e7f
services: nix: Add extra-options.
2 years ago
admin.scm services: rottlog: Append '.gz' to rotated file. 2 years ago
audio.scm services: Add missing import. 2 years ago
auditd.scm services: Add auditd. 3 years ago
authentication.scm services: fprintd: Provide polkit policy. 3 years ago
avahi.scm gnu: Use HTTPS for avahi.org everywhere. 3 years ago
base.scm services: base: Export references-file. 2 years ago
certbot.scm mailmap: Update entries for Nikita. 2 years ago
cgit.scm services: cgit: Fix typo. 3 years ago
configuration.scm services: configuration: Add '%location'. 3 years ago
cuirass.scm services: cuirass: Allow passing extra command line options. 2 years ago
cups.scm services: Fix permissions of directory /var/spool/cups/tmp. 2 years ago
databases.scm gnu: services: Allow extra content in mysql configuration. 3 years ago
dbus.scm services: Add descriptions. 2 years ago
desktop.scm gnu: enlightenment: Update to 0.24.0. 2 years ago
dict.scm services: Add descriptions. 2 years ago
dns.scm services: Add descriptions. 2 years ago
docker.scm gnu: services: docker: Add a debug? parameter. 2 years ago
games.scm services: wesnothd: Run as wesnothd user and group. 4 years ago
ganeti.scm services: ganeti: Fix erroneous gexp. 2 years ago
getmail.scm services: getmail: Fix spelling of "address". 3 years ago
guix.scm services: guix-data-service: Allow passing extra options. 2 years ago
herd.scm services: herd: Add restart-service. 2 years ago
hurd.scm services: hurd: Remove deprecated 'hurd-getty-service' wrapper. 2 years ago
kerberos.scm services: Move configuration functions that shouldn't be factorized. 6 years ago
linux.scm services: kernel-module-loader: Clean up. 2 years ago
lirc.scm services: Export *-service-type and *-configuration. 6 years ago
mail.scm services: dovecot: 'stop' method returns #f upon success. 2 years ago
mcron.scm Adjust module autoloads. 3 years ago
messaging.scm Remove traces of "GuixSD". 3 years ago
monitoring.scm gnu: zabbix-agentd: Update to 4.4.1. 3 years ago
networking.scm services: simulated-wifi: Use 'kernel-module-loader'. 2 years ago
nfs.scm services: nfs: Expose configuration options for TCP and UDP. 2 years ago
nix.scm services: nix: Add extra-options. 2 years ago
pam-mount.scm services: Add pam-mount. 3 years ago
pm.scm gnu: tlp: Update to 1.3.0. 3 years ago
rsync.scm services: Use 'file-append' for user account shells. 4 years ago
science.scm services: Add rshiny service. 2 years ago
sddm.scm services: sddm: Have sddm provision xorg-server. 2 years ago
security-token.scm gnu: services: Fix pcscd activation bug. 4 years ago
shepherd.scm services: Add 'hurd-vm service-type'. 2 years ago
sound.scm services: Do not use symbolic links in PulseAudio variables. 2 years ago
spice.scm services: Don't use the deprecated 'make-forkexec-constructor' call. 2 years ago
ssh.scm gnu: Add AutoSSH service. 2 years ago
sysctl.scm services: sysctl: Make service one-shot. 3 years ago
telephony.scm services: murmur: Add missing newline in murmur-configuration. 2 years ago
version-control.scm mailmap: Update entries for Nikita. 2 years ago
virtualization.scm services: virtualization: Export hurd-vm-configuration accessors. 2 years ago
vpn.scm gnu: services: Add openvpn options. 3 years ago
web.scm services: web: Do not export record type descriptors. 2 years ago
xorg.scm xorg: honor xorg-configuration-server in xorg-configuration->file 2 years ago