Mirror of GNU Guix
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Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen 4b9eecd322
image: Do not set journal_model=WAL for the Hurd.
2 years ago
accounts.scm accounts: Delete duplicate entries. 3 years ago
activation.scm activation: Fix function call for system activation 2 years ago
bootloader.scm build: bootloader: Add install-efi procedure. 2 years ago
cross-toolchain.scm gnu: cross-base: Switch back to 'CROSS_C_INCLUDE_PATH' & co. 3 years ago
file-systems.scm linux-boot: Refactor boot-system. 2 years ago
hurd-boot.scm hurd-boot: Mount /proc, add /etc/mtab. 2 years ago
image.scm image: Do not set journal_model=WAL for the Hurd. 2 years ago
install.scm Merge branch 'master' into core-updates 2 years ago
linux-boot.scm hurd-boot: Further cleanup of "rc". 2 years ago
linux-container.scm linux-container: "run-container" scripts shows the container's PID. 3 years ago
linux-initrd.scm build: initrd: Fix "write-cpio-archive" return value. 3 years ago
linux-modules.scm system: Add kernel-loadable-modules to operating-system. 2 years ago
locale.scm gnu: glibc-locales: Install symlinks using the normalized codeset. 3 years ago
marionette.scm marionette: Provide portable US-layout keystrokes for "<" and ">". 3 years ago
shepherd.scm shepherd: 'read-pid-file/container' terminates the whole process group. 2 years ago
svg.scm bootloader: grub: Use 'with-extensions'. 4 years ago
vm.scm database: 'register-items' takes an open database. 2 years ago