Mirror of GNU Guix
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Oleg Pykhalov b5d1286f2d
gnu: net-snmp: Specify '--with-openssl' configuration flag.
3 years ago
bootloader bootloader: grub-efi: Identify as "GuixSD" instead of "grub". 4 years ago
build linux-modules: Raise an error when a kernel module cannot be found. 3 years ago
packages gnu: net-snmp: Specify '--with-openssl' configuration flag. 3 years ago
services services: Add ddclient service. 3 years ago
system linux-initrd: Report only missing modules, not all needed modules. 4 years ago
tests services: tor: Make it easier to use UNIX sockets. 3 years ago
artwork.scm artwork: Use a descriptive name for the source directory. 5 years ago
bootloader.scm discovery: Remove dependency on (guix ui). 4 years ago
local.mk gnu: dropbear: Fix CVE-2018-15599. 3 years ago
packages.scm packages: 'find-packages-by-name' properly honors version prefixes. 4 years ago
services.scm services: boot: Take gexps instead of monadic gexps. 4 years ago
system.scm system: Mapped devices needed for boot do not yield Shepherd services. 4 years ago
tests.scm tests: Warn about test module load failures. 3 years ago