Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès b15d79dfe6 build-system/gnu: Add #:allowed-references. 8 years ago
build services: Use a fixed GID for the build group and use that for the store. 8 years ago
build-system build-system/gnu: Add #:allowed-references. 8 years ago
scripts guix system: Add 'disk-image' action. 8 years ago
base32.scm Update license headers. 10 years ago
base64.scm substitute-binary: Support the Signature field of a narinfo file. 8 years ago
build-system.scm Move record utilities to (guix records). 9 years ago
config.scm.in build: Change state and log directories to $localstatedir/.../guix. 9 years ago
derivations.scm derivations: 'build-expression->derivation' supports #:allowed-references. 8 years ago
download.scm guix: download: Update imagemagick mirrors. 8 years ago
ftp-client.scm ftp-client: Add missing CR in "USER" command. 8 years ago
gexp.scm tests: Skip tests that would hit the shebang length limitation. 8 years ago
git-download.scm download: Perform derivations locally. 9 years ago
gnu-maintenance.scm gnu-maintenance: Add missing type check. 8 years ago
gnupg.scm guix refresh: Add '--key-download'. 9 years ago
hash.scm hash: Add 'open-sha256-input-port', for Guile > 2.0.9. 9 years ago
http-client.scm download: Enlarge your receive buffer. 8 years ago
licenses.scm guix: licenses: Add CeCILL-C license. 8 years ago
monads.scm monads, gexp: Remove unintended dependency on (gnu packages …). 8 years ago
nar.scm pk-crypto: Add pretty-printer to 'gcry-error' exceptions. 8 years ago
packages.scm packages: Correctly handle patching for inputs with no extension. 8 years ago
pk-crypto.scm pk-crypto: Add pretty-printer to 'gcry-error' exceptions. 8 years ago
pki.scm pki: Introduce 'write-acl', and fix wrong conversion in 'ensure-acl'. 8 years ago
profiles.scm Prefer local builds for "small" derivations. 9 years ago
records.scm records: define-record-type*: Field bindings are bound with 'let*'. 9 years ago
serialization.scm store: Add #:timeout build option. 9 years ago
snix.scm snix: Prefer descriptions from the Womb rather than from Nixpkgs. 9 years ago
store.scm store: Work around 'get-bytevector-n' bug that affects 'import-paths'. 8 years ago
svn-download.scm Add (guix svn-download). 8 years ago
ui.scm ui: Gracefully deal with zero-output derivations. 8 years ago
utils.scm Add (guix build syscalls). 8 years ago