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Ludovic Courtès ad8526466c Remove non-existent module from (guix). 9 years ago
build Support build-cores = 0; change `guix-build' to default to 0. 9 years ago
build-system build-system/{gnu,trivial-build}: Fix handling of #:guile argument. 9 years ago
build-system.scm Abstract build systems. 9 years ago
derivations.scm derivations: Set input port to UTF-8 in `read-derivation'. 9 years ago
ftp-client.scm Add (guix ftp) and companion modules. 9 years ago
ftp.scm Add (guix ftp) and companion modules. 9 years ago
http.scm Add a declarative packaging layer. 9 years ago
packages.scm packages: Fix and optimize memoization of `package-derivation'. 9 years ago
store.scm Optimize `store-path?'. 9 years ago
utils.scm Move <location> to (guix utils). 9 years ago