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;;; GNU Guix --- Functional package management for GNU
;;; Copyright © 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Ludovic Courtès <>
;;; Copyright © 2017 Efraim Flashner <>
;;; Copyright © 2018 Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <>
;;; Copyright © 2018, 2019 Mark H Weaver <>
;;; Copyright © 2018, 2019 Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen <>
;;; Copyright © 2019, 2020 Marius Bakke <>
;;; Copyright © 2020 Mathieu Othacehe <>
;;; This file is part of GNU Guix.
;;; GNU Guix is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at
;;; your option) any later version.
;;; GNU Guix is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;;; along with GNU Guix. If not, see <>.
(define-module (gnu packages make-bootstrap)
#:use-module (guix utils)
#:use-module (guix packages)
#:use-module (guix memoization)
#:use-module ((guix licenses) #:select (gpl3+))
#:use-module (guix build-system trivial)
#:use-module (guix build-system gnu)
#:use-module ((gnu packages) #:select (search-patch))
#:use-module (gnu packages base)
#:use-module (gnu packages cross-base)
#:use-module (gnu packages bash)
#:use-module (gnu packages compression)
#:use-module (gnu packages gawk)
#:use-module (gnu packages gcc)
#:use-module (gnu packages guile)
#:use-module (gnu packages bdw-gc)
#:use-module (gnu packages libunistring)
#:use-module (gnu packages linux)
#:use-module (gnu packages hurd)
#:use-module (gnu packages mes)
#:use-module (gnu packages multiprecision)
#:use-module (ice-9 match)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-1)
#:export (%bootstrap-binaries-tarball
;;; Commentary:
;;; This module provides tools to build tarballs of the "bootstrap binaries"
;;; used in (gnu packages bootstrap). These statically-linked binaries are
;;; taken for granted and used as the root of the whole bootstrap procedure.
;;; Code:
(define glibc-for-bootstrap
(mlambdaq (base)
"Return a libc deriving from BASE whose `system' and `popen' functions looks
for `sh' in $PATH, and without nscd, and with static NSS modules."
(inherit base)
(source (origin (inherit (package-source base))
(patches (cons (search-patch "glibc-bootstrap-system.patch")
(origin-patches (package-source base))))))
(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments base)
((#:configure-flags flags)
;; Arrange so that getaddrinfo & co. do not contact the nscd,
;; and can use statically-linked NSS modules.
`(cons* "--disable-nscd" "--disable-build-nscd"
;; Remove the 'debug' output to allow bit-reproducible builds (when the
;; 'debug' output is used, ELF files end up with a .gnu_debuglink, which
;; includes a CRC of the corresponding debugging symbols; those symbols
;; contain store file names, so the CRC changes at every rebuild.)
(outputs (delete "debug" (package-outputs base))))))
(define gcc-for-bootstrap
(mlambdaq (glibc)
"Return a variant of GCC that uses the bootstrap variant of GLIBC."
(inherit gcc-5)
(outputs '("out")) ;all in one so libgcc_s is easily found
`( ;; Distinguish the name so we can refer to it below.
("bootstrap-libc" ,(glibc-for-bootstrap glibc))
("libc:static" ,(glibc-for-bootstrap glibc) "static")
,@(package-inputs gcc-5))))))
(define (package-with-relocatable-glibc p)
"Return a variant of P that uses the libc as defined by
(define (cross-bootstrap-libc target)
;; `cross-libc' already returns a cross libc, so clear
(parameterize ((%current-target-system #f))
(cross-libc target))))
;; Standard inputs with the above libc and corresponding GCC.
(define (inputs)
(if (%current-target-system) ; is this package cross built?
,(cross-bootstrap-libc (%current-target-system)))
,(cross-bootstrap-libc (%current-target-system))
(define (native-inputs)
(if (%current-target-system)
(let* ((target (%current-target-system))
(xgcc (cross-gcc
#:xbinutils (cross-binutils target)
#:libc (cross-bootstrap-libc target))))
`(("cross-gcc" ,(package
(inherit xgcc)
;; Ensure the cross libc headers appears on the
;; C++ system header search path.
(cons (search-path-specification
(files '("include")))
(package-search-paths gcc-5)))))
("cross-binutils" ,(cross-binutils target))
`(("libc" ,(glibc-for-bootstrap glibc))
("libc:static" ,(glibc-for-bootstrap glibc) "static")
("gcc" ,(gcc-for-bootstrap glibc))
,@(fold alist-delete (%final-inputs) '("libc" "gcc")))))
(package-with-explicit-inputs p inputs
#:native-inputs native-inputs))
(define %static-inputs
;; Packages that are to be used as %BOOTSTRAP-INPUTS.
(let ((coreutils (package (inherit coreutils)
"CFLAGS=-Os -g0" ; smaller, please
"LDFLAGS=-static -pthread"
;; Work around a cross-compilation bug whereby libcoreutils.a
;; would provide '__mktime_internal', which conflicts with the
;; one in libc.a.
,@(if (%current-target-system)
#:tests? #f ; signal-related Gnulib tests fail
,@(package-arguments coreutils)))
;; Remove optional dependencies such as GMP. Keep Perl
;; except if it's missing (which is the case when
;; cross-compiling).
(inputs (match (assoc "perl" (package-inputs coreutils))
(#f '())
(x (list x))))
;; Remove the 'debug' output (see above for the reason.)
(outputs '("out"))))
(bzip2 (package (inherit bzip2)
(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments bzip2)
((#:phases phases)
`(modify-phases ,phases
(add-before 'build 'dash-static
(lambda _
(substitute* "Makefile"
"LDFLAGS = -static"))
(xz (package (inherit xz)
(outputs '("out"))
`(#:strip-flags '("--strip-all")
#:phases (modify-phases %standard-phases
(add-before 'configure 'static-executable
(lambda _
;; Ask Libtool for a static executable.
(substitute* "src/xz/"
(("^xz_LDADD =")
"xz_LDADD = -all-static"))
(gawk (package (inherit gawk)
(source (origin (inherit (package-source gawk))
(patches (cons (search-patch "gawk-shell.patch")
(package-source gawk))))))
`(;; Starting from gawk 4.1.0, some of the tests for the
;; plug-in mechanism just fail on static builds:
;; ./fts.awk:1: error: can't open shared library `filefuncs' for reading (No such file or directory)
#:tests? #f
,@(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments gawk)
((#:phases phases)
`(modify-phases ,phases
(add-before 'configure 'no-export-dynamic
(lambda _
;; Since we use `-static', remove
;; `-export-dynamic'.
(substitute* "configure"
(("-Wl,-export-dynamic") ""))
(inputs (if (%current-target-system)
`(("bash" ,static-bash))
(tar (package (inherit tar)
`(;; Work around a cross-compilation bug whereby libgnu.a would provide
;; '__mktime_internal', which conflicts with the one in libc.a.
,@(if (%current-target-system)
`(#:configure-flags '("gl_cv_func_working_mktime=yes"))
,@(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments tar)
((#:phases phases)
`(modify-phases ,phases
(replace 'set-shell-file-name
(lambda _
;; Do not use "/bin/sh" to run programs; see
;; <>.
(substitute* "src/system.c"
(("/bin/sh") "sh")
(("execv ") "execvp "))
;; We don't want to retain a reference to /gnu/store in the bootstrap
;; versions of egrep/fgrep, so we remove the custom phase added since
;; grep@2.25. The effect is 'egrep' and 'fgrep' look for 'grep' in
;; $PATH.
(grep (package
(inherit grep)
(inputs '()) ;remove PCRE, which is optional
(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments grep)
((#:phases phases)
`(modify-phases ,phases
(delete 'fix-egrep-and-fgrep)))))))
(finalize (compose static-package
`(,@(map (match-lambda
((name package)
(list name (finalize package))))
`(("tar" ,tar)
("gzip" ,gzip)
("bzip2" ,bzip2)
("xz" ,xz)
("patch" ,patch)
("coreutils" ,coreutils)
("sed" ,sed)
("grep" ,grep)
("gawk" ,gawk)))
("bash" ,static-bash))))
(define %static-binaries
(name "static-binaries")
(version "0")
(build-system trivial-build-system)
(source #f)
(inputs %static-inputs)
`(#:modules ((guix build utils))
(use-modules (ice-9 ftw)
(ice-9 match)
(srfi srfi-1)
(srfi srfi-26)
(guix build utils))
(let ()
(define (directory-contents dir)
(map (cut string-append dir "/" <>)
(scandir dir (negate (cut member <> '("." ".."))))))
(define (copy-directory source destination)
(for-each (lambda (file)
(format #t "copying ~s...~%" file)
(copy-file file
(string-append destination "/"
(basename file))))
(directory-contents source)))
(let* ((out (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
(bin (string-append out "/bin")))
(mkdir-p bin)
;; Copy Coreutils binaries.
(let* ((coreutils (assoc-ref %build-inputs "coreutils"))
(source (string-append coreutils "/bin")))
(copy-directory source bin))
;; For the other inputs, copy just one binary, which has the
;; same name as the input.
(for-each (match-lambda
((name . dir)
(let ((source (string-append dir "/bin/" name)))
(format #t "copying ~s...~%" source)
(copy-file source
(string-append bin "/" name)))))
(alist-delete "coreutils" %build-inputs))
;; But of course, there are exceptions to this rule.
(let ((grep (assoc-ref %build-inputs "grep")))
(install-file (string-append grep "/bin/fgrep") bin)
(install-file (string-append grep "/bin/egrep") bin))
;; Clear references to the store path.
(for-each remove-store-references
(directory-contents bin))
(with-directory-excursion bin
;; Programs such as Perl's build system want these aliases.
(symlink "bash" "sh")
(symlink "gawk" "awk"))
(synopsis "Statically-linked bootstrap binaries")
"Binaries used to bootstrap the distribution.")
(license gpl3+)
(home-page #f)))
(define %linux-libre-headers-stripped
;; The subset of Linux-Libre-Headers that we need.
(package (inherit linux-libre-headers)
(name (string-append (package-name linux-libre-headers) "-stripped"))
(build-system trivial-build-system)
(outputs '("out"))
`(#:modules ((guix build utils)
(guix build make-bootstrap))
(use-modules (guix build utils)
(guix build make-bootstrap))
(let* ((in (assoc-ref %build-inputs "linux-libre-headers"))
(out (assoc-ref %outputs "out")))
(copy-linux-headers out in)
(inputs `(("linux-libre-headers" ,linux-libre-headers)))))
(define %binutils-static
;; Statically-linked Binutils.
(package (inherit binutils)
(name "binutils-static")
`(#:configure-flags (cons "--disable-gold"
,(match (memq #:configure-flags
(package-arguments binutils))
((#:configure-flags flags _ ...)
#:make-flags ,(match (memq #:make-flags (package-arguments binutils))
((#:make-flags flags _ ...)
(_ ''()))
#:strip-flags '("--strip-all")
#:phases (modify-phases %standard-phases
(add-before 'configure 'all-static
(lambda _
;; The `-all-static' libtool flag can only be passed
;; after `configure', since configure tests don't use
;; libtool, and only for executables built with libtool.
(substitute* '("binutils/"
(("^LDFLAGS =(.*)$" line)
(string-append line
"\nAM_LDFLAGS = -static -all-static\n")))
(define %binutils-static-stripped
;; The subset of Binutils that we need.
(package (inherit %binutils-static)
(name (string-append (package-name %binutils-static) "-stripped"))
(build-system trivial-build-system)
(outputs '("out"))
`(#:modules ((guix build utils))
(use-modules (guix build utils))
(setvbuf (current-output-port)
(cond-expand (guile-2.0 _IOLBF) (else 'line)))
(let* ((in (assoc-ref %build-inputs "binutils"))
(out (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
(bin (string-append out "/bin")))
(mkdir-p bin)
(for-each (lambda (file)
(let ((target (string-append bin "/" file)))
(format #t "copying `~a'...~%" file)
(copy-file (string-append in "/bin/" file)
(remove-store-references target)))
'("ar" "as" "ld" "nm" "objcopy" "objdump"
"ranlib" "readelf" "size" "strings" "strip"))
(inputs `(("binutils" ,%binutils-static)))))
(define (%glibc-stripped)
;; GNU libc's essential shared libraries, dynamic linker, and headers,
;; with all references to store directories stripped. As a result,
;; is unusable and need to be patched for proper relocation.
(let ((glibc (glibc-for-bootstrap glibc)))
(package (inherit glibc)
(name "glibc-stripped")
(build-system trivial-build-system)
`(#:modules ((guix build utils)
(guix build make-bootstrap))
(use-modules (guix build make-bootstrap))
(make-stripped-libc (assoc-ref %outputs "out")
(assoc-ref %build-inputs "libc")
(assoc-ref %build-inputs "kernel-headers")))))
(inputs `(("kernel-headers"
,(if (or (and (%current-target-system)
(hurd-triplet? (%current-target-system)))
(string-suffix? "-hurd" (%current-system)))
("libc" ,(let ((target (%current-target-system)))
(if target
(parameterize ((%current-target-system #f))
(cross-libc target)))
(native-inputs '())
(propagated-inputs '())
;; Only one output.
(outputs '("out")))))
(define %gcc-static
;; A statically-linked GCC, with stripped-down functionality.
(package (inherit gcc-5)
(name "gcc-static")
(outputs '("out")) ; all in one
(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments gcc-5)
((#:modules modules %gnu-build-system-modules)
`((srfi srfi-1)
(srfi srfi-26)
(ice-9 regex)
((#:guile _) #f)
((#:implicit-inputs? _) #t)
((#:configure-flags flags)
`(append (list
;; We don't need a full bootstrap here.
;; Make sure '-static' is passed where it matters.
;; GCC 4.8+ requires a C++ compiler and library.
;; Make sure gcc-nm doesn't require
(remove (cut string-match "--(.*plugin|enable-languages)" <>)
((#:phases phases)
`(modify-phases ,phases
(add-after 'pre-configure 'remove-lgcc_s
(lambda _
;; Remove the '-lgcc_s' added to GNU_USER_TARGET_LIB_SPEC in
;; the 'pre-configure phase of our main gcc package, because
;; that shared library is not present in this static gcc. See
;; <>.
(substitute* (cons "gcc/config/rs6000/sysv4.h"
(find-files "gcc/config"
((" -lgcc_s}}") "}}"))
`(("zlib:static" ,zlib "static")
("isl:static" ,isl-0.18 "static")
,@(package-inputs gcc-5)))
(if (%current-target-system)
`(;; When doing a Canadian cross, we need GMP/MPFR/MPC both
;; as target inputs and as native inputs; the latter is
;; needed when building build-time tools ('genconstants',
;; etc.) Failing to do that leads to misdetections of
;; declarations by 'gcc/configure', and eventually to
;; duplicate declarations as reported in
;; <>.
("gmp-native" ,gmp)
("mpfr-native" ,mpfr)
("mpc-native" ,mpc)
,@(package-native-inputs gcc-5))
(package-native-inputs gcc-5))))))
(define %gcc-stripped
;; The subset of GCC files needed for bootstrap.
(package (inherit gcc-5)
(name "gcc-stripped")
(build-system trivial-build-system)
(source #f)
(outputs '("out")) ;only one output
`(#:modules ((guix build utils))
(use-modules (srfi srfi-1)
(srfi srfi-26)
(guix build utils))
(setvbuf (current-output-port)
(cond-expand (guile-2.0 _IOLBF) (else 'line)))
(let* ((out (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
(bindir (string-append out "/bin"))
(libdir (string-append out "/lib"))
(includedir (string-append out "/include"))
(libexecdir (string-append out "/libexec"))
(gcc (assoc-ref %build-inputs "gcc")))
(copy-recursively (string-append gcc "/bin") bindir)
(for-each remove-store-references
(find-files bindir ".*"))
(copy-recursively (string-append gcc "/lib") libdir)
(for-each remove-store-references
(remove (cut string-suffix? ".h" <>)
(find-files libdir ".*")))
(copy-recursively (string-append gcc "/libexec")
(for-each remove-store-references
(find-files libexecdir ".*"))
;; Starting from GCC 4.8, helper programs built natively
;; (‘genchecksum’, ‘gcc-nm’, etc.) rely on C++ headers.
(copy-recursively (string-append gcc "/include/c++")
(string-append includedir "/c++"))
;; For native builds, check whether the binaries actually work.
,@(if (%current-target-system)
'((for-each (lambda (prog)
(invoke (string-append gcc "/bin/" prog)
'("gcc" "g++" "cpp"))))
(inputs `(("gcc" ,%gcc-static)))))
;; Two packages: first build static, bare minimum content.
(define %mescc-tools-static
;; A statically linked MesCC Tools.
(inherit mescc-tools-0.5.2)
(name "mescc-tools-static")
`(#:system "i686-linux"
,@(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments mescc-tools)
((#:make-flags flags)
`(cons "CC=gcc -static" ,flags)))))))
;; ... next remove store references.
(define %mescc-tools-static-stripped
;; A statically linked Mescc Tools with store references removed, for
;; bootstrap.
(inherit %mescc-tools-static)
(name (string-append (package-name %mescc-tools-static) "-stripped"))
(build-system trivial-build-system)
`(#:modules ((guix build utils))
(use-modules (guix build utils))
(let* ((in (assoc-ref %build-inputs "mescc-tools"))
(out (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
(bin (string-append out "/bin")))
(mkdir-p bin)
(for-each (lambda (file)
(let ((target (string-append bin "/" file)))
(format #t "copying `~a'...~%" file)
(copy-file (string-append in "/bin/" file)
(remove-store-references target)))
'( "M1" "blood-elf" "hex2"))
(inputs `(("mescc-tools" ,%mescc-tools-static)))))
;; Two packages: first build static, bare minimum content.
(define-public %mes-minimal
;; A minimal Mes without documentation.
(let ((triplet "i686-unknown-linux-gnu"))
(inherit mes-0.19)
(name "mes-minimal")
`(("guile" ,guile-2.2)))
`(#:system "i686-linux"
#:strip-binaries? #f
#:configure-flags '("--mes")
(modify-phases %standard-phases
(delete 'patch-shebangs)
(add-after 'install 'strip-install
(lambda _
(let* ((out (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
(share (string-append out "/share")))
(delete-file-recursively (string-append out "/lib/guile"))
(delete-file-recursively (string-append share "/guile"))
(delete-file-recursively (string-append share "/mes/scaffold"))
(for-each delete-file
(string-append share "/mes/lib")
;; next remove store references.
(define %mes-minimal-stripped
;; A minimal Mes with store references removed, for bootstrap.
(inherit %mes-minimal)
(name (string-append (package-name %mes-minimal) "-stripped"))
(build-system trivial-build-system)
`(#:modules ((guix build utils))
(use-modules (guix build utils))
(let ((in (assoc-ref %build-inputs "mes"))
(out (assoc-ref %outputs "out")))
(copy-recursively in out)
(for-each (lambda (dir)
(for-each remove-store-references
(find-files (string-append out "/" dir)
'("bin" "share/mes"))
(inputs `(("mes" ,%mes-minimal)))))
(define* (make-guile-static guile patches)
(inherit guile)
(origin (inherit (package-source guile))
(patches (append (map search-patch patches)
(origin-patches (package-source guile))))))
(name (string-append (package-name guile) "-static"))
(synopsis "Statically-linked and relocatable Guile")
;; Remove the 'debug' output (see above for the reason.)
(outputs (delete "debug" (package-outputs guile)))
`(("libunistring:static" ,libunistring "static")
,@(package-inputs guile)))
`(("bdw-gc" ,libgc/static-libs)
,@(alist-delete "bdw-gc"
(package-propagated-inputs guile))))
(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments guile)
((#:configure-flags flags '())
;; When `configure' checks for ltdl availability, it
;; doesn't try to link using libtool, and thus fails
;; because of a missing -ldl. Work around that.
;; XXX: On ARMv7, disable JIT: it causes crashes with 3.0.2,
;; possibly related to <>.
(if (target-arm32?)
''("LDFLAGS=-ldl" "--disable-jit")
((#:phases phases '%standard-phases)
`(modify-phases ,phases
;; Do not record the absolute file name of 'sh' in
;; (ice-9 popen). This makes 'open-pipe' unusable in
;; a build chroot ('open-pipe*' is fine) but avoids
;; keeping a reference to Bash.
(delete 'pre-configure)
(add-before 'configure 'static-guile
(lambda _
(substitute* "libguile/"
;; Create a statically-linked `guile'
;; executable.
(("^guile_LDFLAGS =")
"guile_LDFLAGS = -all-static")
;; Add `-ldl' *after*
(("^guile_LDADD =(.*)$" _ ldadd)
(string-append "guile_LDADD = "
(string-trim-right ldadd)
" -ldl\n")))))))
((#:tests? _ #f)
;; There are uses of `dynamic-link' in
;; {foreign,coverage}.test that don't fly here.
((#:parallel-build? _ #f)
;; Work around the fact that the Guile build system is
;; not deterministic when parallel-build is enabled.
(define %guile-static
;; A statically-linked Guile that is relocatable--i.e., it can search
;; .scm and .go files relative to its installation directory, rather
;; than in hard-coded configure-time paths.
(make-guile-static guile-2.0 '("guile-relocatable.patch"
(define* (make-guile-static-stripped static-guile)
(inherit static-guile)
(name (string-append (package-name static-guile) "-stripped"))
(build-system trivial-build-system)
;; The end result should depend on nothing but itself.
`(#:allowed-references ("out")
#:modules ((guix build utils))
(let ((version ,(version-major+minor (package-version static-guile))))
(use-modules (guix build utils))
(let* ((in (assoc-ref %build-inputs "guile"))
(out (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
(guile1 (string-append in "/bin/guile"))
(guile2 (string-append out "/bin/guile")))
(mkdir-p (string-append out "/share/guile/" version))
(copy-recursively (string-append in "/share/guile/" version)
(string-append out "/share/guile/" version))
(mkdir-p (string-append out "/lib/guile/" version "/ccache"))
(copy-recursively (string-append in "/lib/guile/" version "/ccache")
(string-append out "/lib/guile/" version "/ccache"))
(mkdir (string-append out "/bin"))
(copy-file guile1 guile2)
;; Verify that the relocated Guile works.
,@(if (%current-target-system)
'((invoke guile2 "--version")))
;; Strip store references.
(remove-store-references guile2)
;; Verify that the stripped Guile works. If it aborts, it could be
;; that it tries to open iconv descriptors and fails because libc's
;; iconv data isn't available (see `guile-default-utf8.patch'.)
,@(if (%current-target-system)
'((invoke guile2 "--version")))
(inputs `(("guile" ,static-guile)))
(outputs '("out"))
(synopsis "Minimal statically-linked and relocatable Guile")))
(define %guile-static-stripped
;; A stripped static Guile binary, for use during bootstrap.
(make-guile-static-stripped %guile-static))
(define %guile-3.0-static-stripped
;; A stripped static Guile 3.0 binary, for use in initrds.
(make-guile-static guile-3.0
(define (tarball-package pkg)
"Return a package containing a tarball of PKG."
(package (inherit pkg)
(name (string-append (package-name pkg) "-tarball"))
(build-system trivial-build-system)
(native-inputs `(("tar" ,tar)
("xz" ,xz)))
(inputs `(("input" ,pkg)))
(let ((name (package-name pkg))
(version (package-version pkg)))
`(#:modules ((guix build utils))
(use-modules (guix build utils))
(let ((out (assoc-ref %outputs "out"))
(input (assoc-ref %build-inputs "input"))
(tar (assoc-ref %build-inputs "tar"))
(xz (assoc-ref %build-inputs "xz")))
(mkdir out)
(set-path-environment-variable "PATH" '("bin") (list tar xz))
(with-directory-excursion input
(invoke "tar" "cJvf"
(string-append out "/"
,name "-" ,version
,(or (%current-target-system)
;; avoid non-determinism in the archive
"--sort=name" "--mtime=@0"
"--owner=root:0" "--group=root:0")))))))))
(define %bootstrap-binaries-tarball
;; A tarball with the statically-linked bootstrap binaries.
(tarball-package %static-binaries))
(define %linux-libre-headers-bootstrap-tarball
;; A tarball with the statically-linked Linux-Libre-Headers programs.
(tarball-package %linux-libre-headers-stripped))
(define %binutils-bootstrap-tarball
;; A tarball with the statically-linked Binutils programs.
(tarball-package %binutils-static-stripped))
(define (%glibc-bootstrap-tarball)
;; A tarball with GNU libc's shared libraries, dynamic linker, and headers.
(tarball-package (%glibc-stripped)))
(define %gcc-bootstrap-tarball
;; A tarball with a dynamic-linked GCC and its headers.
(tarball-package %gcc-stripped))
(define %guile-bootstrap-tarball
;; A tarball with the statically-linked, relocatable Guile.
(tarball-package %guile-static-stripped))
(define %mescc-tools-bootstrap-tarball
;; A tarball with statically-linked MesCC binary seed.
(tarball-package %mescc-tools-static-stripped))
(define %mes-bootstrap-tarball
;; A tarball with Mes binary seed.
(tarball-package %mes-minimal-stripped))
(define %bootstrap-tarballs
;; A single derivation containing all the bootstrap tarballs, for
;; convenience.
(name "bootstrap-tarballs")
(version "0")
(source #f)
(build-system trivial-build-system)
`(#:modules ((guix build utils))
(let ((out (assoc-ref %outputs "out")))
(use-modules (guix build utils)
(ice-9 match)
(srfi srfi-26))
(setvbuf (current-output-port)
(cond-expand (guile-2.0 _IOLBF) (else 'line)))
(mkdir out)
(chdir out)
(for-each (match-lambda
((name . directory)
(for-each (lambda (file)
(format #t "~a -> ~a~%" file out)
(symlink file (basename file)))
(find-files directory "\\.tar\\."))))
(inputs `(("guile-tarball" ,%guile-bootstrap-tarball)
,@(match (or (%current-target-system) (%current-system))
((or "i686-linux" "x86_64-linux")
`(("bootstrap-mescc-tools" ,%mescc-tools-bootstrap-tarball)
("bootstrap-mes" ,%mes-bootstrap-tarball)
(_ `(("gcc-tarball" ,%gcc-bootstrap-tarball)
("binutils-tarball" ,%binutils-bootstrap-tarball)
("glibc-tarball" ,(%glibc-bootstrap-tarball))
("coreutils&co-tarball" ,%bootstrap-binaries-tarball))))))
(synopsis "Tarballs containing all the bootstrap binaries")
(description synopsis)
(home-page #f)
(license gpl3+)))
;;; make-bootstrap.scm ends here