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;;; GNU Guix --- Functional package management for GNU
;;; Copyright © 2014 Cyril Roelandt <>
;;; Copyright © 2014, 2015 Eric Bavier <>
;;; Copyright © 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Ludovic Courtès <>
;;; Copyright © 2015, 2016 Mathieu Lirzin <>
;;; Copyright © 2016 Danny Milosavljevic <>
;;; Copyright © 2016 Hartmut Goebel <>
;;; Copyright © 2017 Alex Kost <>
;;; Copyright © 2017 Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <>
;;; Copyright © 2017, 2018, 2020 Efraim Flashner <>
;;; Copyright © 2018, 2019 Arun Isaac <>
;;; Copyright © 2020 Chris Marusich <>
;;; This file is part of GNU Guix.
;;; GNU Guix is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at
;;; your option) any later version.
;;; GNU Guix is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;;; along with GNU Guix. If not, see <>.
(define-module (guix lint)
#:use-module (guix store)
#:use-module (guix base32)
#:use-module (guix diagnostics)
#:use-module (guix download)
#:use-module (guix ftp-client)
#:use-module (guix http-client)
#:use-module (guix packages)
#:use-module (guix i18n)
#:use-module (guix licenses)
#:use-module (guix records)
#:use-module (guix grafts)
#:use-module (guix upstream)
#:use-module (guix utils)
#:use-module (guix memoization)
#:use-module (guix profiles)
#:use-module (guix monads)
#:use-module (guix scripts)
#:use-module ((guix ui) #:select (texi->plain-text fill-paragraph))
#:use-module (guix gnu-maintenance)
#:use-module (guix cve)
#:use-module ((guix swh) #:hide (origin?))
#:autoload (guix git-download) (git-reference?
git-reference-url git-reference-commit)
#:use-module (ice-9 match)
#:use-module (ice-9 regex)
#:use-module (ice-9 format)
#:use-module (web client)
#:use-module (web uri)
#:use-module ((guix build download)
#:select (maybe-expand-mirrors
. guix:open-connection-for-uri)))
#:use-module (web request)
#:use-module (web response)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-1)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-6) ;Unicode string ports
#:use-module (srfi srfi-9)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-11)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-26)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-34)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-35)
#:use-module (ice-9 rdelim)
#:export (check-description-style
;;; Warnings
(define-record-type* <lint-warning>
lint-warning make-lint-warning
(package lint-warning-package)
(message-text lint-warning-message-text)
(message-data lint-warning-message-data
(default '()))
(location lint-warning-location
(default #f)))
(define (lint-warning-message warning)
(apply format #f
(G_ (lint-warning-message-text warning))
(lint-warning-message-data warning)))
(define (package-file package)
(package-location package)))
(define* (%make-warning package message-text
#:optional (message-data '())
#:key field location)
(or location
(package-field-location package field)
(package-location package))))
(define-syntax make-warning
(syntax-rules (G_)
((_ package (G_ message) rest ...)
(%make-warning package message rest ...))))
;;; Checkers
(define-record-type* <lint-checker>
lint-checker make-lint-checker
;; TODO: add a 'certainty' field that shows how confident we are in the
;; checker. Then allow users to only run checkers that have a certain
;; 'certainty' level.
(name lint-checker-name)
(description lint-checker-description)
(check lint-checker-check)
(requires-store? lint-checker-requires-store?
(default #f)))
(define (properly-starts-sentence? s)
(string-match "^[(\"'`[:upper:][:digit:]]" s))
(define (starts-with-abbreviation? s)
"Return #t if S starts with what looks like an abbreviation or acronym."
(string-match "^[A-Z][A-Z0-9]+\\>" s))
(define %quoted-identifier-rx
;; A quoted identifier, like 'this'.
(make-regexp "['`][[:graph:]]+'"))
(define (check-description-style package)
;; Emit a warning if stylistic issues are found in the description of PACKAGE.
(define (check-not-empty description)
(if (string-null? description)
(make-warning package
(G_ "description should not be empty")
#:field 'description))
(define (check-texinfo-markup description)
"Check that DESCRIPTION can be parsed as a Texinfo fragment. If the
markup is valid return a plain-text version of DESCRIPTION, otherwise #f."
(catch #t
(lambda () (texi->plain-text description))
(lambda (keys . args)
(make-warning package
(G_ "Texinfo markup in description is invalid")
#:field 'description))))
(define (check-trademarks description)
"Check that DESCRIPTION does not contain '™' or '®' characters. See"
(match (string-index description (char-set #\ #\®))
((and (? number?) index)
(make-warning package
(G_ "description should not contain ~
trademark sign '~a' at ~d")
(list (string-ref description index) index)
#:field 'description)))
(else '())))
(define (check-quotes description)
"Check whether DESCRIPTION contains single quotes and suggest @code."
(if (regexp-exec %quoted-identifier-rx description)
(make-warning package
;; TRANSLATORS: '@code' is Texinfo markup and must be kept
;; as is.
(G_ "use @code or similar ornament instead of quotes")
#:field 'description))
(define (check-proper-start description)
(if (or (string-null? description)
(properly-starts-sentence? description)
(string-prefix-ci? (package-name package) description))
(G_ "description should start with an upper-case letter or digit")
#:field 'description))))
(define (check-end-of-sentence-space description)
"Check that an end-of-sentence period is followed by two spaces."
(let ((infractions
(reverse (fold-matches
"\\. [A-Z]" description '()
(lambda (m r)
;; Filter out matches of common abbreviations.
(if (find (lambda (s)
(string-suffix-ci? s (match:prefix m)))
'("i.e" "e.g" "a.k.a" "resp"))
r (cons (match:start m) r)))))))
(if (null? infractions)
(make-warning package
(G_ "sentences in description should be followed ~
by two spaces; possible infraction~p at ~{~a~^, ~}")
(list (length infractions)
#:field 'description)))))
(let ((description (package-description package)))
(if (string? description)
(check-not-empty description)
(check-quotes description)
(check-trademarks description)
;; Use raw description for this because Texinfo rendering
;; automatically fixes end of sentence space.
(check-end-of-sentence-space description)
(match (check-texinfo-markup description)
((and warning (? lint-warning?)) (list warning))
(check-proper-start plain-description))))
(make-warning package
(G_ "invalid description: ~s")
(list description)
#:field 'description)))))
(define (package-input-intersection inputs-to-check input-names)
"Return the intersection between INPUTS-TO-CHECK, the list of input tuples
of a package, and INPUT-NAMES, a list of package specifications such as
(match inputs-to-check
(((labels packages . outputs) ...)
(filter-map (lambda (package output)
(and (package? package)
(let ((input (string-append
(package-name package)
(if (> (length output) 0)
(string-append ":" (car output))
(and (member input input-names)
packages outputs))))
(define (check-inputs-should-be-native package)
;; Emit a warning if some inputs of PACKAGE are likely to belong to its
;; native inputs.
(let ((inputs (append (package-inputs package)
(package-propagated-inputs package)))
"yasm" "nasm" "fasm"
"python-coverage" "python2-coverage"
"python-cython" "python2-cython"
"python-docutils" "python2-docutils"
"python-mock" "python2-mock"
"python-nose" "python2-nose"
"python-pbr" "python2-pbr"
"python-pytest" "python2-pytest"
"python-pytest-cov" "python2-pytest-cov"
"python-setuptools-scm" "python2-setuptools-scm"
"python-sphinx" "python2-sphinx"
(map (lambda (input)
(G_ "'~a' should probably be a native input")
(list input)
#:field 'inputs))
(package-input-intersection inputs input-names))))
(define (check-inputs-should-not-be-an-input-at-all package)
;; Emit a warning if some inputs of PACKAGE are likely to should not be
;; an input at all.
(let ((input-names '("python-setuptools"
(map (lambda (input)
(G_ "'~a' should probably not be an input at all")
(list input)
#:field 'inputs))
(package-input-intersection (package-direct-inputs package)
(define (package-name-regexp package)
"Return a regexp that matches PACKAGE's name as a word at the beginning of a
(make-regexp (string-append "^" (regexp-quote (package-name package))
(define (check-synopsis-style package)
;; Emit a warning if stylistic issues are found in the synopsis of PACKAGE.
(define (check-final-period synopsis)
;; Synopsis should not end with a period, except for some special cases.
(if (and (string-suffix? "." synopsis)
(not (string-suffix? "etc." synopsis)))
(make-warning package
(G_ "no period allowed at the end of the synopsis")
#:field 'synopsis))
(define check-start-article
;; Skip this check for GNU packages, as suggested by Karl Berry's reply to
;; <>.
(if (false-if-exception (gnu-package? package))
(const '())
(lambda (synopsis)
(if (or (string-prefix-ci? "A " synopsis)
(string-prefix-ci? "An " synopsis))
(make-warning package
(G_ "no article allowed at the beginning of \
the synopsis")
#:field 'synopsis))
(define (check-synopsis-length synopsis)
(if (>= (string-length synopsis) 80)
(make-warning package
(G_ "synopsis should be less than 80 characters long")
#:field 'synopsis))
(define (check-proper-start synopsis)
(if (properly-starts-sentence? synopsis)
(make-warning package
(G_ "synopsis should start with an upper-case letter or digit")
#:field 'synopsis))))
(define (check-start-with-package-name synopsis)
(if (and (regexp-exec (package-name-regexp package) synopsis)
(not (starts-with-abbreviation? synopsis)))
(make-warning package
(G_ "synopsis should not start with the package name")
#:field 'synopsis))
(define (check-texinfo-markup synopsis)
"Check that SYNOPSIS can be parsed as a Texinfo fragment. If the
markup is valid return a plain-text version of SYNOPSIS, otherwise #f."
(catch #t
(lambda ()
(texi->plain-text synopsis)
(lambda (keys . args)
(make-warning package
(G_ "Texinfo markup in synopsis is invalid")
#:field 'synopsis)))))
(define checks
(list check-proper-start
(match (package-synopsis package)
(make-warning package
(G_ "synopsis should not be empty")
#:field 'synopsis)))
((? string? synopsis)
(lambda (proc)
(proc synopsis))
(make-warning package
(G_ "invalid synopsis: ~s")
(list invalid)
#:field 'synopsis)))))
(define* (probe-uri uri #:key timeout)
"Probe URI, a URI object, and return two values: a symbol denoting the
probing status, such as 'http-response' when we managed to get an HTTP
response from URI, and additional details, such as the actual HTTP response.
TIMEOUT is the maximum number of seconds (possibly an inexact number) to wait
for connections to complete; when TIMEOUT is #f, wait as long as needed."
(define headers
'((User-Agent . "GNU Guile")
(Accept . "*/*")))
(let loop ((uri uri)
(visited '()))
(match (uri-scheme uri)
((or 'http 'https)
(catch #t
(lambda ()
(let ((port (guix:open-connection-for-uri
uri #:timeout timeout))
(request (build-request uri #:headers headers)))
(define response
(const #f)
(lambda ()
(write-request request port)
(force-output port)
(read-response port))
(lambda ()
(close-port port))))
(case (response-code response)
((302 ; found (redirection)
303 ; see other
307 ; temporary redirection
308) ; permanent redirection
(let ((location (response-location response)))
(if (or (not location) (member location visited))
(values 'http-response response)
(loop location (cons location visited))))) ;follow the redirect
((301) ; moved permanently
(let ((location (response-location response)))
;; Return RESPONSE, unless the final response as we follow
;; redirects is not 200.
(if location
(let-values (((status response2)
(loop location (cons location visited))))
(case status
(values 'http-response
(if (= 200 (response-code response2))
(values status response2))))
(values 'http-response response)))) ;invalid redirect
(values 'http-response response)))))
(lambda (key . args)
(case key
((bad-header bad-header-component)
;; This can happen if the server returns an invalid HTTP header,
;; as is the case with the 'Date' header at
(values 'invalid-http-response #f))
((getaddrinfo-error system-error
gnutls-error tls-certificate-error)
(values key args))
(apply throw key args))))))
(catch #t
(lambda ()
(let ((conn (ftp-open (uri-host uri) #:timeout timeout)))
(define response
(const #f)
(lambda ()
(ftp-chdir conn (dirname (uri-path uri)))
(ftp-size conn (basename (uri-path uri))))
(lambda ()
(ftp-close conn))))
(values 'ftp-response '(ok))))
(lambda (key . args)
(case key
(values 'ftp-response `(error ,@args)))
((getaddrinfo-error system-error gnutls-error)
(values key args))
(apply throw key args))))))
(values 'unknown-protocol #f)))))
(define (tls-certificate-error-string args)
"Return a string explaining the 'tls-certificate-error' arguments ARGS."
(lambda (port)
(print-exception port #f
'tls-certificate-error args))))
(define (validate-uri uri package field)
"Return #t if the given URI can be reached, otherwise return a warning for
PACKAGE mentioning the FIELD."
(let-values (((status argument)
(probe-uri uri #:timeout 3))) ;wait at most 3 seconds
(case status
(cond ((= 200 (response-code argument))
(match (response-content-length argument)
((? number? length)
;; As of July 2016, SourceForge returns 200 (instead of 404)
;; with a small HTML page upon failure. Attempt to detect
;; such malicious behavior.
(or (> length 1000)
(make-warning package
(G_ "URI ~a returned \
suspiciously small file (~a bytes)")
(list (uri->string uri)
#:field field)))
(_ #t)))
((= 301 (response-code argument))
(if (response-location argument)
(make-warning package
(G_ "permanent redirect from ~a to ~a")
(list (uri->string uri)
(response-location argument)))
#:field field)
(make-warning package
(G_ "invalid permanent redirect \
from ~a")
(list (uri->string uri))
#:field field)))
(make-warning package
(G_ "URI ~a not reachable: ~a (~s)")
(list (uri->string uri)
(response-code argument)
(response-reason-phrase argument))
#:field field))))
(match argument
(('ok) #t)
(('error port command code message)
(make-warning package
(G_ "URI ~a not reachable: ~a (~s)")
(list (uri->string uri)
code (string-trim-both message))
#:field field))))
(make-warning package
(G_ "URI ~a domain not found: ~a")
(list (uri->string uri)
(gai-strerror (car argument)))
#:field field))
(make-warning package
(G_ "URI ~a unreachable: ~a")
(list (uri->string uri)
(cons status argument))))
#:field field))
(make-warning package
(G_ "TLS certificate error: ~a")
(list (tls-certificate-error-string argument))
#:field field))
((invalid-http-response gnutls-error)
;; Probably a misbehaving server; ignore.
((unknown-protocol) ;nothing we can do
(error "internal linter error" status)))))
(define (check-home-page package)
"Emit a warning if PACKAGE has an invalid 'home-page' field, or if that
'home-page' is not reachable."
(let ((uri (and=> (package-home-page package) string->uri)))
((uri? uri)
(match (validate-uri uri package 'home-page)
((and (? lint-warning? warning) warning)
(list warning))
(_ '())))
((not (package-home-page package))
(if (or (string-contains (package-name package) "bootstrap")
(string=? (package-name package) "ld-wrapper"))
(make-warning package
(G_ "invalid value for home page")
#:field 'home-page))))
(make-warning package
(G_ "invalid home page URL: ~s")
(list (package-home-page package))
#:field 'home-page))))))
(define %distro-directory
(mlambda ()
(dirname (search-path %load-path "gnu.scm"))))
(define (check-patch-file-names package)
"Emit a warning if the patches requires by PACKAGE are badly named or if the
patch could not be found."
(guard (c ((message-condition? c) ;raised by 'search-patch'
;; Use %make-warning, as condition-mesasge is already
;; translated.
(%make-warning package (condition-message c)
#:field 'patch-file-names))))
(define patches
(match (package-source package)
((? origin? origin) (origin-patches origin))
(_ '())))
(define (starts-with-package-name? file-name)
(and=> (string-contains file-name (package-name package))
(if (every (match-lambda ;patch starts with package name?
((? string? patch)
(starts-with-package-name? (basename patch)))
((? origin? patch)
(starts-with-package-name? (origin-actual-file-name patch)))
(_ #f)) ;must be some other file-like object
(G_ "file names of patches should start with the package name")
#:field 'patch-file-names)))
;; Check whether we're reaching tar's maximum file name length.
(let ((prefix (string-length (%distro-directory)))
(margin (string-length "guix-2.0.0rc3-10000-1234567890/"))
(max 99))
(filter-map (match-lambda
((? string? patch)
(if (> (+ margin (if (string-prefix? (%distro-directory)
(- (string-length patch) prefix)
(string-length patch)))
(G_ "~a: file name is too long")
(list (basename patch))
#:field 'patch-file-names)
(_ #f))
(define (escape-quotes str)
"Replace any quote character in STR by an escaped quote character."
(string-fold-right (lambda (chr result)
(match chr
(#\" (cons* #\\ #\"result))
(_ (cons chr result))))
(define official-gnu-packages*
(mlambda ()
"A memoizing version of 'official-gnu-packages' that returns the empty
list when something goes wrong, such as a networking issue."
(let ((gnus (false-if-exception (official-gnu-packages))))
(or gnus '()))))
(define (check-gnu-synopsis+description package)
"Make sure that, if PACKAGE is a GNU package, it uses the synopsis and
descriptions maintained upstream."
(match (find (lambda (descriptor)
(string=? (gnu-package-name descriptor)
(package-name package)))
(#f ;not a GNU package, so nothing to do
(descriptor ;a genuine GNU package
(let ((upstream (gnu-package-doc-summary descriptor))
(downstream (package-synopsis package)))
(if (and upstream
(or (not (string? downstream))
(not (string=? upstream downstream))))
(make-warning package
(G_ "proposed synopsis: ~s~%")
(list upstream)
#:field 'synopsis))
(let ((upstream (gnu-package-doc-description descriptor))
(downstream (package-description package)))
(if (and upstream
(or (not (string? downstream))
(not (string=? (fill-paragraph upstream 100)
(fill-paragraph downstream 100)))))
(G_ "proposed description:~% \"~a\"~%")
(list (fill-paragraph (escape-quotes upstream) 77 7))
#:field 'description))
(define (origin-uris origin)
"Return the list of URIs (strings) for ORIGIN."
(match (origin-uri origin)
((? string? uri)
(list uri))
((uris ...)
(define (check-source package)
"Emit a warning if PACKAGE has an invalid 'source' field, or if that
'source' is not reachable."
(define (warnings-for-uris uris)
(let loop ((uris uris)
(warnings '()))
(match uris
(reverse warnings))
((uri rest ...)
(match (validate-uri uri package 'source)
;; We found a working URL, so stop right away.
((? lint-warning? warning)
(loop rest (cons warning warnings))))))))
(let ((origin (package-source package)))
(if (origin? origin)
((eq? (origin-method origin) url-fetch)
(let* ((uris (append-map (cut maybe-expand-mirrors <> %mirrors)
(map string->uri (origin-uris origin))))
(warnings (warnings-for-uris uris)))
;; Just make sure that at least one of the URIs is valid.
(if (= (length uris) (length warnings))
;; When everything fails, report all of WARNINGS, otherwise don't
;; report anything.
;; XXX: Ideally we'd still allow warnings to be raised if *some*
;; URIs are unreachable, but distinguish that from the error case
;; where *all* the URIs are unreachable.
(make-warning package
(G_ "all the source URIs are unreachable:")
#:field 'source)
((git-reference? (origin-uri origin))
(list (string->uri (git-reference-url (origin-uri origin))))))
(define (check-source-file-name package)
"Emit a warning if PACKAGE's origin has no meaningful file name."
(define (origin-file-name-valid? origin)
;; Return #f if the source file name contains only a version or is #f;
;; indicates that the origin needs a 'file-name' field.
(let ((file-name (origin-actual-file-name origin))
(version (package-version package)))
(and file-name
;; Common in many projects is for the filename to start
;; with a "v" followed by the version,
;; e.g. "v3.2.0.tar.gz".
(not (string-match (string-append "^v?" version) file-name)))))
(let ((origin (package-source package)))
(if (or (not (origin? origin)) (origin-file-name-valid? origin))
(make-warning package
(G_ "the source file name should contain the package name")
#:field 'source)))))
(define (check-source-unstable-tarball package)
"Emit a warning if PACKAGE's source is an autogenerated tarball."
(define (check-source-uri uri)
(if (and (string=? (uri-host (string->uri uri)) "")
(match (split-and-decode-uri-path
(uri-path (string->uri uri)))
((_ _ "archive" _ ...) #t)
(_ #f)))
(make-warning package
(G_ "the source URI should not be an autogenerated tarball")
#:field 'source)
(let ((origin (package-source package)))
(if (and (origin? origin)
(eqv? (origin-method origin) url-fetch))
(filter-map check-source-uri
(origin-uris origin))
(define (check-mirror-url package)
"Check whether PACKAGE uses source URLs that should be 'mirror://'."
(define (check-mirror-uri uri) ;XXX: could be optimized
(let loop ((mirrors %mirrors))
(match mirrors
(((mirror-id mirror-urls ...) rest ...)
(match (find (cut string-prefix? <> uri) mirror-urls)
(loop rest))
(make-warning package
(G_ "URL should be \
(list mirror-id
(string-drop uri (string-length prefix)))
#:field 'source)))))))
(let ((origin (package-source package)))
(if (and (origin? origin)
(eqv? (origin-method origin) url-fetch))
(let ((uris (origin-uris origin)))
(filter-map check-mirror-uri uris))
(define* (check-github-url package #:key (timeout 3))
"Check whether PACKAGE uses source URLs that redirect to GitHub."
(define (follow-redirect url)
(let* ((uri (string->uri url))
(port (guix:open-connection-for-uri uri #:timeout timeout))
(response (http-head uri #:port port)))
(close-port port)
(case (response-code response)
((301 302)
(uri->string (assoc-ref (response-headers response) 'location)))
(else #f))))
(define (follow-redirects-to-github uri)
((string-prefix? "" uri) uri)
((string-prefix? "http" uri)
(and=> (follow-redirect uri) follow-redirects-to-github))
;; Do not attempt to follow redirects on URIs other than http and https
;; (such as mirror, file)
(else #f)))
(let ((origin (package-source package)))
(if (and (origin? origin)
(eqv? (origin-method origin) url-fetch))
(lambda (uri)
(and=> (follow-redirects-to-github uri)
(lambda (github-uri)
(if (string=? github-uri uri)
(G_ "URL should be '~a'")
(list github-uri)
#:field 'source)))))
(origin-uris origin))
;; Guile 3.0.0 does not export this predicate.
(define exception-with-kind-and-args?
(exception-predicate &exception-with-kind-and-args)))
(else ;Guile 2
(define exception-with-kind-and-args?
(const #f))))
(define* (check-derivation package #:key store)
"Emit a warning if we fail to compile PACKAGE to a derivation."
(define (try store system)
(catch #t ;TODO: Remove 'catch' when Guile 2.x is no longer supported.
(lambda ()
(guard (c ((store-protocol-error? c)
(make-warning package
(G_ "failed to create ~a derivation: ~a")
(list system
(store-protocol-error-message c))))
((exception-with-kind-and-args? c)
(make-warning package
(G_ "failed to create ~a derivation: ~s")
(list system
(cons (exception-kind c)
(exception-args c)))))
((message-condition? c)
(make-warning package
(G_ "failed to create ~a derivation: ~a")
(list system
(condition-message c)))))
(parameterize ((%graft? #f))
(package-derivation store package system #:graft? #f)
;; If there's a replacement, make sure we can compute its
;; derivation.
(match (package-replacement package)
(#f #t)
(package-derivation store replacement system
#:graft? #f))))))
(lambda args
(make-warning package
(G_ "failed to create ~a derivation: ~s")
(list system args)))))
(define (check-with-store store)
(filter lint-warning?
(map (cut try store <>) (package-supported-systems package))))
;; For backwards compatability, don't rely on store being set
(or (and=> store check-with-store)
(with-store store
(check-with-store store))))
(define* (check-profile-collisions package #:key store)
"Check for collisions that would occur when installing PACKAGE as a result
of the propagated inputs it pulls in."
(define (do-check store)
(guard (c ((profile-collision-error? c)
(let ((first (profile-collision-error-entry c))
(second (profile-collision-error-conflict c)))
(define format
(if (string=? (manifest-entry-version first)
(manifest-entry-version second))
(lambda (entry)
(string-append (manifest-entry-name entry) "@"
(manifest-entry-version entry)))))
(list (make-warning package
(G_ "propagated inputs ~a and ~a collide")
(list (format first)
(format second)))))))
;; Disable grafts to avoid building PACKAGE and its dependencies.
(parameterize ((%graft? #f))
(run-with-store store
(mbegin %store-monad
(check-for-collisions (packages->manifest (list package))
(return '()))))))
(if store
(do-check store)
(with-store store
(do-check store))))
(define (check-license package)
"Warn about type errors of the 'license' field of PACKAGE."
(match (package-license package)
((or (? license?)
((? license?) ...))
(make-warning package (G_ "invalid license field")
#:field 'license)))))
(define (call-with-networking-fail-safe message error-value proc)
"Call PROC catching any network-related errors. Upon a networking error,
display a message including MESSAGE and return ERROR-VALUE."
(guard (c ((http-get-error? c)
(warning (G_ "~a: HTTP GET error for ~a: ~a (~s)~%")
(uri->string (http-get-error-uri c))
(http-get-error-code c)
(http-get-error-reason c))
(catch #t
(('getaddrinfo-error errcode)
(warning (G_ "~a: host lookup failure: ~a~%")
(gai-strerror errcode))
(('tls-certificate-error args ...)
(warning (G_ "~a: TLS certificate error: ~a")
(tls-certificate-error-string args))
((and ('system-error _ ...) args)
(let ((errno (system-error-errno args)))
(let ((details (call-with-output-string
(lambda (port)
(print-exception port #f (car args)
(cdr args))))))
(warning (G_ "~a: ~a~%") message details)
(apply throw args))))
(apply throw args))))))
(define-syntax-rule (with-networking-fail-safe message error-value exp ...)
(call-with-networking-fail-safe message error-value
(lambda () exp ...)))
(define (current-vulnerabilities*)
"Like 'current-vulnerabilities', but return the empty list upon networking
or HTTP errors. This allows network-less operation and makes problems with
the NIST server non-fatal."
(with-networking-fail-safe (G_ "while retrieving CVE vulnerabilities")
(define package-vulnerabilities
(let ((lookup (delay (vulnerabilities->lookup-proc
(lambda (package)
"Return a list of vulnerabilities affecting PACKAGE."
;; First we retrieve the Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) name and
;; version for PACKAGE, then we can pass them to LOOKUP.
(let ((name (or (assoc-ref (package-properties package)
(package-name package)))
(version (or (assoc-ref (package-properties package)
(package-version package))))
((force lookup) name version)))))
(define* (check-vulnerabilities package
#:optional (package-vulnerabilities
"Check for known vulnerabilities for PACKAGE. Obtain the list of
vulnerability records for PACKAGE by calling PACKAGE-VULNERABILITIES."
(let ((package (or (package-replacement package) package)))
(match (package-vulnerabilities package)
((vulnerabilities ...)
(let* ((patched (package-patched-vulnerabilities package))
(known-safe (or (assq-ref (package-properties package)
(unpatched (remove (lambda (vuln)
(let ((id (vulnerability-id vuln)))
(or (member id patched)
(member id known-safe))))
(if (null? unpatched)
(G_ "probably vulnerable to ~a")
(list (string-join (map vulnerability-id unpatched)
", "))))))))))
(define (check-for-updates package)
"Check if there is an update available for PACKAGE."
(match (with-networking-fail-safe
(format #f (G_ "while retrieving upstream info for '~a'")
(package-name package))
(package-latest-release* package (force %updaters)))
((? upstream-source? source)
(if (version>? (upstream-source-version source)
(package-version package))
(make-warning package
(G_ "can be upgraded to ~a")
(list (upstream-source-version source))
#:field 'version))
(#f '()))) ; cannot find newer upstream release
(define (check-archival package)
"Check whether PACKAGE's source code is archived on Software Heritage. If
it's not, and if its source code is a VCS snapshot, then send a \"save\"
request to Software Heritage.
Software Heritage imposes limits on the request rate per client IP address.
This checker prints a notice and stops doing anything once that limit has been
(define (response->warning url method response)
(if (request-rate-limit-reached? url method)
(list (make-warning package
(G_ "Software Heritage rate limit reached; \
try again later")
#:field 'source))
(list (make-warning package
(G_ "'~a' returned ~a")
(list url (response-code response))
#:field 'source))))
(define skip-key (gensym "skip-archival-check"))
(define (skip-when-limit-reached url method)
(or (not (request-rate-limit-reached? url method))
(throw skip-key #t)))
(parameterize ((%allow-request? skip-when-limit-reached))
(catch #t
(lambda ()
(match (and (origin? (package-source package))
(package-source package))
(#f ;no source
((= origin-uri (? git-reference? reference))
(define url
(git-reference-url reference))
(define commit
(git-reference-commit reference))
(match (if (commit-id? commit)
(or (lookup-revision commit)
(lookup-origin-revision url commit))
(lookup-origin-revision url commit))
((? revision? revision)
;; Revision is missing from the archive, attempt to save it.
(catch 'swh-error
(lambda ()
(save-origin (git-reference-url reference) "git")
(list (make-warning
;; TRANSLATORS: "Software Heritage" is a proper noun
;; that must remain untranslated. See
;; <>.
(G_ "scheduled Software Heritage archival")
#:field 'source)))
(lambda (key url method response . _)
(cond ((= 429 (response-code response))
(list (make-warning
(G_ "archival rate limit exceeded; \
try again later")
#:field 'source)))
(response->warning url method response))))))))
((? origin? origin)
;; Since "save" origins are not supported for non-VCS source, all
;; we can do is tell whether a given tarball is available or not.
(if (origin-hash origin) ;XXX: for ungoogled-chromium
(let ((hash (origin-hash origin)))
(match (lookup-content (content-hash-value hash)
(content-hash-algorithm hash)))
(list (make-warning package
(G_ "source not archived on Software \
#:field 'source)))
((? content?)
(('swh-error url method response)
(response->warning url method response))
((key . args)
(if (eq? key skip-key)
(G_ "while connecting to Software Heritage")
(apply throw key args))))))))
;;; Source code formatting.
(define (report-tabulations package line line-number)
"Warn about tabulations found in LINE."
(match (string-index line #\tab)
(#f #f)
(make-warning package
(G_ "tabulation on line ~a, column ~a")
(list line-number index)
(location (package-file package)
(define (report-trailing-white-space package line line-number)
"Warn about trailing white space in LINE."
(and (not (or (string=? line (string-trim-right line))
(string=? line (string #\page))))
(make-warning package
(G_ "trailing white space on line ~a")
(list line-number)
(location (package-file package)
(define (report-long-line package line line-number)
"Emit a warning if LINE is too long."
;; Note: We don't warn at 80 characters because sometimes hashes and URLs
;; make it hard to fit within that limit and we want to avoid making too
;; much noise.
(and (> (string-length line) 90)
(make-warning package
(G_ "line ~a is way too long (~a characters)")
(list line-number (string-length line))
(location (package-file package)
(define %hanging-paren-rx
(make-regexp "^[[:blank:]]*[()]+[[:blank:]]*$"))
(define (report-lone-parentheses package line line-number)
"Emit a warning if LINE contains hanging parentheses."
(and (regexp-exec %hanging-paren-rx line)
(make-warning package
(G_ "parentheses feel lonely, \
move to the previous or next line")
(list line-number)
(location (package-file package)
(define %formatting-reporters
;; List of procedures that report formatting issues. These are not separate
;; checkers because they would need to re-read the file.
(list report-tabulations
(define* (report-formatting-issues package file starting-line
#:key (reporters %formatting-reporters))
"Report white-space issues in FILE starting from STARTING-LINE, and report
them for PACKAGE."
(define (sexp-last-line port)
;; Return the last line of the sexp read from PORT or an estimate thereof.
(define &failure (list 'failure))
(let ((start (ftell port))
(start-line (port-line port))
(sexp (catch 'read-error
(lambda () (read port))
(const &failure))))
(let ((line (port-line port)))
(seek port start SEEK_SET)
(set-port-line! port start-line)
(if (eq? sexp &failure)
(+ start-line 60) ;conservative estimate
(call-with-input-file file
(lambda (port)
(let loop ((line-number 1)
(last-line #f)
(warnings '()))
(let ((line (read-line port)))
(if (or (eof-object? line)
(and last-line (> line-number last-line)))
(if (and (= line-number starting-line)
(not last-line))
(loop (+ 1 line-number)
(+ 1 (sexp-last-line port))
(loop (+ 1 line-number)
(if (< line-number starting-line)
(filter-map (lambda (report)
(report package line line-number))
(define (check-formatting package)
"Check the formatting of the source code of PACKAGE."
(let ((location (package-location package)))
(if location
(and=> (search-path %load-path (location-file location))
(lambda (file)
;; Report issues starting from the line before the 'package'
;; form, which usually contains the 'define' form.
(report-formatting-issues package file
(- (location-line location) 1))))
;;; List of checkers.
(define %local-checkers
(name 'description)
(description "Validate package descriptions")
(check check-description-style))
(name 'inputs-should-be-native)
(description "Identify inputs that should be native inputs")
(check check-inputs-should-be-native))
(name 'inputs-should-not-be-input)
(description "Identify inputs that shouldn't be inputs at all")
(check check-inputs-should-not-be-an-input-at-all))
(name 'license)
;; TRANSLATORS: <license> is the name of a data type and must not be
;; translated.
(description "Make sure the 'license' field is a <license> \
or a list thereof")
(check check-license))
(name 'mirror-url)
(description "Suggest 'mirror://' URLs")
(check check-mirror-url))
(name 'source-file-name)
(description "Validate file names of sources")
(check check-source-file-name))
(name 'source-unstable-tarball)
(description "Check for autogenerated tarballs")
(check check-source-unstable-tarball))
(name 'derivation)
(description "Report failure to compile a package to a derivation")
(check check-derivation)
(requires-store? #t))
(name 'profile-collisions)
(description "Report collisions that would occur due to propagated inputs")
(check check-profile-collisions)
(requires-store? #t))
(name 'patch-file-names)
(description "Validate file names and availability of patches")
(check check-patch-file-names))
(name 'formatting)
(description "Look for formatting issues in the source")
(check check-formatting))))
(define %network-dependent-checkers
(name 'synopsis)
(description "Validate package synopses")
(check check-synopsis-style))
(name 'gnu-description)
(description "Validate synopsis & description of GNU packages")
(check check-gnu-synopsis+description))
(name 'home-page)
(description "Validate home-page URLs")
(check check-home-page))
(name 'source)
(description "Validate source URLs")
(check check-source))
(name 'github-url)
(description "Suggest GitHub URLs")
(check check-github-url))
(name 'cve)
(description "Check the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures\
(CVE) database")
(check check-vulnerabilities))
(name 'refresh)
(description "Check the package for new upstream releases")
(check check-for-updates))
(name 'archival)
(description "Ensure source code archival on Software Heritage")
(check check-archival))))
(define %all-checkers
(append %local-checkers