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Julien Lepiller 55b90c9053
guix: Add maven-build-system.
1 year ago
maven guix: java-utils: Add Maven-related phases. 1 year ago
android-ndk-build-system.scm build-system: android-ndk: Let upstream install header files. 3 years ago
ant-build-system.scm gnu: ant-build-system: Don't override symlinks. 2 years ago
asdf-build-system.scm build: asdf-build-system: Use SBCL source in CL packages. 1 year ago
bournish.scm bournish: Prevent inlining of run-time support procedures. 1 year ago
bzr.scm Add (guix bzr-download). 2 years ago
cargo-build-system.scm cargo-build-system: Accept a #:features argument 1 year ago
cargo-utils.scm build/cargo-build-system: Move generate-all-checksums to cargo-utils. 2 years ago
clojure-build-system.scm build-system: Add 'clojure-build-system'. 3 years ago
clojure-utils.scm clojure-utils: Avoid use of '@@'. 2 years ago
cmake-build-system.scm build-system/cmake: Specify C++ compiler when cross-compiling. 2 years ago
compile.scm compile: Build gnu/{packages,tests}/* with '-O1'. 1 year ago
copy-build-system.scm build-system: copy-build-system: Keep symlinks symbolic. 1 year ago
cvs.scm cvs-download: Use invoke instead of system*. 3 years ago
debug-link.scm grafts: Add (guix build debug-link) and use it. 3 years ago
download-nar.scm download-nar: Hide colliding 'dump-port*' binding. 1 year ago
download.scm download: Delete the output file upon failure. 1 year ago
dub-build-system.scm build-system/dub: Let all phases return #T unconditionally. 3 years ago
dune-build-system.scm guix: dune-build-system: Add a package parameter. 2 years ago
emacs-build-system.scm build-system/emacs: Hide the 'delete' binding from (guix build utils). 1 year ago
emacs-utils.scm build: emacs-utils: Add an option to select scoping for batch eval. 1 year ago
font-build-system.scm build-system/gnu: Add 'bootstrap' phase. 3 years ago
git.scm git-download: Use 'invoke'. 3 years ago
glib-or-gtk-build-system.scm build-system/glib-or-gtk: Use invoke instead of system*. 3 years ago
gnu-bootstrap.scm Add (guix build gnu-bootstrap). 1 year ago
gnu-build-system.scm build: gnu-build-system: Adjust NOCONFIGURE variable. 1 year ago
gnu-dist.scm build-system/gnu: Fix 'install' phase of 'gnu-dist'. 1 year ago
go-build-system.scm build-system/go: Allow providing additional build flags 1 year ago
graft.scm grafts: Add (guix build debug-link) and use it. 3 years ago
gremlin.scm gremlin: Add 'strip-runpath'. 3 years ago
guile-build-system.scm build-system/guile: Display progress report as expected by (guix status). 2 years ago
haskell-build-system.scm build-system/haskell: Generate Setup.hs if needed. 2 years ago
hg.scm hg-fetch: Remove .hg directories of sub-repositories. 3 years ago
java-utils.scm guix: java-utils: Add Maven-related phases. 1 year ago
json.scm Revert "guix: node-build-system: Use guile-json instead of a custom parser." 2 years ago
julia-build-system.scm build: julia-build-system: Update for new Julia version. 1 year ago
linux-module-build-system.scm build-system: linux-module: Allow passing #:make-flags argument. 1 year ago
lisp-utils.scm guix: build: Fix asdf-build-system/ecl. 1 year ago
make-bootstrap.scm make-bootstrap: Adjust copied linux headers. 2 years ago
maven-build-system.scm guix: Add maven-build-system. 1 year ago
meson-build-system.scm build-system/meson: Do not inherit the 'bootstrap' phase. 2 years ago
minify-build-system.scm build: minify-build-system: Fail to install empty files. 1 year ago
node-build-system.scm guix: node-build-system: Do not symlink /bin. 1 year ago
ocaml-build-system.scm build-system/ocaml: Use invoke and return #t. 3 years ago
perl-build-system.scm build-system/perl: Use invoke instead of system*. 3 years ago
po.scm po: Micro-optimize 'read-po-file'. 1 year ago
profiles.scm profiles: Add comment at the top of 'manifest' file. 1 year ago
python-build-system.scm build-system/python: Export 'python-version'. 2 years ago
qt-build-system.scm guix: qt-build-system: Add phase `check-setup`. 2 years ago
qt-utils.scm guix: Fix wrap-qt-program. 2 years ago
r-build-system.scm build-system/r: Fix type error. 3 years ago
rakudo-build-system.scm build: Add rakudo-build-system. 2 years ago
rpath.scm Add (guix build rpath). 8 years ago
ruby-build-system.scm build: ruby-build-system: Fix typo. 2 years ago
scons-build-system.scm gnu: Add nsis-x86_64 and nsis-i686. 2 years ago
store-copy.scm build: store-copy: Export file-size procedure. 1 year ago
svn.scm guix: svn: Allow dropping externals. 2 years ago
syscalls.scm syscalls: set-thread-name, thread-name: Fix thinko. 1 year ago
texlive-build-system.scm build-system: texlive: Do not hide build output. 3 years ago
union.scm Remove most uses of the _IO*F constants. 3 years ago
utils.scm utils: Change 'patch-shebang' to not try to patch Rust source files. 1 year ago
waf-build-system.scm build-system/waf: Use invoke. 3 years ago