Mirror of GNU Guix
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Marius Bakke 1abf205d11
Revert "vm: Use virtio network driver."
1 year ago
examples system: bare-hurd.tmpl: Add openssh-sans-x client and service. 1 year ago
images image: Do not set journal_model=WAL for the Hurd. 1 year ago
accounts.scm accounts: Add default value for the 'home-directory' field of <user-account>. 3 years ago
file-systems.scm bootloader: grub: Allow booting from a Btrfs subvolume. 2 years ago
hurd.scm system: hurd: Oops, have 'initrd' default to #f. 1 year ago
image.scm system: image: Fix disk-image name. 1 year ago
install.scm system: install: Add default libcs to gc-roots. 2 years ago
keyboard.scm system: Allow for comma-separated keyboard layouts. 2 years ago
linux-container.scm services: system: Initial entries are non-monadic. 2 years ago
linux-initrd.scm linux-initrd: Silence Guile warnings. 2 years ago
locale.scm locale: Use the native gzip and libc when building locales. 2 years ago
mapped-devices.scm services: Add missing (ice-9 format) import. 1 year ago
nss.scm nss: Remove '%compat' from the defaults. 4 years ago
pam.scm services: Add descriptions. 2 years ago
shadow.scm services: Add descriptions. 2 years ago
uuid.scm uuid: Prevent a loop on invalid arguments. 1 year ago
vm.scm Revert "vm: Use virtio network driver." 1 year ago