Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès 2cab1dd58b
Merge branch 'core-updates'
6 years ago
ant-build-system.scm guix: ant-build-system: Fix pattern for collecting jar files. 6 years ago
asdf-build-system.scm build-system: Add asdf-build-system. 6 years ago
bournish.scm bournish: Add 'reboot' command. 6 years ago
cmake-build-system.scm utils: 'modify-phases' no longer introduces quotes. 7 years ago
cvs.scm cvs: Disable compression. 6 years ago
download.scm download: Verify TLS certificates unless asked not to. 6 years ago
emacs-build-system.scm Merge branch 'master' into core-updates 6 years ago
emacs-utils.scm build: emacs-utils: Add 'emacs-byte-compile-directory'. 7 years ago
git.scm git-download: Correctly implement recursive checkouts. 7 years ago
glib-or-gtk-build-system.scm build-system/glib-or-gtk: Don't generate 'icon-theme.cache'. 7 years ago
gnu-build-system.scm build-system/gnu: Add 'patch-dot-desktop-files' phase. 6 years ago
gnu-dist.scm utils: 'modify-phases' no longer introduces quotes. 7 years ago
graft.scm grafts: Remove unnecessary 'umask' call. 6 years ago
gremlin.scm gremlin: Add support for the expansion of $ORIGIN in RUNPATH. 7 years ago
haskell-build-system.scm build-system/haskell: Fix package.conf parsing. 7 years ago
hg.scm guix: Add downloader for Mercurial repositories. 6 years ago
lisp-utils.scm build-system: Add asdf-build-system. 6 years ago
perl-build-system.scm utils: 'modify-phases' no longer introduces quotes. 7 years ago
profiles.scm profiles: Export 'ensure-writable-directory' and use it. 7 years ago
pull.scm build: Improve Guile 2.2 compatibility. 6 years ago
python-build-system.scm Revert "guix: python-build-system: Fix an outdated comment." 6 years ago
qt-utils.scm build: Add wrap-qt-program. 6 years ago
r-build-system.scm build: Add R build system. 7 years ago
rpath.scm Add (guix build rpath). 9 years ago
ruby-build-system.scm guix: ruby-build-system: Add replace-git-ls-files. 6 years ago
store-copy.scm vm: Move store copy handling to (guix build store-copy). 8 years ago
svn.scm guix: Support authentication when fetching from SVN. 6 years ago
syscalls.scm syscalls: Use #:return-errno? when it is available. 6 years ago
union.scm union: Compare inode numbers in 'file=?'. 6 years ago
utils.scm utils: 'wrap-program' produces only one wrapper file. 6 years ago
waf-build-system.scm utils: 'modify-phases' no longer introduces quotes. 7 years ago