Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès a13c1bf4ca
Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
4 years ago
activation.scm activation: Pass '-d HOME' to 'usermod'. 4 years ago
bootloader.scm bootloader: Factorize write-file-on-device. 4 years ago
cross-toolchain.scm gnu: cross-base: Use invoke in (gnu build cross-toolchain). 4 years ago
file-systems.scm file-systems: Always wait for devices to show up. 4 years ago
install.scm bootloader: Adapt vm to new bootloader API. 5 years ago
linux-boot.scm file-systems: Remove 'title' field and add <file-system-label>. 4 years ago
linux-container.scm linux-container: Work around EBADF errors upon exit. 4 years ago
linux-initrd.scm linux-initrd: Compress cpio archives deterministically. 6 years ago
linux-modules.scm glob: Add an extra glob pattern compilation stage. 4 years ago
marionette.scm marionette: Add 'wait-for-tcp-port'. 4 years ago
shepherd.scm system: Remove uses of the 'title' field of <file-system>. 4 years ago
svg.scm bootloader: grub: Use 'with-extensions'. 4 years ago
vm.scm vm: Pass "panic=1" to Linux. 4 years ago