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;;; GNU Guix --- Functional package management for GNU
;;; Copyright © 2014 Alex Kost <>
;;; This file is part of GNU Guix.
;;; GNU Guix is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at
;;; your option) any later version.
;;; GNU Guix is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;;; along with GNU Guix. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; Information about packages and generations is passed to the elisp
;; side in the form of alists of parameters (such as ‘name’ or
;; ‘version’) and their values.
;; ‘entries’ procedure is the “entry point” for the elisp side to get
;; information about packages and generations.
;; Since name/version pair is not necessarily unique, we use
;; `object-address' to identify a package (for ‘id’ parameter), if
;; possible. However for the obsolete packages (that can be found in
;; installed manifest but not in a package directory), ‘id’ parameter is
;; still "name-version" string. So ‘id’ package parameter in the code
;; below is either an object-address number or a full-name string.
;; To speed-up the process of getting information, the following
;; auxiliary variables are used:
;; - `%packages' - VHash of "package address"/"package" pairs.
;; - `%package-table' - Hash table of
;; "name+version key"/"list of packages" pairs.
;;; Code:
(ice-9 vlist)
(ice-9 match)
(srfi srfi-1)
(srfi srfi-2)
(srfi srfi-11)
(srfi srfi-19)
(srfi srfi-26)
(guix git-download)
(guix packages)
(guix profiles)
(guix licenses)
(guix utils)
(guix ui)
(guix scripts package)
(guix scripts pull)
(gnu packages))
(define-syntax-rule (first-or-false lst)
(and (not (null? lst))
(first lst)))
(define (list-maybe obj)
(if (list? obj) obj (list obj)))
(define full-name->name+version package-name->name+version)
(define (name+version->full-name name version)
(string-append name "-" version))
(define* (make-package-specification name #:optional version output)
(let ((full-name (if version
(name+version->full-name name version)
(if output
(string-append full-name ":" output)
(define name+version->key cons)
(define key->name+version car+cdr)
(define %packages
(fold-packages (lambda (pkg res)
(vhash-consq (object-address pkg) pkg res))
(define %package-table
(let ((table (make-hash-table (vlist-length %packages))))
(lambda (elem)
(match elem
((address . pkg)
(let* ((key (name+version->key (package-name pkg)
(package-version pkg)))
(ref (hash-ref table key)))
(hash-set! table key
(if ref (cons pkg ref) (list pkg)))))))
(define (manifest-entry->name+version+output entry)
(manifest-entry-name entry)
(manifest-entry-version entry)
(manifest-entry-output entry)))
(define (manifest-entry->package-specification entry)
(lambda () (manifest-entry->name+version+output entry))
(define (manifest-entries->package-specifications entries)
(map manifest-entry->package-specification entries))
(define (generation-package-specifications profile number)
"Return a list of package specifications for generation NUMBER."
(let ((manifest (profile-manifest
(generation-file-name profile number))))
(manifest-entries manifest))))
(define (generation-package-specifications+paths profile number)
"Return a list of package specifications and paths for generation NUMBER.
Each element of the list is a list of the package specification and its path."
(let ((manifest (profile-manifest
(generation-file-name profile number))))
(map (lambda (entry)
(list (manifest-entry->package-specification entry)
(manifest-entry-item entry)))
(manifest-entries manifest))))
(define (generation-difference profile number1 number2)
"Return a list of package specifications for outputs installed in generation
NUMBER1 and not installed in generation NUMBER2."
(let ((specs1 (generation-package-specifications profile number1))
(specs2 (generation-package-specifications profile number2)))
(lset-difference string=? specs1 specs2)))
(define (manifest-entries->hash-table entries)
"Return a hash table of name keys and lists of matching manifest ENTRIES."
(let ((table (make-hash-table (length entries))))
(for-each (lambda (entry)
(let* ((key (manifest-entry-name entry))
(ref (hash-ref table key)))
(hash-set! table key
(if ref (cons entry ref) (list entry)))))
(define (manifest=? m1 m2)
(or (eq? m1 m2)
(equal? m1 m2)))
(define manifest->hash-table
(let ((current-manifest #f)
(current-table #f))
(lambda (manifest)
"Return a hash table of name keys and matching MANIFEST entries."
(unless (manifest=? manifest current-manifest)
(set! current-manifest manifest)
(set! current-table (manifest-entries->hash-table
(manifest-entries manifest))))
(define* (manifest-entries-by-name manifest name #:optional version output)
"Return a list of MANIFEST entries matching NAME, VERSION and OUTPUT."
(let ((entries (or (hash-ref (manifest->hash-table manifest) name)
(if (or version output)
(filter (lambda (entry)
(and (or (not version)
(equal? version (manifest-entry-version entry)))
(or (not output)
(equal? output (manifest-entry-output entry)))))
(define (manifest-entry-by-output entries output)
"Return a manifest entry from ENTRIES matching OUTPUT."
(find (lambda (entry)
(string= output (manifest-entry-output entry)))
(define (fold-manifest-by-name manifest proc init)
"Fold over MANIFEST entries.
Call (PROC NAME VERSION ENTRIES RESULT), using INIT as the initial value
of RESULT. ENTRIES is a list of manifest entries with NAME/VERSION."
(hash-fold (lambda (name entries res)
(proc name (manifest-entry-version (car entries))
entries res))
(manifest->hash-table manifest)))
(define* (object-transformer param-alist #:optional (params '()))
"Return procedure transforming objects into alist of parameter/value pairs.
PARAM-ALIST is alist of available parameters (symbols) and procedures
returning values of these parameters. Each procedure is applied to
PARAMS is list of parameters from PARAM-ALIST that should be returned by
a resulting procedure. If PARAMS is not specified or is an empty list,
use all available parameters.
(let* ((alist `((plus1 . ,1+) (minus1 . ,1-) (mul2 . ,(cut * 2 <>))))
(number->alist (object-transformer alist '(plus1 mul2))))
(number->alist 8))
((plus1 . 9) (mul2 . 16))
(let* ((use-all-params (null? params))
(alist (filter-map (match-lambda
((param . proc)
(and (or use-all-params
(memq param params))
(cons param proc)))
(_ #f))
(lambda objects
(map (match-lambda
((param . proc)
(cons param (apply proc objects))))
(define %manifest-entry-param-alist
`((output . ,manifest-entry-output)
(path . ,manifest-entry-item)
(dependencies . ,manifest-entry-dependencies)))
(define manifest-entry->sexp
(object-transformer %manifest-entry-param-alist))
(define (manifest-entries->sexps entries)
(map manifest-entry->sexp entries))
(define (package-inputs-names inputs)
"Return a list of full names of the packages from package INPUTS."
(filter-map (match-lambda
((_ (? package? package))
(package-full-name package))
(_ #f))
(define (package-license-names package)
"Return a list of license names of the PACKAGE."
(filter-map (lambda (license)
(and (license? license)
(license-name license)))
(list-maybe (package-license package))))
(define (package-source-names package)
"Return a list of source names (URLs) of the PACKAGE."
(let ((source (package-source package)))
(and (origin? source)
(filter-map (lambda (uri)
(cond ((string? uri)
((git-reference? uri)
(git-reference-url uri))
(else "Unknown source type")))
(list-maybe (origin-uri source))))))
(define (package-unique? package)
"Return #t if PACKAGE is a single package with such name/version."
(null? (cdr (packages-by-name (package-name package)
(package-version package)))))
(define %package-param-alist
`((id . ,object-address)
(package-id . ,object-address)
(name . ,package-name)
(version . ,package-version)
(license . ,package-license-names)
(source . ,package-source-names)
(synopsis . ,package-synopsis)
(description . ,package-description)
(home-url . ,package-home-page)
(outputs . ,package-outputs)
(non-unique . ,(negate package-unique?))
(inputs . ,(lambda (pkg)
(package-inputs pkg))))
(native-inputs . ,(lambda (pkg)
(package-native-inputs pkg))))
(propagated-inputs . ,(lambda (pkg)
(package-propagated-inputs pkg))))
(location . ,(lambda (pkg)
(location->string (package-location pkg))))))
(define (package-param package param)
"Return a value of a PACKAGE PARAM."
(and=> (assq-ref %package-param-alist param)
(cut <> package)))
;;; Finding packages.
(define (package-by-address address)
(and=> (vhash-assq address %packages)
(define (packages-by-name+version name version)
(or (hash-ref %package-table
(name+version->key name version))
(define (packages-by-full-name full-name)
(lambda () (full-name->name+version full-name))
(define (packages-by-id id)
(if (integer? id)
(let ((pkg (package-by-address id)))
(if pkg (list pkg) '()))
(packages-by-full-name id)))
(define (id->name+version id)
(if (integer? id)
(and=> (package-by-address id)
(lambda (pkg)
(values (package-name pkg)
(package-version pkg))))
(full-name->name+version id)))
(define (package-by-id id)
(first-or-false (packages-by-id id)))
(define (newest-package-by-id id)
(and=> (id->name+version id)
(lambda (name)
(first-or-false (find-best-packages-by-name name #f)))))
(define (matching-packages predicate)
(fold-packages (lambda (pkg res)
(if (predicate pkg)
(cons pkg res)
(define (filter-packages-by-output packages output)
(filter (lambda (package)
(member output (package-outputs package)))
(define* (packages-by-name name #:optional version output)
"Return a list of packages matching NAME, VERSION and OUTPUT."
(let ((packages (if version
(packages-by-name+version name version)
(lambda (pkg) (string=? name (package-name pkg)))))))
(if output
(filter-packages-by-output packages output)
(define (manifest-entry->packages entry)
(lambda () (manifest-entry->name+version+output entry))
(define (packages-by-regexp regexp match-params)
"Return a list of packages matching REGEXP string.
MATCH-PARAMS is a list of parameters that REGEXP can match."
(define (package-match? package regexp)
(any (lambda (param)
(let ((val (package-param package param)))
(and (string? val) (regexp-exec regexp val))))
(let ((re (make-regexp regexp regexp/icase)))
(matching-packages (cut package-match? <> re))))
(define (all-available-packages)
"Return a list of all available packages."
(matching-packages (const #t)))
(define (newest-available-packages)
"Return a list of the newest available packages."
(vhash-fold (lambda (name elem res)
(match elem
((_ newest pkgs ...)
(cons newest res))))
;;; Making package/output patterns.
(define (specification->package-pattern specification)
(lambda ()
(full-name->name+version specification))
(define (specification->output-pattern specification)
(lambda ()
(package-specification->name+version+output specification #f))
(define (id->package-pattern id)
(if (integer? id)
(package-by-address id)
(specification->package-pattern id)))
(define (id->output-pattern id)
"Return an output pattern by output ID.
ID should be '<package-address>:<output>' or '<name>-<version>:<output>'."
(let-values (((name version output)
(package-specification->name+version+output id)))
(if version
(list name version output)
(list (package-by-address (string->number name))
(define (specifications->package-patterns . specifications)
(map specification->package-pattern specifications))
(define (specifications->output-patterns . specifications)
(map specification->output-pattern specifications))
(define (ids->package-patterns . ids)
(map id->package-pattern ids))
(define (ids->output-patterns . ids)
(map id->output-pattern ids))
(define* (manifest-patterns-result packages res obsolete-pattern
#:optional installed-pattern)
"Auxiliary procedure for 'manifest-package-patterns' and
(if (null? packages)
(cons (obsolete-pattern) res)
(if installed-pattern
;; We don't need duplicates for a list of installed packages,
;; so just take any (car) package.
(cons (installed-pattern (car packages)) res)
(define* (manifest-package-patterns manifest #:optional obsolete-only?)
"Return a list of package patterns for MANIFEST entries.
If OBSOLETE-ONLY? is #f, use all entries, otherwise make patterns only
for obsolete packages."
(lambda (name version entries res)
(manifest-patterns-result (packages-by-name name version)
(lambda () (list name version entries))
(and (not obsolete-only?)
(cut list <> entries))))
(define* (manifest-output-patterns manifest #:optional obsolete-only?)
"Return a list of output patterns for MANIFEST entries.
If OBSOLETE-ONLY? is #f, use all entries, otherwise make patterns only
for obsolete packages."
(fold (lambda (entry res)
(manifest-patterns-result (manifest-entry->packages entry)
(lambda () entry)
(and (not obsolete-only?)
(cut list <> entry))))
(manifest-entries manifest)))
(define (obsolete-package-patterns manifest)
(manifest-package-patterns manifest #t))
(define (obsolete-output-patterns manifest)
(manifest-output-patterns manifest #t))
;;; Transforming package/output patterns into alists.
(define (obsolete-package-sexp name version entries)
"Return an alist with information about obsolete package.
ENTRIES is a list of installed manifest entries."
`((id . ,(name+version->full-name name version))
(name . ,name)
(version . ,version)
(outputs . ,(map manifest-entry-output entries))
(obsolete . #t)
(installed . ,(manifest-entries->sexps entries))))
(define (package-pattern-transformer manifest params)
"Return 'package-pattern->package-sexps' procedure."
(define package->sexp
(object-transformer %package-param-alist params))
(define* (sexp-by-package package #:optional
(entries (manifest-entries-by-name
(package-name package)
(package-version package))))
(cons (cons 'installed (manifest-entries->sexps entries))
(package->sexp package)))
(define (->sexps pattern)
(match pattern
((? package? package)
(list (sexp-by-package package)))
(((? package? package) entries)
(list (sexp-by-package package entries)))
((name version entries)
(list (obsolete-package-sexp
name version entries)))
((name version)
(let ((packages (packages-by-name name version)))
(if (null? packages)
(let ((entries (manifest-entries-by-name
manifest name version)))
(if (null? entries)
(list (obsolete-package-sexp
name version entries))))
(map sexp-by-package packages))))
(_ '())))
(define (output-pattern-transformer manifest params)
"Return 'output-pattern->output-sexps' procedure."
(define package->sexp
(object-transformer (alist-delete 'id %package-param-alist)
(define manifest-entry->sexp
(object-transformer (alist-delete 'output %manifest-entry-param-alist)
(define* (output-sexp pkg-alist pkg-address output
#:optional entry)
(let ((entry-alist (if entry
(manifest-entry->sexp entry)
(base `((id . ,(string-append
(number->string pkg-address)
":" output))
(output . ,output)
(installed . ,(->bool entry)))))
(append entry-alist base pkg-alist)))
(define (obsolete-output-sexp entry)
(let-values (((name version output)
(manifest-entry->name+version+output entry)))
(let ((base `((id . ,(make-package-specification
name version output))
(package-id . ,(name+version->full-name name version))
(name . ,name)
(version . ,version)
(output . ,output)
(obsolete . #t)
(installed . #t))))
(append (manifest-entry->sexp entry) base))))
(define* (sexps-by-package package #:optional output
(entries (manifest-entries-by-name
(package-name package)
(package-version package))))
;; Assuming that PACKAGE has this OUTPUT.
(let ((pkg-alist (package->sexp package))
(address (object-address package))
(outputs (if output
(list output)
(package-outputs package))))
(map (lambda (output)
(output-sexp pkg-alist address output
(manifest-entry-by-output entries output)))
(define* (sexps-by-manifest-entry entry #:optional
(packages (manifest-entry->packages
(if (null? packages)
(list (obsolete-output-sexp entry))
(map (lambda (package)
(output-sexp (package->sexp package)
(object-address package)
(manifest-entry-output entry)
(define (->sexps pattern)
(match pattern
((? package? package)
(sexps-by-package package))
((package (? string? output))
(sexps-by-package package output))
((? manifest-entry? entry)
(list (obsolete-output-sexp entry)))
((package entry)
(sexps-by-manifest-entry entry (list package)))
((name version output)
(let ((packages (packages-by-name name version output)))
(if (null? packages)
(let ((entries (manifest-entries-by-name
manifest name version output)))
(append-map (cut sexps-by-manifest-entry <>)
(append-map (cut sexps-by-package <> output)
(_ '())))
(define (entry-type-error entry-type)
(error (format #f "Wrong entry-type '~a'" entry-type)))
(define (search-type-error entry-type search-type)
(error (format #f "Wrong search type '~a' for entry-type '~a'"
search-type entry-type)))
(define %pattern-transformers
`((package . ,package-pattern-transformer)
(output . ,output-pattern-transformer)))
(define (pattern-transformer entry-type)
(assq-ref %pattern-transformers entry-type))
;; All procedures from inner alists are called with (MANIFEST . SEARCH-VALS)
;; as arguments; see `package/output-sexps'.
(define %patterns-makers
(let* ((apply-to-rest (lambda (proc)
(lambda (_ . rest) (apply proc rest))))
(apply-to-first (lambda (proc)
(lambda (first . _) (proc first))))
(manifest-package-proc (apply-to-first manifest-package-patterns))
(manifest-output-proc (apply-to-first manifest-output-patterns))
(regexp-proc (lambda (_ regexp params . __)
(packages-by-regexp regexp params)))
(all-proc (lambda _ (all-available-packages)))
(newest-proc (lambda _ (newest-available-packages))))
(id . ,(apply-to-rest ids->package-patterns))
(name . ,(apply-to-rest specifications->package-patterns))
(installed . ,manifest-package-proc)
(generation . ,manifest-package-proc)
(obsolete . ,(apply-to-first obsolete-package-patterns))
(regexp . ,regexp-proc)
(all-available . ,all-proc)
(newest-available . ,newest-proc))
(id . ,(apply-to-rest ids->output-patterns))
(name . ,(apply-to-rest specifications->output-patterns))
(installed . ,manifest-output-proc)
(generation . ,manifest-output-proc)
(obsolete . ,(apply-to-first obsolete-output-patterns))
(regexp . ,regexp-proc)
(all-available . ,all-proc)
(newest-available . ,newest-proc)))))
(define (patterns-maker entry-type search-type)
(or (and=> (assq-ref %patterns-makers entry-type)
(cut assq-ref <> search-type))
(search-type-error entry-type search-type)))
(define (package/output-sexps profile params entry-type
search-type search-vals)
"Return information about packages or package outputs.
See 'entry-sexps' for details."
(let* ((profile (if (eq? search-type 'generation)
(generation-file-name profile (car search-vals))
(manifest (profile-manifest profile))
(patterns (if (and (eq? entry-type 'output)
(eq? search-type 'generation-diff))
(match search-vals
((g1 g2)
(map specification->output-pattern
(generation-difference profile g1 g2)))
(_ '()))
(apply (patterns-maker entry-type search-type)
manifest search-vals)))
(->sexps ((pattern-transformer entry-type) manifest params)))
(append-map ->sexps patterns)))
;;; Getting information about generations.
(define (generation-param-alist profile)
"Return an alist of generation parameters and procedures for PROFILE."
(let ((current (generation-number profile)))
`((id . ,identity)
(number . ,identity)
(prev-number . ,(cut previous-generation-number profile <>))
(current . ,(cut = current <>))
(path . ,(cut generation-file-name profile <>))
(time . ,(lambda (gen)
(time-second (generation-time profile gen)))))))
(define (matching-generations profile predicate)
"Return a list of PROFILE generations matching PREDICATE."
(filter predicate (profile-generations profile)))
(define (last-generations profile number)
"Return a list of last NUMBER generations.
If NUMBER is 0 or less, return all generations."
(let ((generations (profile-generations profile))
(number (if (<= number 0) +inf.0 number)))
(if (> (length generations) number)
(list-head (reverse generations) number)
(define (find-generations profile search-type search-vals)
"Find PROFILE's generations matching SEARCH-TYPE and SEARCH-VALS."
(case search-type
(matching-generations profile (cut memq <> search-vals)))
(last-generations profile (car search-vals)))
(last-generations profile +inf.0))
(match search-vals
((from to)
(lambda (gen)
(let ((time (time-second (generation-time profile gen))))
(< from time to)))))
(_ '())))
(else (search-type-error "generation" search-type))))
(define (generation-sexps profile params search-type search-vals)
"Return information about generations.
See 'entry-sexps' for details."
(let ((generations (find-generations profile search-type search-vals))
(->sexp (object-transformer (generation-param-alist profile)
(map ->sexp generations)))
;;; Getting package/output/generation entries (alists).
(define (entries profile params entry-type search-type search-vals)
"Return information about entries.
ENTRY-TYPE is a symbol defining a type of returning information. Should
be: 'package', 'output' or 'generation'.
SEARCH-TYPE and SEARCH-VALS define how to get the information.
SEARCH-TYPE should be one of the following symbols:
- If ENTRY-TYPE is 'package' or 'output':
'id', 'name', 'regexp', 'all-available', 'newest-available',
'installed', 'obsolete', 'generation'.
- If ENTRY-TYPE is 'generation':
'id', 'last', 'all', 'time'.
PARAMS is a list of parameters for receiving. If it is an empty list,
get information with all available parameters, which are:
- If ENTRY-TYPE is 'package':
'id', 'name', 'version', 'outputs', 'license', 'synopsis',
'description', 'home-url', 'inputs', 'native-inputs',
'propagated-inputs', 'location', 'installed'.
- If ENTRY-TYPE is 'output':
'id', 'package-id', 'name', 'version', 'output', 'license',
'synopsis', 'description', 'home-url', 'inputs', 'native-inputs',
'propagated-inputs', 'location', 'installed', 'path', 'dependencies'.
- If ENTRY-TYPE is 'generation':
'id', 'number', 'prev-number', 'path', 'time'.
Returning value is a list of alists. Each alist consists of
parameter/value pairs."
(case entry-type
((package output)
(package/output-sexps profile params entry-type
search-type search-vals))
(generation-sexps profile params
search-type search-vals))
(else (entry-type-error entry-type))))
;;; Package actions.
(define* (package->manifest-entry* package #:optional output)
(and package
(check-package-freshness package)
(package->manifest-entry package output))))
(define* (make-install-manifest-entries id #:optional output)
(package->manifest-entry* (package-by-id id) output))
(define* (make-upgrade-manifest-entries id #:optional output)
(package->manifest-entry* (newest-package-by-id id) output))
(define* (make-manifest-pattern id #:optional output)
"Make manifest pattern from a package ID and OUTPUT."
(let-values (((name version)
(id->name+version id)))
(and name version
(name name)
(version version)
(output output)))))
(define (convert-action-pattern pattern proc)
"Convert action PATTERN into a list of objects returned by PROC.
PROC is called: (PROC ID) or (PROC ID OUTPUT)."
(match pattern
((id . outputs)
(if (null? outputs)
(let ((obj (proc id)))
(if obj (list obj) '()))
(filter-map (cut proc id <>)
(_ '())))
(define (convert-action-patterns patterns proc)
(append-map (cut convert-action-pattern <> proc)
(define* (process-package-actions
profile #:key (install '()) (upgrade '()) (remove '())
(use-substitutes? #t) dry-run?)
"Perform package actions.
INSTALL, UPGRADE, REMOVE are lists of 'package action patterns'.
Each pattern should have the following form:
ID is an object address or a full-name of a package.
OUTPUTS is a list of package outputs (may be an empty list)."
(format #t "The process begins ...~%")
(let* ((install (append
install make-install-manifest-entries)
upgrade make-upgrade-manifest-entries)))
(remove (convert-action-patterns remove make-manifest-pattern))
(transaction (manifest-transaction (install install)
(remove remove)))
(manifest (profile-manifest profile))
(new-manifest (manifest-perform-transaction
manifest transaction)))
(unless (and (null? install) (null? remove))
(with-store store
(let* ((derivation (run-with-store store
(mbegin %store-monad
(set-guile-for-build (default-guile))
(profile-derivation new-manifest))))
(derivations (list derivation))
(new-profile (derivation->output-path derivation)))
(set-build-options store
#:print-build-trace #f
#:use-substitutes? use-substitutes?)
(show-manifest-transaction store manifest transaction
#:dry-run? dry-run?)
(show-what-to-build store derivations
#:use-substitutes? use-substitutes?
#:dry-run? dry-run?)
(unless dry-run?
(let ((name (generation-file-name
(+ 1 (generation-number profile)))))
(and (build-derivations store derivations)
(let* ((entries (manifest-entries new-manifest))
(count (length entries)))
(switch-symlinks name new-profile)
(switch-symlinks profile name)
(format #t (N_ "~a package in profile~%"
"~a packages in profile~%"
(define (delete-generations* profile generations)
GENERATIONS is a list of generation numbers."
(with-store store
(delete-generations store profile generations)))
(define (package-source-derivation->store-path derivation)
"Return a store path of the package source DERIVATION."
(match (derivation-outputs derivation)
;; Source derivation is always (("out" . derivation)).
(((_ . output-drv))
(derivation-output-path output-drv))
(_ #f)))
(define (package-source-path package-id)
"Return a store file path to a source of a package PACKAGE-ID."
(and-let* ((package (package-by-id package-id))
(source (package-source package)))
(with-store store
(package-source-derivation store source)))))
(define* (package-source-build-derivation package-id #:key dry-run?
(use-substitutes? #t))
"Build source derivation of a package PACKAGE-ID."
(and-let* ((package (package-by-id package-id))
(source (package-source package)))
(with-store store
(let* ((derivation (package-source-derivation store source))
(derivations (list derivation)))
(set-build-options store
#:print-build-trace #f
#:use-substitutes? use-substitutes?)
(show-what-to-build store derivations
#:use-substitutes? use-substitutes?
#:dry-run? dry-run?)
(unless dry-run?
(build-derivations store derivations))
(format #t "The source store path: ~a~%"
(package-source-derivation->store-path derivation))))))