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;;; guix-base.el --- Common definitions -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright © 2014 Alex Kost <>
;; This file is part of GNU Guix.
;; GNU Guix is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Guix is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This file provides some base and common definitions for guix.el
;; package.
;; List and info buffers have many common patterns that are defined
;; using `guix-define-buffer-type' macro from this file.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib)
(require 'guix-profiles)
(require 'guix-backend)
(require 'guix-utils)
(require 'guix-history)
(require 'guix-messages)
;;; Parameters of the entries
(defvar guix-param-titles
(id . "ID")
(name . "Name")
(version . "Version")
(source . "Source")
(license . "License")
(synopsis . "Synopsis")
(description . "Description")
(home-url . "Home page")
(outputs . "Outputs")
(inputs . "Inputs")
(native-inputs . "Native inputs")
(propagated-inputs . "Propagated inputs")
(location . "Location")
(installed . "Installed"))
(path . "Installed path")
(dependencies . "Dependencies")
(output . "Output"))
(id . "ID")
(name . "Name")
(version . "Version")
(source . "Source")
(license . "License")
(synopsis . "Synopsis")
(description . "Description")
(home-url . "Home page")
(output . "Output")
(inputs . "Inputs")
(native-inputs . "Native inputs")
(propagated-inputs . "Propagated inputs")
(location . "Location")
(installed . "Installed")
(path . "Installed path")
(dependencies . "Dependencies"))
(id . "ID")
(number . "Number")
(prev-number . "Previous number")
(current . "Current")
(path . "Path")
(time . "Time")))
"List for defining titles of entry parameters.
Titles are used for displaying information about entries.
Each element of the list has a form:
(ENTRY-TYPE . ((PARAM . TITLE) ...))")
(defun guix-get-param-title (entry-type param)
"Return title of an ENTRY-TYPE entry parameter PARAM."
(or (guix-get-key-val guix-param-titles
entry-type param)
(prog1 (symbol-name param)
(message "Couldn't find title for '%S %S'."
entry-type param))))
(defun guix-get-name-spec (name version &optional output)
"Return Guix package specification by its NAME, VERSION and OUTPUT."
(concat name "-" version
(when output (concat ":" output))))
(defun guix-get-full-name (entry &optional output)
"Return name specification of the package ENTRY and OUTPUT."
(guix-get-name-spec (guix-get-key-val entry 'name)
(guix-get-key-val entry 'version)
(defun guix-entry-to-specification (entry)
"Return name specification by the package or output ENTRY."
(guix-get-name-spec (guix-get-key-val entry 'name)
(guix-get-key-val entry 'version)
(guix-get-key-val entry 'output)))
(defun guix-entries-to-specifications (entries)
"Return name specifications by the package or output ENTRIES."
(cl-remove-duplicates (mapcar #'guix-entry-to-specification entries)
:test #'string=))
(defun guix-get-installed-outputs (entry)
"Return list of installed outputs for the package ENTRY."
(mapcar (lambda (installed-entry)
(guix-get-key-val installed-entry 'output))
(guix-get-key-val entry 'installed)))
(defun guix-get-entry-by-id (id entries)
"Return entry from ENTRIES by entry ID."
(cl-find-if (lambda (entry)
(equal id (guix-get-key-val entry 'id)))
(defun guix-get-package-id-and-output-by-output-id (oid)
"Return list (PACKAGE-ID OUTPUT) by output id OID."
(cl-multiple-value-bind (pid-str output)
(split-string oid ":")
(let ((pid (string-to-number pid-str)))
(list (if (= 0 pid) pid-str pid)
;;; Location of the packages
(defvar guix-directory nil
"Default Guix directory.
If it is not set by a user, it is set after starting Guile REPL.
This directory is used to define location of the packages.")
(defun guix-set-directory ()
"Set `guix-directory' if needed."
(or guix-directory
(setq guix-directory
(guix-eval-read "%guix-dir"))))
(add-hook 'guix-after-start-repl-hook 'guix-set-directory)
(defun guix-find-location (location)
"Go to LOCATION of a package.
LOCATION is a string of the form:
If PATH is relative, it is considered to be relative to
(cl-multiple-value-bind (path line col)
(split-string location ":")
(let ((file (expand-file-name path guix-directory))
(line (string-to-number line))
(col (string-to-number col)))
(find-file file)
(goto-char (point-min))
(forward-line (- line 1))
(move-to-column col)
(recenter 1))))
;;; Buffers and auto updating.
(defcustom guix-update-after-operation 'current
"Define what information to update after executing an operation.
After successful executing an operation in the Guix REPL (for
example after installing a package), information in Guix buffers
will or will not be automatically updated depending on a value of
this variable.
If nil, update nothing (do not revert any buffer).
If `current', update the buffer from which an operation was performed.
If `all', update all Guix buffers (not recommended)."
:type '(choice (const :tag "Do nothing" nil)
(const :tag "Update operation buffer" current)
(const :tag "Update all Guix buffers" all))
:group 'guix)
(defcustom guix-buffer-name-function #'guix-buffer-name-default
"Function used to define name of a buffer for displaying information.
The function is called with 4 arguments: PROFILE, BUFFER-TYPE,
ENTRY-TYPE, SEARCH-TYPE. See `guix-get-entries' for the meaning
of the arguments."
:type '(choice (function-item guix-buffer-name-default)
(function-item guix-buffer-name-simple)
(function :tag "Other function"))
:group 'guix)
(defun guix-buffer-name-simple (_profile buffer-type entry-type
&optional _search-type)
"Return name of a buffer used for displaying information.
The name is defined by `guix-ENTRY-TYPE-BUFFER-TYPE-buffer-name'
(guix-get-symbol "buffer-name" buffer-type entry-type)))
(defun guix-buffer-name-default (profile buffer-type entry-type
&optional _search-type)
"Return name of a buffer used for displaying information.
The name is almost the same as the one defined by
`guix-buffer-name-simple' except the PROFILE name is added to it."
(let ((simple-name (guix-buffer-name-simple
profile buffer-type entry-type))
(profile-name (file-name-base (directory-file-name profile)))
(re (rx string-start
(group (? "*"))
(group (*? any))
(group (? "*"))
(or (string-match re simple-name)
(error "Unexpected error in defining guix buffer name"))
(let ((first* (match-string 1 simple-name))
(name-body (match-string 2 simple-name))
(last* (match-string 3 simple-name)))
;; Handle the case when buffer name is wrapped by '*'.
(if (and (string= "*" first*)
(string= "*" last*))
(concat "*" name-body ": " profile-name "*")
(concat simple-name ": " profile-name)))))
(defun guix-buffer-name (profile buffer-type entry-type search-type)
"Return name of a buffer used for displaying information.
See `guix-buffer-name-function' for details."
(let ((fun (if (functionp guix-buffer-name-function)
(funcall fun profile buffer-type entry-type search-type)))
(defun guix-switch-to-buffer (buffer)
"Switch to a 'list' or 'info' BUFFER."
(pop-to-buffer buffer
(defun guix-buffer-p (&optional buffer modes)
"Return non-nil if BUFFER mode is derived from any of the MODES.
If BUFFER is nil, check current buffer.
If MODES is nil, use `guix-list-mode' and `guix-info-mode'."
(with-current-buffer (or buffer (current-buffer))
(apply #'derived-mode-p
(or modes
'(guix-list-mode guix-info-mode)))))
(defun guix-buffers (&optional modes)
"Return list of all buffers with major modes derived from MODES.
If MODES is nil, return list of all Guix 'list' and 'info' buffers."
(cl-remove-if-not (lambda (buf)
(guix-buffer-p buf modes))
(defun guix-update-buffer (buffer)
"Update information in a 'list' or 'info' BUFFER."
(with-current-buffer buffer
(guix-revert-buffer nil t)))
(defun guix-update-buffers-maybe-after-operation ()
"Update buffers after Guix operation if needed.
See `guix-update-after-operation' for details."
(let ((to-update
(and guix-operation-buffer
(cl-case guix-update-after-operation
(current (and (buffer-live-p guix-operation-buffer)
(guix-buffer-p guix-operation-buffer)
(list guix-operation-buffer)))
(all (guix-buffers))))))
(setq guix-operation-buffer nil)
(mapc #'guix-update-buffer to-update)))
(add-hook 'guix-after-repl-operation-hook
;;; Common definitions for buffer types
(defvar-local guix-profile nil
"Profile used for the current buffer.")
(put 'guix-profile 'permanent-local t)
(defvar-local guix-entries nil
"List of the currently displayed entries.
Each element of the list is alist with entry info of the
following form:
((PARAM . VAL) ...)
PARAM is a name of the entry parameter.
VAL is a value of this parameter.")
(put 'guix-entries 'permanent-local t)
(defvar-local guix-buffer-type nil
"Type of the current buffer.")
(put 'guix-buffer-type 'permanent-local t)
(defvar-local guix-entry-type nil
"Type of the current entry.")
(put 'guix-entry-type 'permanent-local t)
(defvar-local guix-search-type nil
"Type of the current search.")
(put 'guix-search-type 'permanent-local t)
(defvar-local guix-search-vals nil
"Values of the current search.")
(put 'guix-search-vals 'permanent-local t)
(defsubst guix-set-vars (profile entries buffer-type entry-type
search-type search-vals)
"Set local variables for the current Guix buffer."
(setq default-directory profile
guix-profile profile
guix-entries entries
guix-buffer-type buffer-type
guix-entry-type entry-type
guix-search-type search-type
guix-search-vals search-vals))
(defun guix-get-symbol (postfix buffer-type &optional entry-type)
(intern (concat "guix-"
(when entry-type
(concat (symbol-name entry-type) "-"))
(symbol-name buffer-type) "-" postfix)))
(defmacro guix-define-buffer-type (buf-type entry-type &rest args)
"Define common for BUF-TYPE buffers for displaying ENTRY-TYPE entries.
In the text below TYPE means ENTRY-TYPE-BUF-TYPE.
This macro defines `guix-TYPE-mode', a custom group and several
user variables.
The following stuff should be defined outside this macro:
- `guix-BUF-TYPE-mode' - parent mode for the defined mode.
- `guix-TYPE-mode-initialize' (optional) - function for
additional mode settings; it is called without arguments.
Remaining argument (ARGS) should have a form [KEYWORD VALUE] ... The
following keywords are available:
- `:buffer-name' - default value for the defined
`guix-TYPE-buffer-name' variable.
- `:required' - default value for the defined
`guix-TYPE-required-params' variable.
- `:history-size' - default value for the defined
`guix-TYPE-history-size' variable.
- `:revert' - default value for the defined
`guix-TYPE-revert-no-confirm' variable."
(let* ((entry-type-str (symbol-name entry-type))
(buf-type-str (symbol-name buf-type))
(Entry-type-str (capitalize entry-type-str))
(Buf-type-str (capitalize buf-type-str))
(entry-str (concat entry-type-str " entries"))
(buf-str (concat buf-type-str " buffer"))
(prefix (concat "guix-" entry-type-str "-" buf-type-str))
(group (intern prefix))
(mode-map-str (concat prefix "-mode-map"))
(mode-map (intern mode-map-str))
(parent-mode (intern (concat "guix-" buf-type-str "-mode")))
(mode (intern (concat prefix "-mode")))
(mode-init-fun (intern (concat prefix "-mode-initialize")))
(buf-name-var (intern (concat prefix "-buffer-name")))
(revert-var (intern (concat prefix "-revert-no-confirm")))
(history-var (intern (concat prefix "-history-size")))
(params-var (intern (concat prefix "-required-params")))
(buf-name-val (format "*Guix %s %s*" Entry-type-str Buf-type-str))
(revert-val nil)
(history-val 20)
(params-val '(id)))
;; Process the keyword args.
(while (keywordp (car args))
(pcase (pop args)
(`:required (setq params-val (pop args)))
(`:history-size (setq history-val (pop args)))
(`:revert (setq revert-val (pop args)))
(`:buffer-name (setq buf-name-val (pop args)))
(_ (pop args))))
(defgroup ,group nil
,(concat Buf-type-str " buffer with " entry-str ".")
:prefix ,(concat prefix "-")
:group ',(intern (concat "guix-" buf-type-str)))
(defcustom ,buf-name-var ,buf-name-val
,(concat "Default name of the " buf-str " for displaying " entry-str ".")
:type 'string
:group ',group)
(defcustom ,history-var ,history-val
,(concat "Maximum number of items saved in the history of the " buf-str ".\n"
"If 0, the history is disabled.")
:type 'integer
:group ',group)
(defcustom ,revert-var ,revert-val
,(concat "If non-nil, do not ask to confirm for reverting the " buf-str ".")
:type 'boolean
:group ',group)
(defvar ,params-var ',params-val
,(concat "List of required " entry-type-str " parameters.\n\n"
"Displayed parameters and parameters from this list are received\n"
"for each " entry-type-str ".\n\n"
"May be a special value `all', in which case all supported\n"
"parameters are received (this may be very slow for a big number\n"
"of entries).\n\n"
"Do not remove `id' from this list as it is required for\n"
"identifying an entry."))
(define-derived-mode ,mode ,parent-mode ,(concat "Guix-" Buf-type-str)
,(concat "Major mode for displaying information about " entry-str ".\n\n"
"\\{" mode-map-str "}")
(setq-local revert-buffer-function 'guix-revert-buffer)
(setq-local guix-history-size ,history-var)
(and (fboundp ',mode-init-fun) (,mode-init-fun)))
(let ((map ,mode-map))
(define-key map (kbd "l") 'guix-history-back)
(define-key map (kbd "r") 'guix-history-forward)
(define-key map (kbd "g") 'revert-buffer)
(define-key map (kbd "R") 'guix-redisplay-buffer)
(define-key map (kbd "C-c C-z") 'guix-switch-to-repl)))))
(put 'guix-define-buffer-type 'lisp-indent-function 'defun)
;;; Getting and displaying info about packages and generations
(defcustom guix-package-list-type 'output
"Define how to display packages in a list buffer.
May be a symbol `package' or `output' (if `output', display each
output on a separate line; if `package', display each package on
a separate line)."
:type '(choice (const :tag "List of packages" package)
(const :tag "List of outputs" output))
:group 'guix)
(defcustom guix-package-info-type 'package
"Define how to display packages in an info buffer.
May be a symbol `package' or `output' (if `output', display each
output separately; if `package', display outputs inside a package
:type '(choice (const :tag "Display packages" package)
(const :tag "Display outputs" output))
:group 'guix)
(defun guix-get-entries (profile entry-type search-type search-vals
&optional params)
"Search for entries of ENTRY-TYPE.
Call an appropriate scheme function and return a list of the
form of `guix-entries'.
ENTRY-TYPE should be one of the following symbols: `package',
`output' or `generation'.
SEARCH-TYPE may be one of the following symbols:
- If ENTRY-TYPE is `package' or `output': `id', `name', `regexp',
`all-available', `newest-available', `installed', `obsolete',
- If ENTRY-TYPE is `generation': `id', `last', `all', `time'.
PARAMS is a list of parameters for receiving. If nil, get
information with all available parameters."
(guix-eval-read (guix-make-guile-expression
profile params entry-type search-type search-vals)))
(defun guix-get-show-entries (profile buffer-type entry-type search-type
&rest search-vals)
"Search for ENTRY-TYPE entries and show results in BUFFER-TYPE buffer.
See `guix-get-entries' for the meaning of SEARCH-TYPE and SEARCH-VALS."
(let ((entries (guix-get-entries profile entry-type search-type search-vals
buffer-type entry-type))))
(guix-set-buffer profile entries buffer-type entry-type
search-type search-vals)))
(defun guix-set-buffer (profile entries buffer-type entry-type search-type
search-vals &optional history-replace no-display)
"Set up BUFFER-TYPE buffer for displaying ENTRY-TYPE ENTRIES.
Insert ENTRIES in buffer, set variables and make history item.
ENTRIES should have a form of `guix-entries'.
See `guix-get-entries' for the meaning of SEARCH-TYPE and SEARCH-VALS.
If HISTORY-REPLACE is non-nil, replace current history item,
otherwise add the new one.
If NO-DISPLAY is non-nil, do not switch to the buffer."
(when entries
(let ((buf (if (and (eq major-mode
(guix-get-symbol "mode" buffer-type entry-type))
(equal guix-profile profile))
(guix-buffer-name profile buffer-type
entry-type search-type)))))
(with-current-buffer buf
(guix-show-entries entries buffer-type entry-type)
(guix-set-vars profile entries buffer-type entry-type
search-type search-vals)
(funcall (if history-replace
(or no-display
(guix-switch-to-buffer buf))))
(guix-result-message profile entries entry-type
search-type search-vals))
(defun guix-show-entries (entries buffer-type entry-type)
"Display ENTRY-TYPE ENTRIES in the current BUFFER-TYPE buffer."
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(funcall (symbol-function (guix-get-symbol
"mode" buffer-type entry-type)))
(funcall (guix-get-symbol "insert-entries" buffer-type)
entries entry-type)
(goto-char (point-min))))
(defun guix-history-call (profile entries buffer-type entry-type
search-type search-vals)
"Function called for moving by history."
(guix-show-entries entries buffer-type entry-type)
(guix-set-vars profile entries buffer-type entry-type
search-type search-vals)
(guix-result-message profile entries entry-type
search-type search-vals))
(defun guix-make-history-item ()
"Make and return a history item for the current buffer."
(list #'guix-history-call
guix-profile guix-entries guix-buffer-type guix-entry-type
guix-search-type guix-search-vals))
(defun guix-get-params-for-receiving (buffer-type entry-type)
"Return parameters that should be received for BUFFER-TYPE, ENTRY-TYPE."
(let* ((required-var (guix-get-symbol "required-params"
buffer-type entry-type))
(required (symbol-value required-var)))
(unless (equal required 'all)
(cl-union required
(funcall (guix-get-symbol "get-displayed-params"
(defun guix-revert-buffer (_ignore-auto noconfirm)
"Update information in the current buffer.
The function is suitable for `revert-buffer-function'.
See `revert-buffer' for the meaning of NOCONFIRM."
(when (or noconfirm
(guix-get-symbol "revert-no-confirm"
guix-buffer-type guix-entry-type))
(y-or-n-p "Update current information? "))
(let* ((search-type guix-search-type)
(search-vals guix-search-vals)
(params (guix-get-params-for-receiving guix-buffer-type
(entries (guix-get-entries
guix-profile guix-entry-type
guix-search-type guix-search-vals params))
;; If a REPL was restarted, package/output IDs are not actual
;; anymore, because 'object-address'-es died with the REPL, so if a
;; search by ID didn't give results, search again by name.
(entries (if (and (null entries)
(eq guix-search-type 'id)
(or (eq guix-entry-type 'package)
(eq guix-entry-type 'output)))
(setq search-type 'name
search-vals (guix-entries-to-specifications
guix-profile guix-entry-type
search-type search-vals params))
(guix-set-buffer guix-profile entries guix-buffer-type guix-entry-type
search-type search-vals t t))))
(cl-defun guix-redisplay-buffer (&key buffer profile entries buffer-type
entry-type search-type search-vals)
"Redisplay a Guix BUFFER.
Restore the point and window positions after redisplaying if possible.
This function will not update the information, use
\"\\[revert-buffer]\" if you want the full update.
If BUFFER is nil, use the current buffer. For the meaning of the
rest arguments, see `guix-set-buffer'."
(or buffer (setq buffer (current-buffer)))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(or (derived-mode-p 'guix-info-mode 'guix-list-mode)
(error "%S is not a Guix buffer" buffer))
(let* ((point (point))
(was-at-button (button-at point))
;; For simplicity, ignore an unlikely case when multiple
;; windows display the same BUFFER.
(window (car (get-buffer-window-list buffer nil t)))
(window-start (and window (window-start window))))
(guix-set-buffer (or profile guix-profile)
(or entries guix-entries)
(or buffer-type guix-buffer-type)
(or entry-type guix-entry-type)
(or search-type guix-search-type)
(or search-vals guix-search-vals)
t t)
(goto-char point)
(and was-at-button
(not (button-at (point)))
(forward-button 1))
(when window
(set-window-point window (point))
(set-window-start window window-start)))))
;;; Generations
(defcustom guix-generation-packages-buffer-name-function
"Function used to define name of a buffer with generation packages.
This function is called with 2 arguments: PROFILE (string) and
GENERATION (number)."
:type '(choice (function-item guix-generation-packages-buffer-name-default)
(function-item guix-generation-packages-buffer-name-long)
(function :tag "Other function"))
:group 'guix)
(defcustom guix-generation-packages-update-buffer t
"If non-nil, always update list of packages during comparing generations.
If nil, generation packages are received only once. So when you
compare generation 1 and generation 2, the packages for both
generations will be received. Then if you compare generation 1
and generation 3, only the packages for generation 3 will be
received. Thus if you use comparing of different generations a
lot, you may set this variable to nil to improve the
:type 'boolean
:group 'guix)
(defvar guix-output-name-width 30
"Width of an output name \"column\".
This variable is used in auxiliary buffers for comparing generations.")
(defun guix-generation-file (profile generation)
"Return the file name of a PROFILE's GENERATION."
(format "%s-%s-link" profile generation))
(defun guix-manifest-file (profile &optional generation)
"Return the file name of a PROFILE's manifest.
If GENERATION number is specified, return manifest file name for
this generation."
(expand-file-name "manifest"
(if generation
(guix-generation-file profile generation)
(defun guix-generation-packages (profile generation)
"Return a list of sorted packages installed in PROFILE's GENERATION.
Each element of the list is a list of the package specification and its path."
(let ((names+paths (guix-eval-read
profile generation))))
(sort names+paths
(lambda (a b)
(string< (car a) (car b))))))
(defun guix-generation-packages-buffer-name-default (profile generation)
"Return name of a buffer for displaying GENERATION's package outputs.
Use base name of PROFILE path."
(let ((profile-name (file-name-base (directory-file-name profile))))
(format "*Guix %s: generation %s*"
profile-name generation)))
(defun guix-generation-packages-buffer-name-long (profile generation)
"Return name of a buffer for displaying GENERATION's package outputs.
Use the full PROFILE path."
(format "*Guix generation %s (%s)*"
generation profile))
(defun guix-generation-packages-buffer-name (profile generation)
"Return name of a buffer for displaying GENERATION's package outputs."
(let ((fun (if (functionp guix-generation-packages-buffer-name-function)
(funcall fun profile generation)))
(defun guix-generation-insert-package (name path)
"Insert package output NAME and PATH at point."
(insert name)
(indent-to guix-output-name-width 2)
(insert path "\n"))
(defun guix-generation-insert-packages (buffer profile generation)
"Insert package outputs installed in PROFILE's GENERATION in BUFFER."
(with-current-buffer buffer
(setq buffer-read-only nil
indent-tabs-mode nil)
(mapc (lambda (name+path)
(car name+path) (cadr name+path)))
(guix-generation-packages profile generation))))
(defun guix-generation-packages-buffer (profile generation)
"Return buffer with package outputs installed in PROFILE's GENERATION.
Create the buffer if needed."
(let ((buf-name (guix-generation-packages-buffer-name
profile generation)))
(or (and (null guix-generation-packages-update-buffer)
(get-buffer buf-name))
(let ((buf (get-buffer-create buf-name)))
(guix-generation-insert-packages buf profile generation)
(defun guix-profile-generation-manifest-file (generation)
"Return the file name of a GENERATION's manifest.
GENERATION is a generation number of `guix-profile' profile."
(guix-manifest-file guix-profile generation))
(defun guix-profile-generation-packages-buffer (generation)
"Insert GENERATION's package outputs in a buffer and return it.
GENERATION is a generation number of `guix-profile' profile."
(guix-generation-packages-buffer guix-profile generation))
;;; Actions on packages and generations
(defface guix-operation-option-key
'((t :inherit font-lock-warning-face))
"Face used for the keys of operation options."
:group 'guix)
(defcustom guix-operation-confirm t
"If nil, do not prompt to confirm an operation."
:type 'boolean
:group 'guix)
(defcustom guix-use-substitutes t
"If non-nil, use substitutes for the Guix packages."
:type 'boolean
:group 'guix)
(defvar guix-dry-run nil
"If non-nil, do not perform the real actions, just simulate.")
(defvar guix-temp-buffer-name " *Guix temp*"
"Name of a buffer used for displaying info before executing operation.")
(defvar guix-operation-option-true-string "yes"
"String displayed in the mode-line when operation option is t.")
(defvar guix-operation-option-false-string "no "
"String displayed in the mode-line when operation option is nil.")
(defvar guix-operation-option-separator " | "
"String used in the mode-line to separate operation options.")
(defvar guix-operation-options
'((?s "substitutes" guix-use-substitutes)
(?d "dry-run" guix-dry-run))
"List of available operation options.
Each element of the list has a form:
KEY is a character that may be pressed during confirmation to
toggle the option.
NAME is a string displayed in the mode-line.
VARIABLE is a name of an option variable.")
(defun guix-operation-option-by-key (key)
"Return operation option by KEY (character)."
(assq key guix-operation-options))
(defun guix-operation-option-key (option)
"Return key (character) of the operation OPTION."
(car option))
(defun guix-operation-option-name (option)
"Return name of the operation OPTION."
(nth 1 option))
(defun guix-operation-option-variable (option)
"Return name of the variable of the operation OPTION."
(nth 2 option))
(defun guix-operation-option-value (option)
"Return boolean value of the operation OPTION."
(symbol-value (guix-operation-option-variable option)))
(defun guix-operation-option-string-value (option)
"Convert boolean value of the operation OPTION to string and return it."
(if (guix-operation-option-value option)
(defun guix-process-package-actions (profile actions
&optional operation-buffer)
"Process package ACTIONS on PROFILE.
Each action is a list of the form:
ACTION-TYPE is one of the following symbols: `install',
`upgrade', `remove'/`delete'.
PACKAGE-SPEC should have the following form: (ID [OUTPUT] ...)."
(let (install upgrade remove)
(mapc (lambda (action)
(let ((action-type (car action))
(specs (cdr action)))
(cl-case action-type
(install (setq install (append install specs)))
(upgrade (setq upgrade (append upgrade specs)))
((remove delete) (setq remove (append remove specs))))))
(when (guix-continue-package-operation-p
:install install :upgrade upgrade :remove remove)
'process-package-actions profile
:install install :upgrade upgrade :remove remove
:use-substitutes? (or guix-use-substitutes 'f)
:dry-run? (or guix-dry-run 'f))
(and (not guix-dry-run) operation-buffer)))))
(cl-defun guix-continue-package-operation-p (profile
&key install upgrade remove)
"Return non-nil if a package operation should be continued.
Ask a user if needed (see `guix-operation-confirm').
INSTALL, UPGRADE, REMOVE are 'package action specifications'.
See `guix-process-package-actions' for details."
(or (null guix-operation-confirm)
(let* ((entries (guix-get-entries
profile 'package 'id
(append (mapcar #'car install)
(mapcar #'car upgrade)
(mapcar #'car remove))
'(id name version location)))
(install-strings (guix-get-package-strings install entries))
(upgrade-strings (guix-get-package-strings upgrade entries))
(remove-strings (guix-get-package-strings remove entries)))
(if (or install-strings upgrade-strings remove-strings)
(let ((buf (get-buffer-create guix-temp-buffer-name)))
(with-current-buffer buf
(setq-local cursor-type nil)
(setq buffer-read-only nil)
(insert "Profile: " profile "\n\n")
(guix-insert-package-strings install-strings "install")
(guix-insert-package-strings upgrade-strings "upgrade")
(guix-insert-package-strings remove-strings "remove")
(let ((win (temp-buffer-window-show
(window-height . fit-window-to-buffer)))))
(prog1 (guix-operation-prompt)
(quit-window nil win)))))
(message "Nothing to be done. If the REPL was restarted, information is not up-to-date.")
(defun guix-get-package-strings (specs entries)
"Return short package descriptions for performing package actions.
See `guix-process-package-actions' for the meaning of SPECS.
ENTRIES is a list of package entries to get info about packages."
(delq nil
(lambda (spec)
(let* ((id (car spec))
(outputs (cdr spec))
(entry (guix-get-entry-by-id id entries)))
(when entry
(let ((location (guix-get-key-val entry 'location)))
(concat (guix-get-full-name entry)
(when outputs
(concat ":"
(mapconcat #'identity outputs ",")))
(when location
(concat "\t(" location ")")))))))
(defun guix-insert-package-strings (strings action)
"Insert information STRINGS at point for performing package ACTION."
(when strings
(insert "Package(s) to " (propertize action 'face 'bold) ":\n")
(mapc (lambda (str)
(insert " " str "\n"))
(insert "\n")))
(defun guix-operation-prompt (&optional prompt)
"Prompt a user for continuing the current operation.
Return non-nil, if the operation should be continued; nil otherwise.
Ask a user with PROMPT for continuing an operation."
(let* ((option-keys (mapcar #'guix-operation-option-key
(keys (append '(?y ?n) option-keys))
(prompt (concat (propertize (or prompt "Continue operation?")
'face 'minibuffer-prompt)
" ("
(lambda (key)
(propertize (string key)
'face 'guix-operation-option-key))
", ")
") ")))
(let ((mode-line mode-line-format))
(prog1 (guix-operation-prompt-1 prompt keys)
(setq mode-line-format mode-line)
;; Clear the minibuffer after prompting.
(message "")))))
(defun guix-operation-prompt-1 (prompt keys)
"This function is internal for `guix-operation-prompt'."
(let ((key (read-char-choice prompt (cons ?\C-g keys) t)))
(cl-case key
(?y t)
((?n ?\C-g) nil)
(t (let* ((option (guix-operation-option-by-key key))
(var (guix-operation-option-variable option)))
(set var (not (symbol-value var)))
(guix-operation-prompt-1 prompt keys))))))
(defun guix-operation-set-mode-line ()
"Display operation options in the mode-line of the current buffer."
(setq mode-line-format
(concat (propertize " Options: "
'face 'mode-line-buffer-id)
(lambda (option)
(let ((key (guix-operation-option-key option))
(name (guix-operation-option-name option))
(val (guix-operation-option-string-value option)))
(concat name
" ("
(propertize (string key)
'face 'guix-operation-option-key)
"): " val)))
(defun guix-delete-generations (profile generations
&optional operation-buffer)
Each element from GENERATIONS is a generation number."
(when (or (not guix-operation-confirm)
(let ((count (length generations)))
(if (> count 1)
(format "Delete %d generations from profile '%s'? "
count profile)
(format "Delete generation %d from profile '%s'? "
(car generations) profile)))))
'delete-generations* profile generations)
(defun guix-switch-to-generation (profile generation
&optional operation-buffer)
(when (or (not guix-operation-confirm)
(y-or-n-p (format "Switch profile '%s' to generation %d? "
profile generation)))
'switch-to-generation profile generation)
(defun guix-package-source-path (package-id)
"Return a store file path to a source of a package PACKAGE-ID."
(message "Calculating the source derivation ...")
'package-source-path package-id)))
(defvar guix-after-source-download-hook nil
"Hook run after successful performing a 'source-download' operation.")
(defun guix-package-source-build-derivation (package-id &optional prompt)
"Build source derivation of a package PACKAGE-ID.
Ask a user with PROMPT for continuing an operation."
(when (or (not guix-operation-confirm)
(guix-operation-prompt (or prompt
"Build the source derivation?")))
:use-substitutes? (or guix-use-substitutes 'f)
:dry-run? (or guix-dry-run 'f))
nil 'source-download)))
;;; Pull
(defcustom guix-update-after-pull t
"If non-nil, update Guix buffers after performing \\[guix-pull]."
:type 'boolean
:group 'guix)
(defvar guix-after-pull-hook
'(guix-restart-repl-after-pull guix-update-buffers-maybe-after-pull)
"Hook run after successful performing `guix-pull' operation.")
(defun guix-restart-repl-after-pull ()
"Restart Guix REPL after `guix-pull' operation."
"Restarting Guix REPL after pull operation ..."))
(defun guix-update-buffers-maybe-after-pull ()
"Update buffers depending on `guix-update-after-pull'."
(when guix-update-after-pull
(mapc #'guix-update-buffer
;; No need to update "generation" buffers.
(guix-buffers '(guix-package-list-mode
(message "Guix buffers have been updated.")))
(defun guix-pull (&optional verbose)
"Run Guix pull operation.
If VERBOSE is non-nil (with prefix argument), produce verbose output."
(let ((args (and verbose '("--verbose"))))
(apply #'guix-make-guile-expression 'guix-pull args)
nil 'pull)))
(provide 'guix-base)
;;; guix-base.el ends here