Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ricardo Wurmus de793e9a5a
gnu: ghc-language-c: Fix up.
6 years ago
build gnu: cross-base: Move phases to (gnu build cross-toolchain). 6 years ago
packages gnu: ghc-language-c: Fix up. 6 years ago
services services: nginx: Make service extensible. 6 years ago
system system: grub: Load relevant EFI modules on EFI systems. 6 years ago
tests gnu: Add system test for the rpcbind-daemon service. 6 years ago
artwork.scm artwork: Update to latest version. 7 years ago
local.mk gnu: slock: Update to 1.4. 6 years ago
packages.scm ui: Do not shadow '_' where it's used as a literal syntax match. 6 years ago
services.scm services: Activate system prior to services. 6 years ago
system.scm gnu: system: Add openfwwf-firmware to %base-firmware. 6 years ago
tests.scm services: <shepherd-service> no longer has an 'imported-modules' field. 6 years ago