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;;; GNU Guix --- Functional package management for GNU
;;; Copyright © 2015 Eric Bavier <>
;;; This file is part of GNU Guix.
;;; GNU Guix is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at
;;; your option) any later version.
;;; GNU Guix is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;;; along with GNU Guix. If not, see <>.
(define-module (gnu packages ci)
#:use-module ((guix licenses) #:prefix l:)
#:use-module (gnu packages)
#:use-module (guix packages)
#:use-module (guix git-download)
#:use-module (gnu packages autotools)
#:use-module (gnu packages base)
#:use-module (gnu packages docbook)
#:use-module (gnu packages compression)
#:use-module (gnu packages databases)
#:use-module (gnu packages guile)
#:use-module (gnu packages mail)
#:use-module (gnu packages openssl)
#:use-module (gnu packages package-management)
#:use-module (gnu packages perl)
#:use-module (gnu packages pkg-config)
#:use-module (gnu packages version-control)
#:use-module (gnu packages web)
#:use-module (gnu packages xml)
#:use-module (gnu packages zip)
#:use-module (guix build-system gnu))
(define-public hydra
(let ((commit "4c0e3e4"))
(name "hydra")
(version (string-append "20150407." commit))
(source (origin
(method git-fetch)
(uri (git-reference
(url "")
(commit commit)))
(file-name (string-append name "-" version))
(patches (map search-patch
;; TODO: Remove once we have a darcs input
(build-system gnu-build-system)
`(("unzip" ,unzip)
("pkg-config" ,pkg-config)
;; For documentation
("dblatex" ,dblatex)
("xsltproc" ,libxslt)
("docbook-xsl" ,docbook-xsl)
;; For bootstrap
("autoconf" ,autoconf)
("automake" ,automake)
("libtool" ,libtool)
;; For tests
("git" ,git)
("subversion" ,subversion)
("mercurial" ,mercurial)
("bazaar" ,bazaar)))
`(("perl" ,perl)
("guile" ,guile-2.0)
("openssl" ,openssl)
("bzip2" ,bzip2)
("gzip" ,gzip)
("sed" ,sed)
("starman" ,starman)
("git" ,git)
("subversion" ,subversion)
("mercurial" ,mercurial)
("bazaar" ,bazaar)
("nix" ,nix)
;; Lots o' perl modules...
("perl-catalyst-action-rest" ,perl-catalyst-action-rest)
("perl-catalyst-devel" ,perl-catalyst-devel)
("perl-catalyst-dispatchtype-regex" ,perl-catalyst-dispatchtype-regex)
("perl-catalyst-plugin-accesslog" ,perl-catalyst-plugin-accesslog)
("perl-catalyst-plugin-captcha" ,perl-catalyst-plugin-captcha)
("perl-catalyst-plugin-stacktrace" ,perl-catalyst-plugin-stacktrace)
("perl-catalyst-view-download" ,perl-catalyst-view-download)
("perl-catalyst-view-json" ,perl-catalyst-view-json)
("perl-catalyst-view-tt" ,perl-catalyst-view-tt)
("perl-catalystx-roleapplicator" ,perl-catalystx-roleapplicator)
("perl-crypt-randpasswd" ,perl-crypt-randpasswd)
("perl-data-dump" ,perl-data-dump)
("perl-datetime" ,perl-datetime)
("perl-dbd-pg" ,perl-dbd-pg)
("perl-dbd-sqlite" ,perl-dbd-sqlite)
("perl-digest-sha1" ,perl-digest-sha1)
("perl-email-mime" ,perl-email-mime)
("perl-email-sender" ,perl-email-sender)
("perl-file-slurp" ,perl-file-slurp)
("perl-io-compress" ,perl-io-compress)
("perl-ipc-run" ,perl-ipc-run)
("perl-json-any" ,perl-json-any)
("perl-json-xs" ,perl-json-xs)
("perl-libwww" ,perl-libwww)
("perl-lwp-protocol-https" ,perl-lwp-protocol-https)
("perl-net-amazon-s3" ,perl-net-amazon-s3)
("perl-padwalker" ,perl-padwalker)
("perl-readonly" ,perl-readonly)
("perl-set-scalar" ,perl-set-scalar)
("perl-sql-splitstatement" ,perl-sql-splitstatement)
("perl-sys-hostname-long" ,perl-sys-hostname-long)
("perl-text-diff" ,perl-text-diff)
("perl-text-table" ,perl-text-table)
("perl-xml-simple" ,perl-xml-simple)))
(let ((docbook (assoc-ref %build-inputs "docbook-xsl")))
(list (string-append "--with-docbook-xsl="
docbook "/xml/xsl/docbook-xsl-"
,(package-version docbook-xsl))
(string-append "--docdir=" %output
"/doc/hydra-" ,version)))
#:phases (modify-phases %standard-phases
'unpack 'bootstrap
(lambda _ (zero? (system* "autoreconf" "-vfi"))))
'check 'check-setup
(lambda _ (setenv "LOGNAME" "test.log")))
'install 'wrap-program
(lambda* (#:key inputs outputs #:allow-other-keys)
(let ((out (assoc-ref outputs "out")))
(lambda (file)
(wrap-program file
`("PATH" ":" prefix
(,(string-append out "/bin")
,@(map (lambda (i)
(string-append (assoc-ref inputs i)
'("subversion" "git" "bazaar"
"mercurial" "coreutils" "gzip"
"sed" "unzip" "nix"))))
`("PERL5LIB" ":" prefix
(,(string-append out "/libexec/hydra/lib")
(getenv "PERL5LIB"))))
`("HYDRA_RELEASE" = (,,version))
(,(string-append out "/libexec/hydra")))
`("NIX_RELEASE" = (,,(package-version nix)))))
(find-files (string-append out "/bin")
(home-page "")
(synopsis "Continuous build system")
"Hydra is a tool for continuous integration testing and software
release that uses a purely functional language to describe build jobs and
their dependencies.")
(license l:gpl3+))))