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Ludovic Courtès 9188198692
git: Increase modularity and expose 'update-cached-checkout'.
4 years ago
build union: Slightly improve messages for file collisions. 4 years ago
build-system gnu: rust: Update rust to 1.24.1. 4 years ago
import Correct name and Email for ng0. 4 years ago
scripts guix package: Add '--allow-collisions'. 4 years ago
store store: Support 'ssh://' URIs in 'GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET'. 5 years ago
tests tests: Support multiple HTTP server instances. 4 years ago
base16.scm utils: Move base16 procedures to (guix base16). 5 years ago
base32.scm base32: Export the base32 charsets. 5 years ago
base64.scm base64: Turn into a regular Guile module. 5 years ago
build-system.scm build-system: Bags record their system and target. 7 years ago
cache.scm cache: Work around 'time-monotonic' bug in Guile 2.2.2. 5 years ago
ci.scm Add (guix ci). 4 years ago
combinators.scm Add (guix memoization). 5 years ago
config.scm.in pull: Install (guix config) module to override the user's one. 6 years ago
cpio.scm linux-initrd: Produce cpio archives with zeroed timestamps, etc. 7 years ago
cve.scm cve: Use 'http-fetch/cached' instead of having custom caching. 4 years ago
cvs-download.scm download: Download a nar when a VCS checkout fails. 4 years ago
derivations.scm derivations: Fix typo in docstring. 4 years ago
discovery.scm discovery: Move 'file-name->module-name' to (guix modules). 4 years ago
docker.scm guix: Rewrite build-docker-image to allow more paths. 4 years ago
download.scm download: Remove TU Wien mirror. 4 years ago
elf.scm elf: Add missing argument in 'elf-segment'. 7 years ago
ftp-client.scm download: Pass the timeout to 'ftp-retr'. 4 years ago
gcrypt.scm Add (guix gcrypt). 7 years ago
gexp.scm gexp: 'program-file' has a new #:module-path parameter. 4 years ago
git-download.scm git-download: Fix recursive checkouts. 4 years ago
git.scm git: Increase modularity and expose 'update-cached-checkout'. 4 years ago
glob.scm glob: Add an extra glob pattern compilation stage. 4 years ago
gnu-maintenance.scm gnu-maintenance: 'latest-ftp-release' ignores "unstable" directories. 4 years ago
gnupg.scm ui: Rename '_' to 'G_'. 5 years ago
grafts.scm derivations: Introduce 'read-derivation-from-file'. 5 years ago
graph.scm graph: Add Cypher backend. 5 years ago
hash.scm hash: Add 'sha1'. 4 years ago
hg-download.scm download: Download a nar when a VCS checkout fails. 4 years ago
http-client.scm build: Require Guile >= 2.0.13. 4 years ago
i18n.scm ui: Introduce (guix i18n). 4 years ago
licenses.scm Correct name and Email for ng0. 4 years ago
man-db.scm guix: Exclude broken symlinks from man files. 4 years ago
memoization.scm memoization: Add 'invalidate-memoization!. 4 years ago
modules.scm graph: Add "module" node type. 4 years ago
monad-repl.scm monad-repl: Close connection when leaving the monad REPL. 6 years ago
monads.scm monads: Add a template and specialization mechanism for monadic procedures. 5 years ago
nar.scm ui: Rename '_' to 'G_'. 5 years ago
packages.scm Merge branch 'master' into core-updates 4 years ago
pk-crypto.scm publish: The public and private keys are now SRFI-39 parameters. 5 years ago
pki.scm Use (ice-9 binary-ports) instead of (rnrs io ports). 5 years ago
profiles.scm profiles: 'manifest-add' truly deletes duplicate entries. 4 years ago
profiling.scm Add (guix profiling). 4 years ago
progress.scm progress: Rename 'erase-in-line' to 'erase-current-line'. 4 years ago
records.scm records: Use 'make-struct/no-tail'. 4 years ago
scripts.scm scripts: Factorize option parsing sans 'GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS'. 4 years ago
search-paths.scm search-paths: Allow specs with #f as their separator. 5 years ago
serialization.scm store: Fix potential over-reads in 'import-paths'. 4 years ago
sets.scm Add (guix sets). 7 years ago
ssh.scm ssh: Work around 'select' bug in Guile. 4 years ago
store.scm store: Fix potential over-reads in 'import-paths'. 4 years ago
svn-download.scm guix: Add download-svn-to-store. 5 years ago
tests.scm store: 'GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET' can now be a URI. 5 years ago
ui.scm ui: 'display-hint' preserves Texinfo formatting. 4 years ago
upstream.scm upstream: Reject bogus archive type guesses. 4 years ago
utils.scm guix: utils: Add version-major. 4 years ago
workers.scm workers: Display backtrace in pre-unwind handler. 4 years ago
zlib.scm zlib: Fix race condition when closing gzip ports. 4 years ago