Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès f513527a8e Merge branch 'core-updates' 8 years ago
archive.scm pk-crypto: Add pretty-printer to 'gcry-error' exceptions. 8 years ago
authenticate.scm authenticate: Add compatibility hack for Guile 2.0.5. 8 years ago
build.scm guix build: Allow gexps to be passed to '-e'. 8 years ago
download.scm Use `port-sha256' and `open-sha256-port'. 9 years ago
gc.scm ui: Add 'size->number'. 8 years ago
hash.scm guix hash: Add '--recursive'. 8 years ago
import.scm ui: Add `args-fold*' and use it. 9 years ago
offload.scm offload: '{send,receive}-files' wait for completion of the transfer. 8 years ago
package.scm Separate package description translations from string translations. 8 years ago
pull.scm pull: Move build code to (guix build pull). 9 years ago
refresh.scm guix refresh: Keep only the newest versions of packages as upgrade candidates. 9 years ago
substitute-binary.scm Merge branch 'core-updates' 8 years ago
system.scm guix system: 'init' makes sure the target store directory exists. 8 years ago