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;;; GNU Guix --- Functional package management for GNU
;;; Copyright © 2013 Ludovic Courtès <>
;;; This file is part of GNU Guix.
;;; GNU Guix is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at
;;; your option) any later version.
;;; GNU Guix is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;;; along with GNU Guix. If not, see <>.
(define-module (gnu packages mail)
#:use-module (gnu packages)
#:use-module (gnu packages autotools)
#:use-module (gnu packages cyrus-sasl)
#:use-module (gnu packages dejagnu)
#:use-module (gnu packages gdbm)
#:use-module (gnu packages gnupg)
#:use-module (gnu packages gnutls)
#:use-module (gnu packages guile)
#:use-module (gnu packages linux)
#:use-module (gnu packages m4)
#:use-module (gnu packages mysql)
#:use-module (gnu packages ncurses)
#:use-module (gnu packages openssl)
#:use-module (gnu packages perl)
#:use-module (gnu packages readline)
#:use-module (gnu packages texinfo)
#:use-module ((guix licenses)
#:select (gpl2+ gpl3+ lgpl3+))
#:use-module (guix packages)
#:use-module (guix download)
#:use-module (guix build-system gnu))
(define-public mailutils
(name "mailutils")
(version "2.2")
(source (origin
(method url-fetch)
(uri (string-append "mirror://gnu/mailutils/mailutils-"
version ".tar.bz2"))
(patches (list (search-patch "m4-gets-undeclared.patch")))))
(build-system gnu-build-system)
'(;; TODO: Add `--with-sql'.
#:phases (alist-cons-before
'build 'pre-build
(lambda _
;; Use Guile 2.0's public API.
(substitute* "libmu_scm/mu_message.c"
;; This file should be generated to use the right
;; value of $(libdir) et al.
(delete-file "libmu_scm/mailutils.scm")
;; Use the right file name for `cat'.
(substitute* "testsuite/lib/mailutils.exp"
(which "cat"))))
#:parallel-tests? #f))
`(("dejagnu" ,dejagnu)
("m4" ,m4)
("texinfo" ,texinfo)
("guile" ,guile-2.0)
("gnutls" ,gnutls)
("ncurses" ,ncurses)
("readline" ,readline)
("linux-pam" ,linux-pam)
("libtool" ,libtool)
("gdbm" ,gdbm)))
(home-page "")
(synopsis "Utilities and library for reading and serving mail")
"Mailutils is a \"swiss army knife of electronic mail handling.\" It is
a suite of programs for managing, viewing and processing e-mail. It contains
both utilities and server daemons and all operate in a protocol-agnostic way.
The underlying libraries are also made available, making adding mail
capabilities to new software simple.")
;; Libraries are under LGPLv3+, and programs under GPLv3+.
(list gpl3+ lgpl3+))))
(define-public fetchmail
(name "fetchmail")
(version "6.3.26")
(source (origin
(method url-fetch)
(uri (string-append "mirror://sourceforge/fetchmail/branch_6.3/fetchmail-"
version ".tar.xz"))
(build-system gnu-build-system)
`(("openssl" ,openssl)))
`(#:configure-flags (list (string-append "--with-ssl="
(assoc-ref %build-inputs "openssl")))))
(home-page "")
(synopsis "Remote-mailr etrieval and forwarding utility")
"Fetchmail is a full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail
retrieval and forwarding utility intended to be used over on-demand
TCP/IP links (such as SLIP or PPP connections). It supports every
remote-mail protocol now in use on the Internet: POP2, POP3, RPOP, APOP,
KPOP, all flavors of IMAP, ETRN, and ODMR. It can even support IPv6
and IPSEC.
Fetchmail retrieves mail from remote mail servers and forwards it via SMTP,
so it can then be read by normal mail user agents such as mutt, elm
or BSD Mail. It allows all your system MTA's filtering, forwarding, and
aliasing facilities to work just as they would on normal mail.")
(license gpl2+))) ; most files are actually public domain or x11
(define-public mutt
(name "mutt")
(version "1.5.21")
(source (origin
(method url-fetch)
(uri (string-append ""
version ".tar.gz"))
(build-system gnu-build-system)
`(("cyrus-sasl" ,cyrus-sasl)
("gpgme" ,gpgme)
("ncurses" ,ncurses)
("openssl" ,openssl)
("perl" ,perl)))
`(#:configure-flags '("--enable-smtp"
;; so that mutt does not check whether the path
;; exists, which it does not in the chroot
(home-page "")
(synopsis "Mail client")
"Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix
operating systems.")
(license gpl2+)))