Mirror of GNU Guix
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen ad85791265
gnu: linux-initrd: Support NVMe devices.
6 years ago
examples doc: Add "lightweight desktop" OS config example. 6 years ago
file-systems.scm file-systems: Remove unneeded import. 6 years ago
grub.scm system: grub: Search root device by label or UUID if possible. 6 years ago
install.scm install: Pass a relative file name to 'local-file'. 6 years ago
linux-container.scm linux-container: Accept file systems with a UUID 'source'. 6 years ago
linux-initrd.scm gnu: linux-initrd: Support NVMe devices. 6 years ago
locale.scm system: Selected locale is automatically built. 6 years ago
mapped-devices.scm mapped-devices: LUKS partitions can be designated by their UUID. 6 years ago
nss.scm nss: Add '%mdns-host-lookup-nss'. 7 years ago
pam.scm system: pam: 'pam-root-service-type' can be extended with transformations. 6 years ago
shadow.scm system: Do not export PS1 in /etc/skel/.bashrc. 6 years ago
vm.scm tests: Add whole-system test. 6 years ago