Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès b1dd6ac55d
vm: 'qemu-command' honors its argument.
6 years ago
activation.scm activation: Copy account skeletons silently. 6 years ago
file-systems.scm file-systems: Add 'find-partition-by-luks-uuid'. 6 years ago
install.scm build: reset-timestamps: Include directories. 6 years ago
linux-boot.scm Rename '/root/etc/dmd' directory and 'do-not-kill' file. 6 years ago
linux-container.scm container: Gracefully report mount errors in the child process. 6 years ago
linux-initrd.scm linux-initrd: Compress cpio archives deterministically. 6 years ago
linux-modules.scm linux-modules: Use normalized module names for 'modprobe.blacklist'. 6 years ago
marionette.scm Add (gnu tests) and (gnu build marionette). 6 years ago
vm.scm vm: 'qemu-command' honors its argument. 6 years ago