Mirror of GNU Guix
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Alex Sassmannshausen 5b8e564ccd
import: cpan: Use our mirrors for 'https' URLs.
6 years ago
build guix: Support authentication when fetching from SVN. 6 years ago
build-system guix: python-build-system: Change pypi-uri to use https://pypi.io. 6 years ago
import import: cpan: Use our mirrors for 'https' URLs. 6 years ago
scripts substitute: Use ~/.cache when invoked by an unprivileged user. 6 years ago
base32.scm base32: Use a custom error condition instead of 'misc-error'. 7 years ago
base64.scm base64: Inline arithmetic operations. 8 years ago
build-system.scm build-system: Bags record their system and target. 8 years ago
combinators.scm utils: Move combinators to (guix combinators). 6 years ago
config.scm.in daemon: Rename 'NIX_CONF_DIR' to 'GUIX_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY'. 6 years ago
cpio.scm linux-initrd: Produce cpio archives with zeroed timestamps, etc. 7 years ago
cve.scm cve: Use a more compact format for the list of package/versions. 6 years ago
cvs-download.scm packages: Refer to the native tools when handling sources and downloads. 7 years ago
derivations.scm derivations: 'derivation' sorts items in the resulting object. 6 years ago
download.scm download: Update CPAN mirrors. 6 years ago
elf.scm elf: Add missing argument in 'elf-segment'. 7 years ago
ftp-client.scm ftp-client: Default port for 'ftp-open' is now "ftp". 7 years ago
gcrypt.scm Add (guix gcrypt). 8 years ago
gexp.scm gexp: Use a relative file name. 6 years ago
git-download.scm download: Disable offloading for downloads. 7 years ago
gnu-maintenance.scm gnu-maintenance: Replace 'find-packages' with 'find-package' (singular). 6 years ago
gnupg.scm gnupg: Correctly parse current 'SIG_ID' lines. 8 years ago
grafts.scm grafts: Create only one grafted variant of each derivation. 6 years ago
graph.scm graph: Add 'node-reachable-count'. 6 years ago
hash.scm hash: Initialize libgcrypt before use. 8 years ago
hg-download.scm guix: Add downloader for Mercurial repositories. 6 years ago
http-client.scm http-client: No 'setvbuf' for non-file ports. 6 years ago
licenses.scm licenses: Add the nmap license. 6 years ago
monad-repl.scm monad-repl: Close connection when leaving the monad REPL. 7 years ago
monads.scm monads: Fix 'liftN' fallback case. 7 years ago
nar.scm utils: Move 'fcntl-flock' to (guix build syscalls). 6 years ago
packages.scm packages: Disambiguate 'modules' and 'imported-modules' in <origin>. 6 years ago
pk-crypto.scm pk-crypto: Improve documentation of 'key-type'. 8 years ago
pki.scm pki: Introduce 'write-acl', and fix wrong conversion in 'ensure-acl'. 8 years ago
profiles.scm profiles: Make sure hook derivations fail upon error. 6 years ago
records.scm records: Remove unnecessary 'begin'. 7 years ago
scripts.scm emacs: Add 'guix-devel-build-package-source'. 7 years ago
search-paths.scm utils: Have search-path-as-list pattern search for directories. 7 years ago
serialization.scm serialization: Add #:select? parameter to 'write-file'. 6 years ago
sets.scm Add (guix sets). 8 years ago
store.scm store: 'register-path' no longer swallows 'system-error' exceptions. 6 years ago
svn-download.scm guix: Support authentication when fetching from SVN. 6 years ago
tests.scm tests: Narinfos can specify an non-empty reference list. 7 years ago
ui.scm ui: 'string->duration' supports hours and seconds. 6 years ago
upstream.scm import: Gracefully report import failures. 6 years ago
utils.scm utils: 'cache-directory' always appends "/guix". 6 years ago