Mirror of GNU Guix
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Marius Bakke fd3782d13b
Merge branch 'version-0.13.0'
5 years ago
base.scm services: user-homes: Do not create home directories marked as no-create. 5 years ago
dict.scm tests: dicod: Bail out if we cannot connect within 20 seconds. 5 years ago
install.scm system: Create home directories once 'file-systems' is up. 5 years ago
mail.scm tests: mail: Add test for exim 5 years ago
messaging.scm tests: Introduce 'simple-operating-system' and use it. 5 years ago
networking.scm tests: Introduce 'simple-operating-system' and use it. 5 years ago
nfs.scm bootloader: Add extlinux support. 5 years ago
ssh.scm tests: ssh: Use 'guile2.0-ssh'. 5 years ago
web.scm tests: Remove unused import (gnu system grub). 5 years ago