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Julien Lepiller 55b90c9053
guix: Add maven-build-system.
1 year ago
android-ndk.scm gnu: android-make-stub: Update to 0.6.0. 3 years ago
ant.scm guix: java-utils: Add Maven-related phases. 1 year ago
asdf.scm build: asdf-build-system: Use SBCL source in CL packages. 1 year ago
cargo.scm cargo-build-system: Accept a #:features argument 2 years ago
clojure.scm build-system/clojure: Provide only the right modules in scope. 2 years ago
cmake.scm build-system: cmake: Add substitutable keyword. 1 year ago
copy.scm build-system: Fix copy-build-system default install plan. 2 years ago
dub.scm Adjust all users of (gnu packages ldc) to use (gnu packages dlang). 3 years ago
dune.scm guix: dune-build-system: Add a package parameter. 3 years ago
emacs.scm build-system: emacs: Add improved check phase. 3 years ago
font.scm gnu: Move contents of zip module into compression module. 4 years ago
glib-or-gtk.scm gnu: gcc: Switch back to using 'C_INCLUDE_PATH' instead of 'CPATH'. 2 years ago
gnu.scm build-system/gnu: Cross builds properly handle #:allowed-references & co. 1 year ago
go.scm build-system/go: Allow providing additional build flags 1 year ago
guile.scm build-system/guile: Expose #:scheme-file-regexp. 1 year ago
haskell.scm build-system: haskell: Add #:cabal-revision argument. 3 years ago
julia.scm build-system/julia: Avoid module cycles. 2 years ago
linux-module.scm build-system: linux-module: Allow passing #:make-flags argument. 1 year ago
maven.scm guix: Add maven-build-system. 1 year ago
meson.scm gnu: gcc: Switch back to using 'C_INCLUDE_PATH' instead of 'CPATH'. 2 years ago
minify.scm gnu: uglify-js: Move back next to sbcl-cl-uglify-js definition. 2 years ago
node.scm build: Add node-build-system. 2 years ago
ocaml.scm guix: ocaml: Also replace dune when relevant in package-with-explicit-ocaml. 2 years ago
perl.scm Move search path specifications to (guix search-paths). 6 years ago
python.scm import: pypi: Update the host URI. 2 years ago
qt.scm build-system: qt: Adjust indentation. 2 years ago
r.scm build-system/r: bioconductor-uri: Fix archive URL. 1 year ago
rakudo.scm build: Add rakudo-build-system. 3 years ago
ruby.scm build: ruby: Rewrite build system to use gem archives. 6 years ago
scons.scm gnu: Add nsis-x86_64 and nsis-i686. 2 years ago
texlive.scm build-system/texlive: Update to texlive-2019.3, revision 51265. 2 years ago
trivial.scm build-system/trivial: Add support for #:allowed-references. 4 years ago
waf.scm Move search path specifications to (guix search-paths). 6 years ago