Mirror of GNU Guix
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Efraim Flashner 538fe01934
gnu: python-vcversioner: Update to
6 years ago
hydra hydra: Add "arm-linux-gnueabihf" as a cross-compilation target. 6 years ago
build-self.scm pull: Update the version string. 6 years ago
check-available-binaries.scm build: 'make assert-binaries-available' shows the list of systems. 6 years ago
check-final-inputs-self-contained.scm build: Use (guix grafts) as needed. 6 years ago
compile-all.scm build: Arrange so temporary .go files are deleted upon SIGINT. 6 years ago
download.scm build: Add 'DL' silent rule. 6 years ago
generate-authors.scm build: Generate 'AUTHORS'. 7 years ago
gitlog-to-changelog build: Add `gitlog-to-changelog'. 9 years ago
make-binary-tarball.scm ui: Deduplicate 'show-what-to-build*'. 7 years ago
pre-inst-env.in build: Move environment '.in' scripts to 'build-aux' directory. 6 years ago
run-system-tests.scm tests: 'make check-system' prints the "build trace". 6 years ago
test-driver.scm build: Add a Guile custom test driver using SRFI-64. 6 years ago
test-env.in daemon: Rename 'NIX_CONF_DIR' to 'GUIX_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY'. 6 years ago