Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès c2480d1042
doc: Avoid invalid 'match' pattern in 'syntax-highlighted-html'.
2 years ago
images Merge branch 'staging' into core-updates 3 years ago
build.scm doc: Avoid invalid 'match' pattern in 'syntax-highlighted-html'. 2 years ago
contributing.texi doc: Update guidance about Python 2 package variants. 2 years ago
environment-gdb.scm doc: Add 'guix environment' examples. 7 years ago
fdl-1.3.texi doc: Use HTTPS for external links. 2 years ago
guix-cookbook.texi gnu: Add sbcl-stumpwm-ttf-fonts. 2 years ago
guix.texi doc: Mention HTTP/HTTPS proxy in the system installation instructions. 2 years ago
htmlxref.cnf doc: Update htmlxref.cnf. 2 years ago
local.mk doc: Add German Cookbook translation. 2 years ago
package-hello.scm doc: Use the recommended Scheme format. 7 years ago