Mirror of GNU Guix
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Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 4a498d0012
gnu: dropbear: Update to 2020.80 [fix for CVE-2018-20685].
2 years ago
audio.scm gnu: Add mpd service. 5 years ago
base.scm services: guix: Add 'set-http-proxy' action. 2 years ago
cups.scm gnu: Add system test for CUPS. 2 years ago
databases.scm services: dhcp-client: Deprecate 'dhcp-client-service' procedure. 4 years ago
desktop.scm tests: elogind: Adjust to elogind output change. 4 years ago
dict.scm services: dhcp-client: Deprecate 'dhcp-client-service' procedure. 4 years ago
docker.scm tests: docker-system: Increase memory requirement. 2 years ago
guix.scm services: Add the Guix Data Service. 3 years ago
install.scm tests: install: Disable image compression. 2 years ago
ldap.scm services: Add nslcd-service-type. 3 years ago
linux-modules.scm system: Automatically adjust linux-module packages to use the 2 years ago
mail.scm tests: opensmtpd: Check /var/spool/mail instead of /var/mail. 2 years ago
messaging.scm services: Add quassel. 3 years ago
monitoring.scm tests: zabbix: Set 'PATH' before running the scripts. 2 years ago
networking.scm tests: openvswitch: Use the absolute file name of ovs-vsctl. 2 years ago
nfs.scm tests/nfs: Fix use of WAIT-FOR-FILE. 2 years ago
reconfigure.scm reconfigure: Don't call build-derivations for upgrade-services test 2 years ago
rsync.scm tests: rsync: Set PATH. 2 years ago
security-token.scm gnu: services: Add pcscd service. 4 years ago
singularity.scm tests: Update references to the now-deprecated 'guile-json' variable. 3 years ago
ssh.scm tests: ssh: Explicitly wait for port 22. 2 years ago
version-control.scm services: dhcp-client: Deprecate 'dhcp-client-service' procedure. 4 years ago
virtualization.scm services: dhcp-client: Deprecate 'dhcp-client-service' procedure. 4 years ago
web.scm tests: web: Explicitly wait for the HTTP port. 2 years ago