Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès 276f368051
tests: "make check-system" produces colored output.
4 years ago
cuirass cuirass: Add job specs for the modular Guix. 4 years ago
hydra hydra: Remove useless 'parameterize'. 4 years ago
build-self.scm build-self: Emit a useful message upon error. 4 years ago
check-available-binaries.scm maint: Check whether binaries cross-built to "arm-linux-gnueabihf" are available. 5 years ago
check-final-inputs-self-contained.scm maint: Adjust 'check-final-inputs-self-contained' for glibc:static. 4 years ago
compile-all.scm build: Explicitly flush the "LOAD" and "GUILEC" lines. 5 years ago
compile-as-derivation.scm compile-as-derivation: Adjust %load-compiled-path. 4 years ago
generate-authors.scm build: Generate 'AUTHORS'. 7 years ago
git-version-gen build: Use Gnulib's 'git-version-gen'. 5 years ago
gitlog-to-changelog build: Add `gitlog-to-changelog'. 9 years ago
pre-inst-env.in Remove 'guix-register' and its traces. 4 years ago
run-system-tests.scm tests: "make check-system" produces colored output. 4 years ago
test-driver.scm build: 'test-driver.scm' prints Scheme values with 'write'. 5 years ago
test-env.in build: 'test-env' does not 'guix download' non-existent files. 4 years ago
update-NEWS.scm Add (guix describe) and use it to initialize '%package-search-path'. 4 years ago
update-guix-package.scm maint: update-guix-package: Protect the checkout from GC. 5 years ago