Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès 8cca59ee12
installer: Fix manual partitioning.
3 years ago
bootloader gnu: Add u-boot-pinebook. 4 years ago
build file-systems: Add read-luks-partition-uuid. 3 years ago
installer installer: Fix manual partitioning. 3 years ago
packages gnu: Add guile-parted. 3 years ago
services services: herd: Allow to pass arguments to start-service. 3 years ago
system installer: Move everything to the build side. 3 years ago
tests tests: Rename %test-encrypted-os to %test-encrypted-root-os. 3 years ago
artwork.scm artwork: Clone over HTTPS. 4 years ago
bootloader.scm bootloader: Remove deprecated 'device' field. 3 years ago
ci.scm hydra: Compute jobs in an inferior. 3 years ago
installer.scm installer: Various renamings. 3 years ago
local.mk installer: Reorder local.mk. 3 years ago
packages.scm guix package: '--list-available' can use data from the cache. 3 years ago
services.scm services: 'instantiate-missing-services' reaches fixed point. 4 years ago
system.scm gnu: Add graphical installer support. 3 years ago
tests.scm tests: Warn about test module load failures. 4 years ago