Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès ce45eb4c38 gexp: Add #:graft? parameter to 'gexp->derivation'. 7 years ago
base32.scm Move `sha256' to (guix hash). 9 years ago
base64.scm substitute-binary: Support the Signature field of a narinfo file. 8 years ago
build-utils.scm utils: Allow wrap-program to be called multiple times. 8 years ago
builders.scm packages: Convert source derivations to monadic style. 7 years ago
cpan.scm import: Add CPAN importer. 7 years ago
derivations.scm gexp: Implement 'imported-modules' & co. using 'gexp->derivation'. 7 years ago
gexp.scm gexp: Add #:graft? parameter to 'gexp->derivation'. 7 years ago
guix-archive.sh tests: Make sure 'guix archive --import' succeeds. 8 years ago
guix-authenticate.sh authenticate: Allow signatures with binary data to be written to stdout. 8 years ago
guix-build.sh guix: scripts: Add GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS environment handling. 8 years ago
guix-daemon.sh daemon: Add tests for substitutes and --no-substitutes. 8 years ago
guix-download.sh Replace individual scripts with master 'guix' script. 9 years ago
guix-gc.sh guix gc: Add `--references' and `--referrers'. 9 years ago
guix-hash.sh guix hash: Add '--recursive'. 8 years ago
guix-lint.sh lint: Fix argument parsing when several packages are specified. 7 years ago
guix-package.sh guix package: Make custom profiles actual indirect roots. 7 years ago
guix-register.sh tests: Skip 'guix-register' when the socket name length is exceeded. 7 years ago
guix-system.sh guix {system,offload}: Improve reporting of syntax errors. 8 years ago
hash.scm hash: Add 'open-sha256-input-port', for Guile > 2.0.9. 8 years ago
lint.scm tests: Properly synchronize threads in the 'home-page' lint tests. 7 years ago
monads.scm monads: Add the state monad. 7 years ago
nar.scm serialization: Check for EOF and incomplete input conditions. 7 years ago
packages.scm tests: Disable grafts when comparing derivations. 7 years ago
pk-crypto.scm authenticate: Allow signatures with binary data to be written to stdout. 8 years ago
pki.scm pki: Add 'signature-case' macro. 8 years ago
profiles.scm profiles: Report "pseudo-upgrades" as upgrades, not downgrades. 7 years ago
pypi.scm tests: import: Factorize utility function. 7 years ago
records.scm records: Add support for delayed fields. 7 years ago
sets.scm Add (guix sets). 7 years ago
signing-key.pub daemon: Implement signed archive import/export. 9 years ago
signing-key.sec daemon: Implement signed archive import/export. 9 years ago
snix.scm import: Add PyPI importer. 8 years ago
store.scm tests: Don't dump the list of dead items in the test log. 7 years ago
substitute-binary.scm Break module cycle involving (guix store) and (guix ui). 8 years ago
syscalls.scm tests: Adjust syscall tests for 2.6ish Linux. 7 years ago
test.drv Add unit test for derivation parsing and output. 10 years ago
ui.scm ui: Simplify 'show-manifest-transaction' test. 7 years ago
union.scm Factorize test suite support in (guix tests). 8 years ago
utils.scm utils: Add 'strip-keyword-arguments'. 8 years ago