Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès 57b7e1a62d Merge branch 'core-updates' 7 years ago
hydra monads: Move '%store-monad' and related procedures where they belong. 7 years ago
build-self.scm pull: Use the build procedure provided by the newly-downloaded Guix. 8 years ago
check-available-binaries.scm check-available-binaries: Use 'substitution-oracle'. 7 years ago
check-final-inputs-self-contained.scm build: Use the canonical list of supported systems in 'assert-*'. 7 years ago
download.scm gnu: Add bootstrap binaries for 'armhf-linux'. 7 years ago
gitlog-to-changelog build: Add `gitlog-to-changelog'. 9 years ago
list-packages.scm list-packages: Expand 'mirror://' URIs for patches. 7 years ago